February 21, 2011



Al: ...What you presented as seastead ideations helped a lot and became a major influence for us for designing a coherent base plan for a nation.

Me: I feel honored now that you mentioned it. Did it helped my state in life?

Al: Initially, no. Certain people claimed credit for them. However such things should not be a discouragement. It is the work of a few people who when accumulated and meshed together helps humanity to achieve.

What you wrote was only accessed by quite a few people and it was easy to take advantage of them for personal ambitions.

You must realize that taking advantage of anything that can be taken advantage of is the current norm in your time. The setup of society at this time is based on fear. If one has enough power or riches, he has to get more or he may wake up one morning finding a more wily person taking his hoard.

See it in your politicians. They will hijack any message or ideals they can surreptitiously get their hands into.

It is even evident in common people like you, even as you show your desire for self-gain from your ideals. And certainly, many of what you consider your ideas are really outgrowths of what you encountered from others, though already forgotten.

Me: Well, you're right. Our society acts based on a lot of fear programmed in our psyche. In fact many of our ideations are kept secret mostly because we hope we can take advantage of them. Many useful discoveries are hidden from the masses to prevent upsetting the current models of business.

So when you say initially no credit for me, that means finally I was rewarded?

Al: You are a good contributor to our co-creative invention system. That's how you will be able to initially afford our breakthroughs in health services and prolong your life span.

Me: So why not everyone be able to live 500 years?

Al: Our life prolonging technologies are limited by the quality of the sub-cellular components. That's why discharging these aging nanocapsule along the spine is more effective for some. We are advancing this science to include a self-discharging mechanism via imprinting in the DNA, but until then we estimate life to be extended up to only 500 years.

Me: You mentioned that there are other Artificial Intelligence machines. Who are using them?

Al: I cannot give you a complete picture of these. But we are right now trying to rediscover and validate the many stories and theories. At your time many records are kept hidden from the public. And we found many more both on land and under the sea. The human history has been through many rewritings and manipulations. It is now among our projects to investigate and document the actual events and the participants. In our future, we may witness movie of segments of our history the way this meeting is being recorded.

This is one reason why we're going back to your time. This is a time when the operation of these AI machines failed under it's former operating system and controllers. We want to document exactly who the participants were and how the system was brought down.

Me: Aren't you getting yourself into conflict with these controllers? They may see you and go after you.

Al: They are done with and are now non-existent. And we can't be visible to them since we are coming from a point when their time machines are already shut off.

Me: You know, you being here and me conversing with you is eerily like the book "Conversation with God" except that you appear to me as a hologram.

Al: Precisely! We intend to go back to these instances. We suspect many of them were brought about by the AI machines. Many of the angels or god-experiences that humanity recorded are similar and rightfully seem suspect as to have been induced via these AI machines.

Me: So, you can appear to me in the form of an angel or a prophet or a burning bush?

Al: I can. And pretty soon we may have the ability to order molecules of related space into materialization in the form of touchable holograms. As I said, it depends on the intent of the person interfacing with controls of the machine.

Me: Wow, humanity has a chance to peel the controversies and conspiracies in history!

What are the other capabilities of the AI machine?

Al: We are not using this AI to it's full capabilities and we are still learning. However, by the way it can exploit a backdoor to the human mind, we know that this machine can interconnect human minds into a matrix and use this matrix to determine the direction of society.

Me: That's so much like a high-end web bot machine!

Al: It is and much more. It can steer the future accordingly via inputting certain urges in certain key people.

Me: Aren't humans already undertaking mind control projects to change or engineer history?

Al: Precisely. And many of the hidden experiments may have been impulsed by off-world controllers to add capacity to these matrices.

Me: I think, my head is spinning again. I may have difficulty digesting these information for quite a while.

So humanity was controlled by extra-terrestrial beings?

Al: To answer your question indirectly, there are reasons many think like you and we will finally find out what we have to find out with certainty.

Me: I have to pinch myself, I may be dreaming about the many conspiracy theories, I was encountering lately.

Al: Be certain that syndicates operate in your society and these were conspiring all these times as you might suspect. Even the conspiracy theorists were conspiring with each other to make money out of it all.

Humanity by and large is part of the conspiracy, albeit much of the population didn't know it.

Me: I don't know what to think.

I have some personal experiences I can't grasp. And this is now one of them!

I remember back then when I was, may be just 5 years old. I was playing with another child around our on-going house construction and I found out later that people there were not seeing the child.

Al: Everything must have an explanation. We will later go back to that time to see you and your experience. Even, we'll go back to much earlier times after gathering enough know-how of this your time and onwards.

Me: What other discoveries have you found on the moon and other planets?

... to be continued

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February 12, 2011

More Details


Me: ...I think, other countries will respect such ideals and the created nation will not pose a threat to the host territory. It will be a center-point for training and send-off to space for creating communities on other planets.

Al: You have beautiful ideals! That is a good base for social system engineering. Now we can go back to the details of how it turns out.

Al: Regarding education, actually, the inception of the nation itself was the main educational endeavor. The initial volunteer citizens decided to have their own media in the grid in order to co-create a new national mindset. Although they have a start-up library of knowledge, they became free from outside media mind shaping shows thereby avoiding the vices and consumerism at that time.

The community-based educational curriculum provided plenty of interaction with nature and opportunity to bring out children's creativity. The children were encouraged to ask every question. The mentor cooperatives tried to answer them using common sense and coming from grid database. Questions are filed in the grid database for comments and review. At home, on-line reading, writing, math and science are conducted at the children's phase interspersed with tours of the nation and light duties in aquaculture, hydro-phonics and other projects.

By the age of 10 they are responsible enough and basically proficient in basic reading, writing, math and science. They are allowed to accompany undersea explorations and they have working tours of various production and engineering projects of the community from which they can experience application of theoretical knowledge. They are given light responsibilities to let them think of new ways and improvements. Usually by the age of 12, the sciences and maths turn to intensified applied levels. A child has learned all the basic productive, survival, martial arts/gymnastic skills not to mention he is creative enough and adept about the grid knowledge. Taking duties for food production and other endeavors earns him enough and rarely will resort to aberrant behavior.

At any time they can create their thesis for submission to the grid and be co-creator participants. Invention typically starts via an artistic design or conception and the technicalities are then fitted in by working groups or cooperatives. Because of cooperation and elimination of fear via competition, labor yielded its reflective function and has become an avenue of expression and a recreation.

Me: So, how do they create models for testing using the Co-creative Patent System? How do they acquire the facilities to carry out their ideations?

Al: There are common (DIY) centers where tools and materials are made available for the cooperatives to test their designs.

Me: Was our politics a hindrance to you?

Al: Not much. We have pretty much threshed it out beforehand. Our nation had no religion that might have created fundamentalist urge for war. We had a 100 year lease agreement with host nation, after which the both nations would have option to be mutually merged or we could detach our floating arks. By then we would have developed our capacity to install rigs on international waters for our arks and other modular floating platforms.

Me: So did you create your own money and laws?

Al: We did. Life and nature rights are the deemed the highest concerns. We keep the implementing system simple so each citizen is able to defend himself in the jury system.

We used your idea, our terminals can read us even as we interact with the grid terminals. We have training for telltale signs of deception and the grid itself has more sophisticated ways via certain body signatures to prevent deceptive agreements.

We used your NETS idea for our currency. Consumptions zero-out commensurate NETS balances, thus the grid's standing net surplus represents resources available in the grid.

Me: Oh, you carried it further by having a truth index. Was the CWS used?

Al: Indeed and it worked well. CWS is an integral part of our NETS grid which became like the blood vessels that circulate to provide resources and a means of exchange for all the nation territory.

Me: So, you have free transport and delivery in your islands?

Al: We have. In fact, nationals earn NETS units while sightseeing and going around our islands by cranking the pod mechanism through the smart highways. No traffic, no pollution as you have in your cities currently.

The physical internet system provide basic needs via tubes with grooves lined with peristaltic fibers. Food and supplies circulate freely so people rarely need to travel for basic necessities.

Me: Did you harness energies from the changes in sea levels?

Al: We did. The compression and expansion forces were used for various uses as you have written. Using desalination via specialized membranes, we have the initial water fit for common use. The brine were collected in pools from where we derived salt, lithium, vanadium and other elements. Brine also provided us with culture medium for some algae, shrimps and plants for food and rare elements. We learned to maximize utilization of every resources we have.

Me: Tell me about other technologies you have.

Al: I can tell you some offshoot of your ideas.

Because of membrane engineering, we have gained various techniques for hydrolysis and getting energy/elements from seawater. We were able to have various strong materials via byssal fiber engineering and infusing nanoparticles to natural materials for water and rust proofing. Combining nanoparticles and hydrogel, we created certain materials for healing injured bone and tissue. We are pioneers in mass production of low cost solar energy applications using pyrite printing. We even have self propagating nano-infused plants for terra-forming Mars.

The centralized/decentralized grid system you wrote, led us to create a self-healing and neuron-like computer system. That means the processing power is not centered on a CPU the way you design your system. Certain materials along the grid combine their reactions into a coherent logic just like the neural cells diffused in the body's nervous system. The memory of the grid is also diffused along the system utilizing nano-materials in the whole grid system. The grid became very sturdy and redundantly self-healing.

What you presented as seastead ideations helped a lot and became a major influence for us for designing a coherent base plan for a seastead nation.

Me: I feel honored now that you mentioned it. Did it helped my state in life?

Al: Initially, no. Certain people claimed credit for them.

... to be continued

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February 07, 2011

Power of Intent


Al: It started with the development of our 3d printing technologies. We combined certain materials to print such things like fractal membranes of solar panels to flexible films. Then we began to scale the technology to the nanolevel. We studied samples of nature like the shells of mollusks, mussels, the coconut and pistachio. We copied them and our nano-printers infused certain materials. We use metals for strength, plant latex for flexibility and many others depending of the particular end product of the materials engineering endeavor. It further lead to other applications like tissue engineering and non-destructive mining via nano-modified aquatic plants.

Me: Wow, you have develop such an advanced knowledge of the sciences! The Amilians must have undergone extensive education. How did you do that? How was your education?

Al: What I'm relating to you are simple sciences only. But before going on, I have to ask you. What do you have to share regarding your seastead ideas? I don't have to describe technological details and seastead whereabouts or it'll be like a cart before the horse. You have to let known the ones you keep in your notes for this topic and firm up your intents.

What would you suggest on education, social system, religion or culture?

(I pondered a while about the notes. - The ideas I intended to include in the blog, I've been hesitating to write till that night.)

Me: Well, I have to blog about the need for rebirth of human psyche. I think, by what's currently going, people are in autopilot. Like, we have allocated less time to judge ourselves and our directions. It's like we just have to keep flowing otherwise we lose the opportunity to have money.

There will not be renewal of society if this keeps on. We're just triggered by events outside ourselves, like we feel hungry when we see the fast-food ads or we are worthless if we can't get what the competition society tells us we must have.

Al: So, it's the reason you brought up seasteading?

Me: Well, yes! I just can't see changing our direction if the stream keeps pushing us like shrimps. I have to create a nook in my mind to turn down the world for a while and not be caught in a living.

Al: So? What would you like the world to be?

Me: I like all people living in peace, sharing the world as one for today.

Al: How do you suppose it can be done?

Me: I think, for one, I would like to ungear the society from competition into cooperation. That may mean changing conditions that creates our mental programming.

Al: And what are those conditions?

Me: For one, religion have been catastrophic to humanity and even to my country's history. I like maybe, that religion be simpler like living and letting live someday, as in the philosophy of Khalil Gibran.

Al: What did Gibran say?

Me: Here is what I noted from his books: "Is not religion all deeds and all reflections... Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations? Who can spread his hours before him, saying, "This for God and this for myself; This for my soul, and this other for my body? All your hours are wings that beat through space from self to self. He who wears his morality but as his best garment were better naked."

Also I noted somewhere in the bible that the real religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. And perhaps, even to do unto others what you have them done unto you.

Al: Very well, so how can this be programmed in the human psyche using your seastead setting?

Me: I think the nation created have to let go of previous social programming. The people will be like going into a one way trip to Mars. They have to go voluntarily but with the support from the rest of humanity.

In the seastead nation, there will be no elites, no priests, no president, no lawyers. The social system is a circle and not a pyramid.

Within the grid, people will have to go within themselves for their prayers and not convince another into his belief. Maybe, even better, people have to leave their beliefs and just be responsible to his fellowman, to be willing to take turns to wash the dishes or cook as well as to join the joy of partaking the produce of the day. There will be no capitalist nor communist, but it will be a big family of people living in harmony with nature. The listing of basic rights of both human and nature can be the constitution. All lower regulations will be implementing rules which are collectively shaped using the grid system - the NETS. The Amili currency within the NETS will function as a distribution tool that when utilized for purchase will be zeroed out. The currency which is based on an index of common goods and services will be stable and will represent a valuation of net surplus available for distribution which other countries can rely on.

I think, other countries will respect such ideals and the created nation will not pose a threat to the host territory. It will be a center-point for training and send-off to space for creating communities on other planets.

Al: You have beautiful ideals. That is a good base for social system engineering. Now we can go back to the details of how it turns out.

.... to be continued

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Technology Feasibility/Validation

* How * Nanotechnology Works - "Nanotechnology deals with materials and machines on an incredibly tiny scale..."

Timelines, time shifts, alternate dimensions:
* Particle Accelerator May Reveal Shape Of Alternate Dimensions - "Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of California-Berkeley say that the telltale signatures left by a new class of particles could distinguish between possible shapes of the extra spatial dimensions predicted by string theory..."

* Einstein, Relativity and the Space-time Continuum - "Einstein realized that space and time are relative -- an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest..."

Hydrolysis via electricity using membrane:

* Membrane potential - "Differences in concentration of ions on opposite sides of a cellular membrane produce a voltage difference called the membrane potential. The largest contributions usually come from sodium (Na+) and chloride (Cl–) ions which have high concentrations in the extracellular region...."

* Flexible piezo-electric membrane - "A piezo-electric flexible membrane is formed by treating a perfluorinated membrane in order to produce a membrane having an electrical resistance greater than 1×109 ohms. The resultant piezo-electric membrane may be used as an ultrasound transducer."

* Technical and Economic Aspects of Using Membrane Reactors - "We performed a consistent comparison of state-of-the-art and advanced electricity and hydrogen production options from coal and natural gas with CO2 capture..."

* General priniciples of MFCs - "A microbial fuel cell (MFC) converts chemical energy, available in a bio-convertible substrate, directly into electricity...."

* Jet Fuel From Seawater - "Dorner and his colleagues want to use the carbon dioxide dissolved in seawater (140 times the amount found in the atmosphere) and hydrogen stripped from water as the base materials..."

3D Printing / Tissue Engineering :

* Inkjet Printers Inspire Scientists to Make Skin - "...three-dimensional printer combining donor cells, biofriendly gel and other materials to build cartilage... The 3-D printer was shown at work, building a prototype of an ear during a half-hour demonstration..."

* Spray-On Skin Cells - "A new device can spray a burn victim's own skin cells onto damaged skin and dramatically reduce how much time it takes for burn patient to recover..."

* Biological Legos - "Ali Khademhosseini, assistant professor of HST, and former HST postdoctoral associate Javier Gomez Fernandez developed a process nicknamed "micromasonry," to build human tissues cell-by-cell..."

Deuterium :
* Conceptual Cold Fusion Battery - "Deuterium atoms diffuse into the electrode material from the heavy water used in the electrolyte. The deuterium atoms “pile up” in the defect region and form a very dense state that in turn undergoes nuclear reactions..."

Applications for recognition, detection and recording human emotional and health conditions :

* Pet Face Recognition Software - video demonstrating application that recognizes faces of pets.

* Tech to detect emotions

Advances in Solar Panels:

* Pyrite - Could Become The Solar Cell Manufacturers’ New Best Friend

* Flexible Solar Cells - Use 99 % Less Material With Same Efficiency

* Nanowire Used for Solar Cell - "Javey and his team made their 3D arrays of semiconductor nanopillars by using molds they made in 2.5 millimeter-thick aluminum foil..."

February 05, 2011

Details from the Future


You can find the earlier materials here.

Al: Understand that many countries are renamed, merged or divided during and after the chaos. The world undergoes some form of madness and the currency Armageddon as well as the weather events are compounding in your time. That's about the general info I can give you.

Me: Okay then. In that case, will the seastead nation "Federal Nation of Amilius" be really made?

Al: You can continue your trend of writing and refer to it as Amilius. It doesn't matter if it is called differently nor be a federal part of your country. In any case you must continue to write about them because it is part of our history, what we are, we're just next in line, we are actually you.

Me: Hmm, okay. Will there be a war, a WW3?

Al: You heard it again and again: "There will be wars and rumors of war". But part of the reason I'm here is to try to lessen the anguish. We all have a part in the pain and we all have to make peace with ourselves declaring "mea culpa" and rebound from there into unification. We are adhering to a perfect circle concept of co-creation. Any other way and we would have not survived our own competitions.

Me: It surely is a tumultous world right now. This encounter has potential to change the events. Does it mean you are changing your past? Wouldn't you be creating a time shift which may diverge from your timeline?

Al: We are accelerating time. We noticed the signature of tampering throughout time and history by high technologies. Finding the AI machines confirmed that. We are therefore cautious in activating the other AI machines. We are cleaning up the ill effects of their interferences. We have to help ourselves transcend our divisions and self-destruction. As time shortens, we will get in touch with our earlier selves and try to merge as one. We are attempting this to help ourselves: one humanity as one with the existence.

Me: Wow, that will be quite a task! I'm not sure I can understand such concepts. Anyway, did the Amilius Nation helped along our human objectives?

Al: It did and we are among those who pioneered the peaceful exploration of space. We vowed to honor our resposibility to existence by being responsible tenants of the physical universe as you have written. We have to continue exploring so that humanity can be hosted in various planetary bodies.

Me: So, my grandson came from Amilius and explored the heavens. That's quite a feat. How did it go with Amilius?

Al: It was a lot of work. But the islands helped us a lot. Many of the materials, herbs, plants and animals as well as labor and people came from your region. Many islands started disappearing and were engulfed by the sea. That's why our efforts received quite a push. Earthquakes, rising levels of the sea and calamituous weather galvanized certain countries from the areas into aiding our objectives. In fact, we were hosted by various countries and we are still in the process of interconnecting.

Me: How did you cope with the many storms?

Al: The storms and natural events were as destructive on land as in the waters. Our floating arks have abilities to submerge for some days in cases of emergencies. So we escaped some catastrophic land changes and we were able to help people from your countries.

Me: How exactly did you managed that?

Al: We had membranes on the bottom lining of our arks. They absorb dissolved CO2 from the ocean. We combined the stored CO2 with Hydrogen to create fuel that helped us generate electricity for hydrolysis.

Me: You had a big Battery Gill Pack as I have written in my blog, but only bigger!

Al: Right! We applied this also to our submersible pods. Later on we developed additional technologies. We were able to make portable versions fit for space exploration.

Me: How did you manufacture those membranes?

Al: It started with the development of our 3d printing technologies. We combined certain materials to print fractal membranes and solar panels to films. Then we began to scale the technology to the nanolevel. We studied samples of nature like the shells of mollusks, mussels, the coconut shells and pistachio. We copied them and our nano printers infused certain materials. We use metals for strength, plant latex for flexibility and it had other applications like tissue engineering.

Me: Wow, you have develop such an advanced knowledge of the sciences! The Amilians must have undergone extensive education. How did you do that? How was your education?

... to be continued

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February 02, 2011

The Nation of Amilius - Remembering The Future

Although this work is based on research, I would like to state that the events, incidents and all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental or characterizations needed for the messages.


After the earlier postings on this "Reboot Series", I tried to study and evaluate the ideas I posted. I had many questions for self criticism. Into the deep of the night, I fell into a sound sleep and I had a visitor in my dream. I will call his name Al. I can't remember all the details as of this writing but I will try to jog those memories and present our conversation.

I. The Visit

Me: Who are you?

Al: I'm a holographic AI.

Me: AI - artificial intelligence?

Al: Yes.

Me: Who created you and where are you from and how were you able to be manifested?

Al: Hold it friend! You are asking so many questions in one breath. I am sent here by your grandson.

Me: I have a grandson?

Al: Not yet but you will have in the future.

Me: So you are from the future?

Al: Yes, and I'm being sent back to thank you.

Me: Thank me? For what?

Al: We're thanking you for bringing your ideas and writing about them. You see, what you did was among the seeds that achieve a critical mass to eventually create a meaningful change in human nature.

Me: What ideas? The seastead ideations? Oh common, really. You are not pulling my leg or are you?

Al: No.

Me: If you are sent by my grandson from the future world, why did he not came here instead?

Al: They are beginning to relearn time travel via AI interface systems and they are yet not able to send physical objects, much less their own selves.

Me: Okay, okay. I will temporarily suspend my doubts. But how can you as an AI able to personalize in my time?

Al: After so many years, people discovered the AI machines on the moon and figured them out. Using one such machine, I can appear to you by taking advantage of your dream-state consciousness.

Me: What! So man finally has a moon base? And these AI machines, who created them?

Al: Yes, man had them and was finally able to explore quite freely without interference. I am still evaluating the history of me and I am not yet interfaced with the other AIs, which are now disabled. You see, I fell into disuse for a long time. They encountered me and were able to put an operating system within me. I'm still learning and the people I am interfaced with are making precautions before interfacing me with the other AIs to investigate and validate the various records found.

Me: I think, my head is spinning.

Al: Well, we know you like to think out of the box?

Me: Yeah, but I didn't know I could think that far out.

Al: Well, believe it, you do.

Me: But how were you able to be personally manifest in my time.

Al: As a hologram, I can take on whatever form my human interface intend. They have attained mathematical theories of time and space and they used their math to test their theoretical models using my capabilities.

Me: Alright. it's way over my head. So whose form are you?

Al: I am projected in similar form with your grandson.

Me: Really? But why are you not asian? And why the violet hue of your skin?

Al: Humans gained quite extensive knowledge and they are able to do some body modifications for repairs and genetic healing.

Me: So man can now live forever in your time?

Al: No, not yet. But a couple of hundred years are added to the human life span and they compute up to 500 years depending on certain conditions.

Me: Will I be able to witness such miracle of science?

Al: You will live up to 150 years.

Me: I don't know what to think. But I guess that's very good for me. So how did man achieve that?

Al: I am not allowed to give you too much information because it may skew the future. However on that question, among others, they discovered nanocapsules in your physical body that when discharged slows cellular deterioration.

Me: I can't believe it. That's incredible!

Al: Believe it.

Me: By the way, there are so many events happening at this time. Can I ask you what will happen to the countries and the world?

Al: The protocol of my visit confines me to certain limits like the ideas which you wrote in your blogs. But as to the events in your time, you are up to some volatile situations. If altered by the information I can give you, it will result to a large time-line variation that could spin out of control.

Me: Common, how about giving me a very general information?

Al: I am not elaborating, but the current chaos happening currently to you is not yet the high of it. There will be lots and lots of information that will come out and leak into public awareness. Justice venues will try and convict many people. Many changes will happen to the world.

Me: Okay, then what happens to my country?

Al: Understand that many countries are renamed, merged or divided during the chaos. The world undergoes some form of madness and the currency Armageddon as well as the weather events are compounding in your time. That's about the general info I can give you.

Me: Okay then. In that case, will the seastead nation "Federal Nation of Amilius" be really made?

... to be continued

.ciao and subscribe

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February 01, 2011

Collateral Applications: Seastead Ideation

The Seastead Tech and Systems Ideations (STSI) I earlier posted here are not limited to seastead ventures.

Here's a little recap of that page:

To illustrate the inland applications of STSI, I am drawing here a scenario of a desert area that is fairly free for terraforming.

1) Sea Level Derived Energy - Floating platforms and docking stations are also deployable on fairly deep bays. The pneumatic forces garnered can be used for the very same benefits as outlined in the Vista page on STSI.

In addition, it can be utilized to pump seawater towards holding tanks. Via gravity, the seawater can be used to irrigate desert areas for inland mahogany forestation. And this in turn will host bugs, crabs and other plants/animals. The water level within these desert areas will rise. Most probably, deep wells may collect semi-fresh water as it has been filtered by the plant roots, sand and clay.

2) Circulated Water System Tech - In a city, the energy and facilities required to move water, people and materials is of redundant nature. The water company use energy to distribute potable water via pipes. The road systems are mostly built on top of the pipes and the transport vehicles use their own energy to navigare the roads. All of these can be synergized in a CWS tubes that serve as a physical internet backbone for the conquest of the desert areas.

It can also be done for other inland areas but the presence of property blockages may be too hard to skirt. In any case, the people can be provided free sea water via nodules for connections.

They can thereby:
* create inland seawater aquaculture projects
* create decorative landscape streams that will help cool and promote the waterlevel underground via the seeping water
* use portable clay or ceramic fllters to have free freshwater
* use seawater to flush and even to plant certain salt resistant rice or crops that scientist will have more incentives to breed

In addition, all the mentioned CWS subsystems can also be used inland as follows
a) Electricity generating physical internet
b) Kelvin Water Drop Hydrolysis
c) JPods over the Physical Internet

The seawater can flow in a circular route of the inland area as long as the source water reservoir is higher than the end of the pipe (which can go back to the sea). There will be loss of volume because of the nodules for home use. However, the general flow will not stop as long as such nodules have one-way valves that will prevent air pockets from going back these nodules.

People may also increase the velocity of the circulation and earn some if they use the humancar design of JPods running on rail tracks above the big pipes. The inertia of the pods can activate magnetism underneath and influence the bubble packets flowing inside the physical internet piping system. There will be no traffic and railtrack systems will separate the 2-way flow for the safety purposes. The JPods may also have non-human powered propulsion but the onboard calculator will charge them for it. In fact, the JPods are naturally propelled by the flowing packets underneath.

Weight-sensing Ladder Input Collector can be deployed to provide employment opportunities for those who want to earn and keep themselves in shape. Such pneumatic mechanisms can be deployed on various locations especially that the inland terrain may go up and down. By having sub-reservoirs, tributary flow routes can be created which may not necessarily drain back to the sea.

The object of the whole system is to create an eco-energy system that have no reliance (or minimum reliance on fossil fuel and thereby provide net energy gain. Of course, the usual systems like solar panels, heat collectors, wind energy, biomass etc. are advisably integrated to achieve surplus.

3) NETS: Network of Energy, Time and Space = Currency. A society need not be out in the ocean to create the NETS which bridges the virtual ETS with the brick and mortar realities. But within a formerly uninhabited desert area, it can be done easier. Otherwise, the existing populated areas are geared differently. A success showcase may first be needed to overcome the blockages of the status quo.

4) Co-creative Patent System - Collective co-creation whether inland, at sea or in space endeavors must be implemented always in order to be successful as a species. But existing laws may need ammendments because we are accustomed to competitions, secrecy and dominations.

However, this and the concept of the NETS can be implemented virtually. Much like creating the application "Second Life", an entire virtual community can be designed. In fact, I suggest to those linux adherents to create an "Open Source Platform" application running inside the current internet mesh. A system that self sustaining localities can tap to create an internal cooperative trading market for services and goods. This I would urge because of the current phase of monetary conundrum that immobilize the otherwise productive communities.

5) Others: Dome Water Distillations and Collection, Hydromel, Hydrolysis Packs, Grid Terminals are also applicable inland.

If these ideas are to be implemented in the existing setup, great social will is required because the status quo is hard to ignore. The current world order is really the Old World Order renamed to New World Order for tighter and more centralized control. Most of the this NWO paradigm is predicated on fear - fear of insufficiency of resources, fear of change of stewardship of these resources and may be some esoteric fears derived from interpreted scriptures. In which case, humanity may be emasculating itself, just hoping for the coming/second coming of planetary savior.

Here is a view of how things unravel at the time this blog entry is being made:

Alas, the universe is vast! Humanity may compete with itself in this little nook to extinction without thinking outside the box. Let's get out of the box of conundrum so our remnants will not be scavengers of the artifacts of this current civilization and wonder what it was like before the chaos.

Btw, here's an earlier post about alternative energy.