October 07, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Pot of Gold

... continued (for Tales from the Realms and Stairways to Heaven)

  The info Mr. Mills shared me made me think a lot.  I have to see any parallel between his reality and ours.

   In the end though, I have to acknowledge that it is quite tedious a process so I might as well write his info and let the comparison be sorted out by time.

   As a boy, Mr. Mills heard a tale from her mother that when he was a baby, his mother was approached by a reptiloid twice.  Her mom was fetching water from a well and the semi transparent being called her from the shadows showing a gold nugget.   It threw her the nugget as a present and was told to come back for more, the following day.

   Later on, it tried to tell her that she would be given a pocketful of those nuggets if she would give her baby to be a king in their kingdom.

   Forthwith, she came to her senses in anger and never came up that well again.

  This led Mr. Mills to inquire his Maldekian friend about these beings.

   So here are highlights of his findings as told by the giant about the realities of their earth: 
  • the planet has been a host for beings from both the blown up Maldek and the devastated planet of Mars
  • there were various portals on the planet that served as entry points and the moon served also as the ark and jump off point for the said mass movement from Mars
  • the moon is a chunk of the mantle of Maldek/Marduk

  • a damaged planetoid battleship from Orion was used to plow this chunk through the material debris of battle to form a reconstituted sphere
  • the battleship is still inside the moon covered in dust and soil of both Maldek and Tiamat/Nibiru
  • much vapors and materials from Maldek and Tiamat was swept to Earth
  • the moon serves as a way station for logistical supplies and mind frequency beams from various factions and mercenaries from Orion

  • Neptune, Maldek and Mars have been host to Adam projects earlier than Earth 
  • Earth  was a former host to 5D Elohims that probably migrated to higher realms
  • the Maldek tragedy also resulted to progressive Martian damage later on made worse by Martian wars
  • refugees were later mercifully allowed on the planet
  • Earth became a melting pot of remnant projects of Elohim and their descendants and Orion sponsored humanoid refugees from Mars
  • before the Martian migration, Atlantis was already infiltrated by Orion forces, war was instigated against Mu 
  • Atlantis itself was brought down from within the government
  • their original moons were weaponized and played a part in these events 
  • these moons were later replaced by the  current moon
  • Draconians (Enlilites) and Saurians (Enkites) allied to Orions had their own wars on Earth 
  • from time to time hollow earth titans (Aryanians) and refugees from Mu (hollow earth) as well as Atlantean inner earth refugees built cities on the planet's surface
  • Jehova forces also brought Jehova clones from Mars
  • the Jehova commander was a defector to Orion project from Elohim remnants
  • the various attached factions of Orion are coordinated from different bases from inner Earth, the moon, Mars and some ships in space
  • Mars and the moon store gold and supplies for pick-up by Nibiran ships from time to time
  • Enki defected from Orion and became a Lemurian, later an Atlantean and still later on Egyptian but was eventually overpowered by the alliance of Marduk and Enlilites

  • much of the gold cyclically generated by Earth was diverted to hollow earth from where the Orion forces are off limits
  • royal houses and the top powers on earth are heavily infiltrated by Draco reptiloids, hybrids and synthetics /robotoids /androids
  • many of these attached factions required human blood sacrifices via priesthoods and royalties they overpowered

  • hollow earth was made taboo via instruction from Orion
  • hollow earth kingdom and rescuing forces are coordinating a take-over of the various bases of the occupying forces
  • in the astral realms, the time release of the dream imprints of the mummified Atlantean and Lemurian souls plus the efforts of awakened human astral warriors have freed the elemental beings imprisoned for thousands of years

  • ... to be continued


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