Vista Seastead Tech and Systems Ideations

These ideations, I am presenting here may be applicable beyond a sea stead nation.

I wish others will further the same in the spirit of social openness and cooperation. I bring these up in a Copyleft principle hoping these vistas can benefit more people than I can effect with application of my limited capabilities.


In addition to the the usual tech route of windmills, wave energy harvester and solar panels, I'm sharing various ideas here. These ideations accompany my series on Reboot: Money, Social System, Government.

I wrote this simultaneous with this part and may be subjected to modifications from time to time for fine tuning. The motive of these items is the creation of society as responsible tenants of the earth and fit to explore the planets for expansion.

1) Sea Level Derived Energy – bouyant Floating Ark islands connected to anchor rigs via pneumatic mechanism can benefit with the rise and fall of the sea level. The volume of water displacement by island can be converted to commensurate energy to achieve the following:

· pump water up reservoirs for irrigation (and electricity generation)
· to force sea water through filtration membranes for desalination
· compress certain gas to liquid form (refrigeration and industrial use), cutting metals and storing excess energies in compressed air
· create decorative fountains and recreational water and light applications

2) Circulated Water System Tech – In a sea-stead island, hydra-phonic farming is natural. In addition, the island can turn circulated water systems into a basis for other vital purposes as well.

a) Electricity generating physical internet - Delivery system using tubes where goods for distribution are be placed in bubbles. The bubble packets are then steered a preplanned waterflow route and get stuck to designated locations by magnetics. The magnets attached to the bubbles will induce current on the copper winding around the tubes.

b) Kelvin Water Drop Hydrolysis - sparks of high voltage electricity using KWD may be harnessed to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Perhaps, it can also be used for other purposes like magnetics, heating, timing mechanisms and measurements of atmospheric conditions.

c) JPods over the Physical Internet - The island's free transport can be placed on rail-tracks above the physical internet. Gravity via the flowing magnetic materials along the tube packets will propel the pods. On downward slopes, the pods may also generate electricity for the grid. The pods will run on cruise speeds that is maintained by a combined regenerative breaking, motor acceleration or using the human car mechanism. The electricity generated by occupied pods will be enough to elevate the empty pods on the recirculation cycle.

3) NETS: Network of Energy, Time and Space = Amili peso – The nation will have a free Wide Area Grid Network providing a centralized-decentralized infrastructure for social administration involving the following:

* Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) combined with a nationwide Wifi repeaters on Wide Area Network setting. The Wifi systems will bounce signals among Wifi-embedded objects like towers, JPods or packet bubbles flowing through the Physical Internet etc. NETS terminals automatically contact people for calls or voice, SMS and other messages on Wifi mobile devices. Communication is free and facilities are provided as part of grid operation. Stored messages will be forwarded if the user has enough NETS units or Amili peso to his account.

People can trade NETS units which can be termed here as "Amili peso" allowing them to buy additional online Time or Space in the grid memory storage. It can also be used to rent brick and mortar business space for a designated time. The NETS Grid is a unified system that owes its existence from the contributions of each individual member and the economic output of the collective endeavors.

* People will have wide access to Weight-sensing Ladder Input Collector units for NETS that are mostly located around elevators and escalators. These step ladder units will adjust energy generative settings based on weight and thereby generate electricity or pump water commensurately as one steps the foot pads. A portion of generation is debited from the Grid into the person's account.

* Elevators and escalators will have downward route energy generation thereby earning Amili, with Amili offsetting for upward directions.

* People can generate Amili into existance via the usage of Human Car transport propulsion (w/c automatically generate electricity as the public JPods pass along the magnetic fields on the tracks). One way also of generation is by using other generative equipments by exercise business centers.

* Amili peso or NETS units will also be electronically created and apportioned to the account of people of all ages as a basic dividend. Mother and child dividends will also be provided. This will be based on apportioned GNP (grid returns of various productive economic activities such as mining, aquaculture/farming, power generation etc.) There will be no banks and no usury activities. This digital open money system will have a trickle up effect, where various store/administrative institutions can earn and in effect be voted upon for satisfactory performance by the NETS paying public. There will be no taxes to compute/file as the grid transaction surplus are already deducted each time the designated endeavors take place. Operational Statements will be generated by the grid computing system.

* NETS certificate may be traded to other countries for the resources not available within the sea-stead nation. The Amili bonds can be used to lease space/transport, buy and trade on the isles outside the buffer zone.

* Grid budget/expenditure is apportioned as to health, education, facility expansions etc. dynamically by a standing tally of NETS vote/polls of eligible nationals which such person can fine tune periodically. Each ones' NETS votes/history and tallies are viewable and verifiable by all nationals.

* NETS transactions among the nationals are digitally certified and logged using biometrics in the Wifi devices and NETS terminals so people do not have to carry notes and the account balances/history are online for all nationals.

4) Cable Submersible Pods – underwater pods that traverse the underwater rigs connected to various islands using hybrid engine systems. The pods can detach to let the units surface for emergencies.

5) Dome Water Distillations and Collection – the Floating Ark domes will capture evaporation that may come from inside sea-water dams and salt drier beds resulting to distilled water and salt. Outside the domes, rainwater run-off can also be collected.

6) Other energy harvesters, generators and appurtenances – algae/biodiesel culture, wave energy, solar panels, windmills, solar heat collectors and geothermal systems must be integrated. Standardized common plug-in/snap-in parts are included in design. The related DIY parts like stirling engines, turbines, winding mechanisms, gears, tools etc, will be made widely available at low price.

7) Hydromel and other space foods – food of manna-like consistency that can be derived from algae, blendered moringa leaves, root crops, grains or other nutritious sources. This will be a convenient form of food for space exploration and a basic supply that can be obtained along the Physical Internet system.

8) Hydrolysis Gill Packs – carry-over units that can separate hydrogen (for fuel) and oxygen (for underwater exploration) from water. This has to be small enough and light for space endeavors.

9) Deuterium Batteries, Fuel Cells, compressed air refill tanks and generative pneumatic suspension systems - will also be targeted to be ubiquitous.

10) The grid terminals will be able to examine the health of people using the NETS units. Body temperature/weight/height, iridology/BMI/Kirlian health readings and suggestions will be freely forwarded to his mobile device.

11) Cooperatives will be encouraged for common concerns like the community household chores and will rotate representatives from each household/members. They will also conduct businesses requiring group coordination. Corporations will not be allowed as the collective embodied in the NETS grid is the only corporate construct that is beneficial to all, works by all and for all.

12)Co-creative Patent System viewable on the grid. Stages from submission of feasible ideas to manifestation of that idea will have a co-creative valuation. Contributors will automatically form part of a cooperative that will gain the patent rights. The ongoing process of creation is made available in the grid for evaluation and to stir co-creative participation. Approved patents are assured of being applied nationally. Expired patents will be treated as an addition to the grid capacity.

Other ideas that I have earlier posted here may be applicable for this section.

I will periodically add ideas here. Bookmark/subscribe and suggest.

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    The Nation of Amilius - remembering the future

.ciao and enjoy

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