February 22, 2013

Gaiascapes - Alternative Present

It's a simple understanding
Of the way you hand it over
And hold on to it, too
With the lightness of a feather
It's the web that ties together
What is true

... continued

   So I was thinking, what can happen if the current pyramid of interlocking selfish powers were non-existent?  What if the 4th dimensional angels of Orion system have no counterpart corporations and institutions to hold their domain control?

   What would a co-created and co-responsible human society be?  How would Earth look like, when devoid of the artificially immortalized zombie institutions that inverted angelic nannies held for social control?

   Ha!  I just wish I could remote view anywhere in the universe to find answers to deeper questions in this existence.

Could I look into a book
And find the answer there?
Or do the angels prearrange
An eye for what is rare?
And would the prize anaesthetise
The ache that makes me share?

   Earth without chem-trails, without poisoned food/water, without dark societies or rituals and human sacrifices, without malicious health-care systems, without the prop-it infrastructure and the Orionite taxation and interest/usury bureaucracy, would be a blast!

   Somewhere in the passé 3D human cultural programs, it would say: 'No, it can not be'.  In my minds eye, I traced the source of such resistance and saw a Nordic Anunnaki giant inside the moon.  He was hesitant to let go the control of his post.

   Of what time-line or parallel earth I would not know, but for thousands of years he was assigned with the screen of frequencies beamed towards the Earth to attenuate consciousness.  He do concede that years ago, deep within, he already wish freedom for humans.  He was waiting for the official signal from the empire regarding the worthiness of humans, though.  Deep within his own cultural programming, he was trying to reason that humans must climb up through the obstacles of their layered system.

Have you seen behind the screen
That severs life from art?
Or do you see the same as me,
Completeness come apart?
And who am I to qualify
The contents of your heart?

   (Over eons of fall in density, these Nordic 4th density angels got inverted and perverted by the cosmic politician and social engineer, Anu, the One.   Their lights were suppressed within their bio-suites, by many agreements, contracts and subterfuge rulings of the Orion empire.)

   Now that the Law of the Sea (of Space), the very essence of their claim to the Solar System won't justify their prolonged post, he was in quandary.  Angels do have disagreements even within their empire.  Will they put up a fight or will they surrender their post to the surrounding forces?  He was also apprehensive because many of the beings programmed to serve the demon paradigm of their empire have managed to transcend the main layers of their mental prison.

Make it happen
Make it happen
Create the night anew
It's a hymn to the grace
That's found a place in you.

   Firstly, with this human freedom, I imagine, humankind having a rescue undertaking.  It is like a collective effort to have food, water and provide for the basic needs of the most far-flung areas where beings have been long suffering the lack thereof.  After eons of hostage situation, the human hosts need intensive rehabilitation.  Victims of war and economic hit-men, the elements of nature itself need dire attention, a rehabilitation from its many dimensions.

   As greed and the mindless corporate agenda are discarded, the war machinery will be dissolved.  Human awareness will begin to rise up resulting to a deeper understanding of each other.  Mundane disagreements will be cast aside and people can proceed to act based on what is commonly required for a fulfilled life of wonder.  Latent human abilities will re-emerged and communication will be conducted even without language nor re-parsed syntax  of legalese.

   (Such so called Quantum Legalese is a 4D correction that leaves Orion empire in-place, unless it is used to collapse the legal subterfuge of the said empire.  Sovereignty and freedom is deeper than unequivocal wordings of obligations and contracts under a 4D God.
In 5D earth, a deeper view of ones' perspective is interchanged like a direct download and upload of frequencies.   There will be no more subliminal contracts or presumptive premise.   The dimensions of this existence are opened up to a 5D enabled humans who will dismantle the Orion/Draco foothold of this sector of the cosmos.)

   People are open to travel where ever they desire and there could be no areas where there is dire lack because beings awake to the creative powers they are enabled with.  People need not be congested into asphalt cities anymore.  A planetary theme park takes shape.  An Edenification of planet Gaia begin to manifest.

   With these musings, I imagined a man walking carefully in a dim tunnel.

   Vaguely aware of the surroundings within the cave tunnel, it was quite an effort to travel towards the light rays on the other end.  I could almost hear a prayer:  "Let there be light!"

   As I heard him uttered the same, the canopy that covered the light rays of dawn began to open. 

   Dimly at first, myriads of gems and plant life became noticeable.  Like little stars in the night sky or flickering fireflies, the path became like the milky way snap of the Hubble.

   The sparkles began to illumine a view of the rare orchids and myriad fragrant flowers dotting the walls of the cavern.

  The canopy eased more and the lights bounced about like echoing sounds on the walls of a paradise valley.

   On the aperture of the valley, a melodious hymn from a little girl began to be heard over the sound of the waves on nearby shore.  Forthwith voices join-in like a chorus of angels.

   Aren't humans like gems and diamonds of light, fragrant flowers and magnificent orchids of the cosmos?

   When the artificial canopy of poverty, want and slavery is lifted, our songs will reverberate the liberation of the cosmos. 

   Let's make it happen.  We are here to set each others free.  This is meant to be Eden!  Let us be Love once more and let us  be the very essence of Light itself!

   We welcome the release of treasures hidden from the ancient past.  We welcome the gift of wings from our ancestors.

   With our every thought, inner vision and feelings, we create from Source, the present we are gifting ourselves (we must be aware and in control of what we are creating every moment).  May the energy of Source shine forth within and without.  And may this quadrant of the cosmos be brighter than the sun.

... to be continued

February 14, 2013

Tales from the Realms - Orions and Sirians

... continued

   So one evening, after the holidays, I was contemplating the life story of Mr. Mills.   As the night tarried, in my mind flashed some scenes like snapshots of dreams.

   Impressions of the sinking ship and the commotion, the shadow beings imbibing the fears and agony of people entered my mind.  The reptilians in their technologically altered density were cannibalizing the astral bodies.

   There was a scene of Mr. Miller, he was drinking and playing cards with agents.   He was drunk and began to relate his story while his wife was busy serving them on the table.

   It may have saved him to have related the sad tale because these operatives decided not to kill him.  Instead they warned her pregnant wife that they have to go and start their lives somewhere else. 

   What are these visual projections?  Are they interpretations of my mind, or information transmitted to my mental body?  Are they just like how remote viewers receive their information?

   For sure, we human beings are multidimensional in nature.   We have layers of bodies of differing densities stuck together.  And deep within, perhaps, the real being is what Airl, the alien interviewed would have called an IsBe.

   Perhaps, we haven't really understood ourselves.  Could it be due to, the way we were brought up and weaned to a diet of false paradigms?   Perhaps its time we try to get to the bottom of our psyche and discover what is within, in order to transcend this matrix.

    Without properly sharpened discernment, a mortal would easily fall prey to the wiles of beings such as Anu.  He was able to get so many so called IsBes to do his bidding.   The self styled god of 4th dimension and below called "the One" has created some paradigms for different IsBes of the different layers of the empire.

   Sovereign beings, immortal children of the universe were made into fearful cogs of his self-serving pyramid.   He has even subtly provoked the warring of his children so that they would all be to consumed not to try replacing him on his throne.

   My hunch is that the Airl interview was among the last of a series of UFO crashes in the late 1940s.  And this one was an intentional one.   Somewhere in their web of command, came a scenario to direct these mishaps into an opportunity for propaganda.  An occasion to present truth mixed with lies.  To dazzle human minds would have served like some fine recruitment papers.

   The so-called Domain Expeditionary Forces were not interested in freeing IsBes from a planet they considered their territory.   Their empire must have wanted the prison intact, only the keys would be what is to their interests.

   I owe an alternative interpretation to those who were beguiled by the tales of their empire and their exploits.  The so called Roswell alien interview may not even be that of Roswell.   Who would have known if Ms. O'Donnel  was told the truth in the first place (by either the military or Airl)?

   The human military hierarchy that investigated Airl could have been shopping to throw their allegiance to whatever ET faction could have the best offer.   And we have a hint of such attitude within the elite hierarchies.

   Based on the papers, the forces of this ET faction were entrenched in the asteroid belt from where their communication officer relayed the downloaded data.  They could have relayed from supercomputers somewhere near Saturn.  Saturn was a former Sirian base during the Maldek times.

   Were they the so called ring-makers of Saturn? The so called Domain Anunnaki Expedition Forces could have been battling with the Sirians in our solar system 10,000 years ago until at least the 1940s.  Perhaps they were implementing a cosmic version of Admiralty Laws for their war engagement.

   Putting two and two together, at least in the time-line of Mr. Mills, the pyramid of power in the earth matrix was still mostly in the hands of Marduk, a serpent-reptile hybrid son of Enki (as of the alien interview date).

   Enki became human, his soul was recycled thru the natural process of self-evaluation and correction within the hollow earth.  Enki is of the serpent race, he is the head who has to bite the tail, Marduk, a hardliner for the Sirian reign.

   I see no need to demonize the Sirian pyramid technologies and culture in the way Airl did.  There are purposes for pyramids.

   The designer of the Great Pyramid was Thoth.  He was a semi-human who was searching for immortality, knowledge and wisdom (which he might have partially lost, and later found via hollow earth).

   Thoth would use the captured pyramid energies to shoot his astral body to the cosmic destinations he was investigating.  (He also wirelessly transmitted the stored energy for lighting and for powering his ankh.)

   Interestingly, Enki could have been born of a mother who was of Sirian and Elohim origins as shown on the direction of shafts connected to the Queen's chamber.    His father was the One, Anu, a king of an empire that has colors of Orion and Draco alliance, aptly what the King's Chamber shafts point to.

   Lemuria, an early civilization was of a Sirian and Pleiadian heritage.  Atlantis, was a child civilization of Lemuria which contain other Elohim descended races like the Atlans from Vega plus the peoples from the expeditionary hollow planet of Nibiru.

   Both of the above civilizations sunk to the bottom of the sea.   Many of their souls would have undergone the self-evaluation in 5D hollow earth and reincarnated as human.   This is the natural soul process that the 4D bodied ET would not submit to.   Instead they created a mimic technology of soul capture, reprogramming via electric shock and re-personalization.

  Will Thoth come back to retrieve the spaceship he buried within the paws of the Sphinx to fight for mankind?   Will he bring back his comrades from within the hollow earth, the Agarthans and Telosians?   Or he may have already embedded 144,000 of them, humans with buried memories now living among us.

   People who can astral travel the hidden realms might be able to answer.   Perhaps we are in the process of liberation and release.

   2013 is interesting.  At least we have no 2012 cataclysm and we can go build new dreams!

free energy from pyramid:

... to be continued

February 08, 2013

Tales from the Realms - Opera

... continued

   It is quite difficult to trace the earth drama with a very accurate identification of the beings involved in the plot.  The more known players have various abilities and the matrix itself is a labyrinth of different pathways for continuously reincarnating beings.

   For example, Enki who was from a race with wily reputations, had certain abilities which he honed (like remote influencing for instance).

   In the case of the temptation of Eve earlier posted, it turns out that the Sirian geneticist was not actually Enki.  That one was among his former workers who was later employed by Enlil when the command of the project was ordered transferred to the latter by Anu.

   Enki, however had abilities to merge his awareness with the said geneticist.  So when Enlil found out the so called eating of the 'fruit of knowledge of good and evil', he punished the geneticist.  That Sirian's limbs were removed, but Enki was not harmed.

   Also, because the elite Anunnaki have soul capture technologies, one being can embody a character.  And if the personality suit was disabled, the being could later return as another character.

   On another hand, there is an original reincarnation system in place, conducted in the hollow earth by the Ancient of Days or what was posted earlier as the Shining/Shimmering Ones.

   So whatever Mr. Mills, the Maldekan and me conceive as the plot of the alternate human history, would still involve many unknowns.

   The factions that were battling the duality are infiltrated on all sides by agents and double agents with reprogrammed memories or wiped via the veil of forgetfulness.

   In fact, the invading draco-reptilian forces have lost many of their people into the reincarnation cycle (the one beyond their control).  And they needed certain devices to hone into the soldiers' soul signature as depicted in the picture shown on the left.

   According to the author of the "Alien Interview" book, Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy (formerly, a nurse in Roswell), the book was based on interviews O'Donnel conducted with an extraterrestrial being as part of her duty as a nurse in the U.S. Army Air Force. 

   "The extraterrestrial she interviewed identified itself as an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain Expeditionary Force, a race of beings who have been using the asteroid belt in our solar system as a intergalactic base of operations for the past 10,000 years."

   In the following alien interview video, (a hive-mind-download story related by the captured EBE ) try to substitute the word "Domain" by the word "Invading Forces".

   Also, you may associate the word "Old Empire" to the original Sirian establishment and their related soul opera or play.

   Be aware that the above interview may likely represent a sanitized download from the Orion hive mind.  As such, natural calamities that toppled the earlier Sirian occupation on the Earth's surface might not be natural at all and blame intentionally have been ascribed to the toppled kingdom.  

   Alternatively, you may take the said interview as more truthful, in which case, Sirius would be just a part of Orion empire and the Domain could be any newly arrived race or re-arriving ET empire.

   In any case, the material contents of the said interview is still interesting indeed.

   In effect, the Earth drama or opera became a concurrent run of at least two plays staged on the surface of the Earth (Sirian and Orion).  An original one is overseen primarily from the hollow earth.  And the other on the surface involves certain underground bases and space installations with Sirians and Orion wrestling.  (However, the latter imposed play is a subject of dismantling from both beneath the hollow earth and the surrounding forces.)

   It may point out that, for a long time, the earthly human governments, religions and ruling institutions, at least at the top, are somehow connected or controlled by mind control or other means by a non-human counterpart.

   This guy expressed similar sentiments:

   Due to his various experiences, Mr. Mills became interested to investigate the reptilians and the grey activities.  He would find ways to explore the inner caverns within the earth's crust and their inhabitants.  However he was prevented because there are various operations, said to be inter-dimensional allies of Gaia.

   So what he did was shift to earlier times before these operations begun happening in earnest.  With this effort of inter-dimensional time travel, he had the added benefit of being less noticeable.  His holographic presence can easily be masked with the inter-dimensional insect he was using as a drone.

   At one time however, he found out that some abductions were rerouted to extra planetary locations.  He already knew there was some kind of technology exchange with certain governments (allowing abduction of individuals).  But he always believed they were brought to the deep caverns of the earth.

   This time, he would have to investigate further without the drone, so he tried to follow some abductions of the past by his own astral body, without his drone.  And he ended up following them bringing the victims to underground locations within the Martian crust.

   There he found out that some people (some might have made a pact to sell their soul for worldly gains) were tortured.  Some physically, and some involved the astral bodies which were cannibalized much like what he witnessed at SS Olympic.

   Many were said to be astrally tagged and may have been fed through their reincarnation process for brainwashing and reptilization.  They could then be used for swapping with the new beings within certain compatible bloodlines and cultural program.

   One can wonder about the following findings:

   Mr. Mills found evidences that in many cases, pre-programmed clone beings were substituted with reptilian minions to enjoy the wordly gain part of the deal.   He also found out that a US president who failed certain task was killed and replaced with a programmed clone.

   With above information one can be reminded of some human organizations like the Nazis which also conducted similar activities. And these activities could have provided the shadow beings some dimensional feast.

   Wanting to trace further the past background of these activities, he shifted to ancient times when some children were sent to Nibiru for Anu, who was the supreme God of the draco-reptilian partnership.

   Anu, the highest in the Anunnaki divine trinity might have been a pedophile.  Mr.  Mills followed suit with his astral investigation.  He was going to one of the Nibiru moonlets but he was noticed by one of the two draconian giant guards of Anu.

   Mr. Mills found himself zapped back to earth.  He remembered the guard pointing a staff at him and he evaded what could be a sonic beam, a laser but using sound instead of light.

   In astral pain, he shifted various time periods and lost his pursuers. He returned to his physical senses with a deep pain from his solar plexus and his right hand felt like chopped off as in just reattached by an operation.

   Anu was a tough nut to crack.  In any case, the mentioned activities of the allies of Gaia have overrun the reptilian and grey bases (in Mr. Mills current time).

   Mr. Mills would not tell me much about our time-line.  He had no current information about the Nibiran bases of Anu and he like to leave the current operations to the more capable allies of Gaia.  He is recuperating but not giving up on his investigation.

... to be continued


Here are some (among many others) implications of the Roswell Alien Interview embedded above:
  • the military complex must come clean and open the UFO related records
  • failure on their part to declassify such records may mean that they have vested interest to keep humanity against a galactic heritage or consciousness. This in turn may be another point of cognizance that these organizations are under non-human alliance against humanity itself.