October 15, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Ouroboros

... continued

   The Maldekan wallowed in the bitterness of his separation with his twin flame for a long time.

   He could not accept that she had became a follower of Thoth and was mummified just when he found her.

    For ages he would be in his technological hibernation chambers and his soul would travel to earth and seek the soul of his twin flame.  He would find her awareness in a limbo like state, frozen and hardly acknowledging him.

   He would be his guard like a higher self and he would protect her mummified body from possible tampering by other beings.

   He would be an astral traveller and frequent visitor of earth to somehow seek out the roots of the cosmic conflict that was playing on earth and had origins from his shattered home - Maldek.  Periodically, he would trave with his vimana and surreptiously investigate, but he can only be here for a certain limit of time less his body deteriorate.

   With the help of his sentient robotic friend on the counter earth he would clone his own body and then technologically transfer to a new avatar body.

   Without success to understand the situation, he became a mute and secret witness to the horrors of human evolution, which many a times he would even cheer due to his own bitter heart.

   He would evade from other human galactic observers of humanity because he was reminded of the inadequacy of their effort for his homeworld.  He considered them as galactic losers, unable to help and prevent Maldek from shattering.

   No understanding would comfort him because knowledge was misdirected and obfuscated even by the keepers of the temples of learning.  All reasons he could find were frivolous.  The Maldekan hardly trusted anything.  Until...

   Recently, the Nag Hammadi findings made the friend of Mr. Mills changed his mind.  A spark of understanding grew within him.  And he investigated further, even invisibly searching the unreleased records therein.

   He now had a clearer picture of the cosmic history.  After further investigating the other hidden records of Essenes and their ancestors all the way back to Atlantean records.  He had found a reason to leave behind the comforts of his technological immortality to be at the service of Sophia, the Goddess.

   He became more willing to accept the bitter fate his twin flame succumbed into, the love of his heart who became a mummified priestess in Atlantis.  She had reincarnated recently as a human from her cro-magnon human beginnings as an Atlantean.

   She, however, has but a little consciousness of him.  And she would have surely been afraid seeing a giant Maldekan.

   As a result, a desire was born in his heart to be among the mortal men.  He bade Mr. Mills farewell and decided to fly his vimana through the polar openings of the hollow earth, to be an ally to the efforts of the Agarthans and the Titans.

   Mr. Mills related some information he got from him as to to what is happening in the Orion system.

   Somehow a kaleidoscopic multimedia beam of the horror stories of their empire reached the populace.

   The Maldekan heard that Anu, the Orion king has already stepped down.  The Orion populace become enlightened as to what their empire has turned out to be.

   In the process, the populace is dismantling their leadership and decentralizing the government.  The military commanders of the marauding planetoid Nibiru are in the process of being called out.

   The dusk gave a hint of the Aurora somewhere at the poles when they separated.  The Maldekan giant joined forces with the liberation to end the story of intervention of the four Anunnaki gods:
  •    Anu - the politician of Lyrian descent, his son and draconian hybrid Enlil, Enki of the Lyran-serpent race who became mortal and Marduk, the hybrid serpent-reptilian of the underworld.

   The Maldekan came into the conclusion that the legendary Luciferic energy is already dispersed and has been dissolved to become a non-being.   The devil have capitulated and that it's creation, Satan who was a thought form based on the logos of the planet Saturn and was personified by Marduk and the Kal forces are now for dissolution.  

   The universal cycle age of enlightenment and the end of kaliyuga is at hand.

   The release of Sophia is imminent.   Shes becoming free from the warlike male energies which shackled and abused her.  The disaster on the surface of mother Earth has never been allowed within the hollow of the planet, thus Sophia was trampled but deep inside she had been a virgin all along.

   The Maldekan saw in his mummified twin soul that is now ressurected, a reflection of Sophia's awakening.

   Mr. Mills opined that the planetary mitosis may result into two or more separate worlds.  Well, perhaps three worlds will branch out of the merging timelines to form their own separate timelines.

   One world will vanish into the non-physical realms of light.

   Another will be a planet of duality where truth has an ascendancy in the counter-earth or what is known to some as Antichthon.

   And the last will be a dark world where some souls can slip back to the lower consciousness of animals or other natural inanimate beings from where they were summoned by hybridization and the orionite application of magic - probably Mars or a new Maldek.

   Sophia, the Goddess will ascend to her throne in our galactic center to be with the resonating magnetic light of the Christos to create new worlds and galaxies.

   She brings all children she can bring to attend a marriage banquet of the galactic lights.

   Thereafter these children may inhabit the many possibilities of the countless mansions or worlds in realms unknown to us.  Or such children may return as angels to guide and collect other aspects of their ownselves in the mortal realms.

   The Maldekan was prepared for the clean-up of the remains of mess of duality should her twin flame so chooses.  He surmised Thoth or his later aspect may decide to spearhead this process together with his Atlantean friends.

   He gives up his own immortality to take on the mortal duties of his twin flame.  And their fate may have to intertwine in the staff of Enki like a Caduceus.

   The sojourn of the fallen angel, Enki could last until the serpent is able to accomplish the ascenscion of it's own spawn Marduk.  - Perhaps until such a time that the serpent meets its own tail and the circle close upon itself.

   Months, thereafter, Mr. Mills found traces of the battle of Armageddon which was conducted in the inner planes.

    Who can fathom the future?  I would think it is unknown.   And it is to be decided by the collective over-soul of the beings involved.

   For some, singularity with the truth may be nearer and for others it could entail countless mortal incarnations. Another trip around the distant sun?  Perhaps for others,  it may be eons until such sojourn finally ends and return to the infinite light of the Source - until Ouroboros

... to be continued

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