December 20, 2012

Tales from the Realms - New Eon

... continued

   While many are sleeping, December 21 will come like a soft breeze, like a gentle knock on the window sill by the bed of a sleeping cat.

   Most will be in a dreamland, immersed in alternate planes of duality; where fairies have to defend against the surreptitious attacks of ghouls.

   Hopefully we can all wake up with senses sharpened by beams of cosmic light.  Who can divine, with surety, the evolving story of our collective? May the Cosmos draw a rewritten script, a 2012 crossing over to a new eon consistent with the intention of the Cosmic Aeon.

   Will the photon dusts lend a shower of renewed promise to the solar system?  Will the cosmic cycle be re-winded to the initial gears of the revolving lights and spheres?

   May the collective decision of humanity be heard in freedom. May we enjoy life that we are supposed to be expressions of.

   May the meek and humbled souls of bygone era be voiced and heard to let them soar the etheric waves of jubilee. May the spirit of Sophia be reborn like a phoenix gulping the fresh breeze of the valleys and spreading its wings to take flight once again in the light of the sun.

   And may the shadow beings be moved to their own fold of spaces where they by themselves, learn the language of empathy they have denied their souls.

   May all those who choose Truth and Love be free to abound in blessings of Joy, Peace and Harmony. May all who will offer the ego of separation to the Source receive the merciful embrace of true understanding and mass Christ-knowing.

   Humanity is awesome in its own right. Let's return to innocence so that all of us be One in All, for eternity.

... to be continued

December 17, 2012

Tales from the Realms - At Your Feet

... continued

   The Maldekan forces were decimated thousands of years ago by the Nibirans and Orion reinforcements.  Their departed soul essences were swept into Earth, carried by the passing Nibiru's plume from the imploded planet.  Many of the space born forces were taken as prisoners to Mars where the other forces of Jehovah were also over run.  Battles took a long time to subside as Jehovah had already established some fortified bases there.

   He was actually an Orion representative who built many marker monuments there.   He was to build a preparatory force for colonization of earth.  Gaia Sophia had always been an Orion colonization target as early as billions of years ago, ever-since Orionites found her goddess attributes.

   Enki was mostly staying on Earth at that time.   Enki was cooperating with some Sirians loyal to the deposed king of Nibiru.   He was working with the Sirian geneticists to create 3D humanoid life, trying out of the many evolving mammalian species of the Lemurian colonies.

  The yellow and black 4D races of Lemuria were part of the society who were sent by king Lahma, the former Nibiran king, to experiment living on the surface of the beautiful earth paradise.

   As recounted in earlier posts, Enki's son Marduk was the officer in charge in Maldek and Zeus had command of the surface civilization.

   Over time, however, Orionite influence gradually took hold of their planetary systems and Jehovah became an opposition force within the Maldekan government, advocating a violent confrontation with the Anunnaki.

   The original Nibiru natives were edged out of the management of their own planet.  They were not aware that the Orion-Draco visitors (which became the Anunnaki race) have soul capture technologies.  The commoner Annunaki themselves, were unaware of such technologies.

   And this technology was used to reprogram souls of beings that were attracted to the resonance of their machine.  That way, they were able to infiltrate the native royalty families, create programmed actors, foment scripted conflicts/wars and change the laws.

   Later, that same technology had also made the Orion-Draco inroads to the Maldekan society, via successive archonization efforts of the regularly visiting Nibiru planetoid.

   One can suspect that Zeus and his people were expelled from Jupiter to Maldek using their influence from the Saturn bases.  These Annunaki could have purposely blew up some moons of Saturn, influencing it to move too close to it. They thus gained foothold and created bases there with their restoration effort.

   On that fateful day of Maldek implosion, our Maldekan friend was called to reinforce the alternate pathway towards their planet.  Their forces were split into two ambush forces because in addition to the expected Nibiru arrival, Venus belatedly was noticed arriving fast from a different angle.

   The gravitational effects of Venus flung one of their moons and created fractures within mantle of the hollow planet Maldek.  It might have damaged their nuclear and hadron collider facilities, creating disruptions in their planetary energy systems.

  Thus when Nibiru arrived, the Maldekans on the surface would try to power them up again.  And even before the volley of nuclear fires were released from Nibiru ships, the planet imploded.

   Our Maldekan friend was a witness as the vimana he was using was blown by the shock-wave of the implosion.  For thousands of years, our Maldekan friend would survive on what we called the planet Antichthon.

   He was disillusioned by war and violence.  Trying to forget, he avoided Earth and Mars, the planets from which successive wars and skirmishes would carry over.

   It was only later, that he would find out that his Maldekan twin flame became reincarnated as an amazon under the aegis of one of the daughters of Zeus.

   One day, when he visited Mars via astral travel he would find out that most of the inhabitants were evacuated to Earth.  Thus he would spend countless times, astral traveling to the civilizations of Earth; Lemurian remnants and Atlantis, looking for the signature of his twin flame.

   He would at last find her in the island on the Bimini area.  She was an Atlantean priestess under the guidance of Thoth.  Apparently, Maldekan and Nibiran souls had a re-staging of conflicts both on Mars and Earth.  And her twin flame became an astral warrior on the side of Thoth.

   He boarded his Vimana and after some days of pursuing her, finally met his twin flame.  He would amuse her with the story of their youth and would try to rekindle her memories of their Maldekan advantures.

   But the night that they made love would be their final meeting.  When the light of the sunrise would open his dreamy eyes, he would find out that she was gone.  Searching was in vain, until he decided to astral travel to finally find out that she was mummified in the Hall of Records within the Atlantean temples.

   Her beautiful countenance would haunt him and the sad tinge on her face would pinch his heart from then on.  He could not understand why she would be so fervent in her faith as to willingly undergo the successive hypnosis and hallucinogenic injections unto her death and mummification.

   And so from then on, eons, it seems, he would spend, on astral visits to her grave.  From his cavern hide-out on Antichthon, his astral body would be at her feet.  He would try to wake up her zombie like astral essence but to no avail.

   He would himself, mostly live in the astral realms, a silent observer of the elemental wars and the conflicts and maladies of the evolving human race.  He felt, he became, himself, an astral zombie, a companion of her lost love, both of them devoid of life for thousands of years.

   And so after so many eons, Maldekans, Martians and Nibirans gained karmic inroads to the planetary evolution, to a planet that was formerly a domain of the Elohim.  And the Enlilites would proclaim themselves as the Elohim, holding Sirians as captured forces, hijacking the Sirian project that was coordinated and inspired by the real Elohim.

... to be continued

December 09, 2012

Ouroboros - Good Vibrations

... continued

   There is an age old battle that takes place within human beings.  There are facilities of both darkness and light embedded in human psyche.  Reptilian and mammalian natures were implanted in the human brain of the human physicality.

   Perhaps during the battles of the Elohim, the conflict was external.  But now, because the 3D human creature has implants resonating with both vibrations of greed/survival and service/nobility, humanity must thread more carefully.

Darkness and light are both of one nature,
different only in seeming,
for each arose from the source of all.
Darkness is disorder.
Light is Order.

Darkness transmuted is light of the Light.
"This, my children, your purpose in being;"
transmutation of darkness to light.

TABLET XV: Secret of Secrets

   In the previous post, it was mentioned how Thoth summoned help when he was besieged by forces belonging to the brotherhood of darkness during that time of Atlantis.  Apparently these forces of the dark crept into their society and overtook some leaders and personalities at that time.

Dark is the way of the DARK BROTHERS travel,
dark of the darkness not of the night,
traveling o'er Earth
they walk through man's dreams.
Power they have gained
from the darkness around them
to call other dwellers from out of their plane,
in ways that are dark and unseen by man.
Into man's mind-space reach the DARK BROTHERS.

TABLET VI: The Key of Magic

   For such external battle, he would summon the Light using the vibration of the names of Masters he knew.  The Masters' Names who are of the LIGHT BROTHERS are his keys.

   But the battle of duality also exist within.  And Thoth frequently examined his very own mind-space as part of the discipline.

   From the same section of the Tablet he stated the following:

...examine thine heart and find if the feeling
thou hast has come from within.
If thou shalt find the darkness thine own thoughts,
banish them forth from the place in thy mind.

   Thoth recommends that we be aware of the sources and qualities of our thoughts, whether they be implanted or originating from within.  Thoth understood that man has a physicality, a reptilian nature that acts like a sentient computer.  This sentient computer evolves and automatically creates a personality suit which in our parlance today is called the Ego.

   This ego was programmed to respond mostly to the fear and survival stimulus.  And the forces of ET controllers can easily manipulate the society using the various back doors that stoke the ego. (Thoth is himself a hybrid, a semi-mortal.)

Now shall I speak to thee knowledge ancient
beyond the thought of thy race.
Know ye that we of the Great Race
had and have knowledge that is more than man's.

TABLET XI :The Key to Above and Below

   The ego is a self sustained mental implant, a link to the external mind control manipulation which is embedded in the matrix.

   Institutions, which are unaware social robots, would encourage the archonization of man because it will mean that more money and power can be harvested.  Even the festivities serve as cultural triggers geared more for egoistic pursuit of happiness.

   The Santa Clauses can be turned into closeted Satans.

   Thus human society would be entrained to a pyramidal hierarchy of varying levels of ego motivation.  And the stability of the pyramid control is automatically reinforced by egoistic leadership maintaining the status-quo that benefits themselves.

   By now, we must be aware that a politician reposed with the trust of community does not automatically make him more honorable than a layman.

   When the veil of secrecy is lifted up, we will be surprised how much we are subjected to mind control by these authorities.  Good man can turn bad and vice versa using various stimuli.

   How do we go about battling our own ego?  Well, for those who seek with awareness, there would be many teachers.

   First here is an analysis of one guy:

   In a hand to hand combat, there is a blunt approach and a circular way of fighting just like what I have observed in the Pacquiao meme post.

   A blunt attack to the recoiling ego is not the right way.

   Although ego is also imaginary, itself; a meme, its movement meant to foil human from evolving, has already become ingrained.

   However, it can be directed more by the circular swirl/spiral of kundalini rising.  The spiritual light within any man, when stoked, is capable of steering and catching ego as a tool.  The spirit within must transmute the darkness that is within man himself.

Darkness and light are both of one nature,
different only in seeming,
for each arose from the source of all.

Darkness is disorder.
Light is Order.

Darkness transmuted is light of the Light.
"This, my children, your purpose in being;"
transmutation of darkness to light.

TABLET XV: Secret of Secrets

   For such purpose, Thoth created various disciplines for those early men that he encountered as well as the current age.  Thoth as a time traveler made an analysis of how to uplift man.

   He wanted to break the reptilian spell within man by various means of energizing the mammalian brain to takeover the reptilian brain.

   Throughout the Tablets of Thoth, he would repeat the need to summon the flame from within the heart, to lighten up from within, because the battle of duality is also internal.

   By fanning the light to a kundalini raising, this force eventually transmutes the reptilian brain and ennoble the plight of human existence.

   Perhaps, for this purpose, several waves of teachers in various regions and times were incarnated.  And there could be many ways and approaches to transmute or ennoble the ego.  However the following is what we find in Thoth's tablets:

Send through thy body a wave of vibration,
irregular first and regular second,
repeating time after time until free.
Direct it in waves from thine head to thy foot.

But if thou findest thine heart is not darkened,
be sure that a force is directed to thee.
Only by knowing can thou overcome it.
Only be wisdom can thou hope to be free.
Knowledge brings wisdom and wisdom is power.
Attain and ye shall have power o'er all.

TABLET VI: The Key of Magic

   A note of caution; our copies of the translation of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth might also contain some misdirections.  The translator is said to have been coerced to keep secret the contents of another two tablets thereof.  And this gives us a hint that the extent of that coercion may not be limited in the way it was stated.

   I would suggest that the visualized Wave Force is more apt to be directed in a Caduceus spiral towards the head chakra from the lower chakra.

   Originating from the heart, vision a spinning wave of light vibration that sucks energy from the lower chakras to become a typhoon of light spiralling upwards and downwards several times.

   Anyway, because of individuality and cultural uniqueness, any recommendation even by Thoth, must be taken with a grain of salt and personal adaptation (the latter of which he could have taught in his mystery schools).

   Each ego has its own quirks:

   We have to find our own effective way, which may include any or a combination of the following:

- appreciating nature, working with nature in a reflective mood
- immersing in certain music or vibrations
- meditation and silence
- chanting of certain sounds
- martial arts or various exercises, various postures
- visualization and dreaming of beauty and high ideals
- deep breathing, alternative breathing exercises
- floatation, soaking in water

   One can combine certain methods to create an effective method tailored for his unique personality.  -  Just like using certain basic notes to create your own music:

   In addition, whenever one catches oneself in a mindless chatter journey, he has the power to direct this constant sentient computer process.  These inner chatter must be disciplined, otherwise it can hypnotize one as to mold the personal choices.

   Here is one way to redirect thoughts:

   In order to arrive at the dreamscape of conscious creation, the advice of some is to count sheep.  Perhaps replacing the numerals with ennobled concepts can help.  Lets say you use the following instead of numerals:

1 Truth
2 Love
3 Freedom
4 Abundance
5 Joy
6 Peace
7 Harmony
8 Unity
9 Creativity
0 Equality

   One can even modify the said numeral representation to the highest levels he can grasp.  Then count with these instead of succumbing to a pointless mind chatter.

   Be the lord of the devils which may exist within.  Lead the inner darkness to light.  Create the doorways, move through them towards the home of your soul.  Create the portals that will litter the psycosphere with windows of light.

Know ye, the soul must be cleansed of its darkness,
ere ye may enter the portals of Light.
Thus, I established among ye the Mysteries
so that the Secrets may always be found.

TABLET XIV: Supplementary

... to be continued

December 05, 2012

Tales from the Realms/Ouroboros - Downing the Matrix

... continued

   So I was contemplating how the 4D Thioouban angels could have succumbed to their own version of the Veil of Forgetfulness.

   Thinking themselves a superior class of beings who have their own chosen races, they were wondering why Michael was not always in happy mood.

   The so called Veil of Forgetfulness works both ways.  Those of us who are within the 3rd dimension had difficulty remembering spiritual freedom.  And those who are beyond our dimension are somehow detached to our plight and the human struggles.

   This forgetfulness must also afflict many humans who managed to ascend, as well as the Community Galactica.

   They are in ascended bodies above 3D but are still sojourned in these cosmic edges until the seven gates open up. They have limited capability to engage humanity or they may be caught in human dimension by doing so against the rules of their understanding.

   In the meantime, within the duat realms, that we may term 4th Dimension, are layers of varying darkness and light.  The Thiaooubans with shifted dimensional reality though capable to assist, do not feel the need to.

   Just like our 3D space time, which was described by Thoth as having its own folds that are mostly unaware of another, 4D has many sublayers.

...then ye shall know that space is not boundless
but truly bounded by angles and curves.

... Know ye that throughout the space
that ye dwell in
are others as great as your own,
interlaced through the heart of your matter
yet separate in space of their own.

TABLET IX :The Key to Freedom of Space

   Raising our vibration collectively will be beneficial for opening higher helping forces. It will also disperse light to the dark bands of human collective consciousness.

   This entails examining our own cultural programming and shedding beliefs that weigh humans down and muddy our planetary psycosphere.

   The psycosphere is like a 4D sheath over Gaia and it affects many things including the intensity of weather phenomena.

   The more rigidly we adhere to dark programs, the less flexibility planet Earth can adjust to cosmic changes, resulting to more explosiveness.

   Within the layers of 4D, a soul can be trapped in the illusions of hell or even a false heaven, depending on what it accepts or believes in.

   Here in 4D, a shattered soul could be trapped into a construct by archonic technologies or of his own cultural making.

   On the other hand, the current change of the ages afford souls to escape these cages of astral predators.

  "...This predator, which, of course, is an inorganic being, is not altogether invisible to us, as other inorganic beings are, I think as children we do see it and decide it's so horrific that we don't want to think about it. Children, of course, could insist on focusing on the sight, but everybody else around them dissuades them from doing so."

  "The sorcerers? revolution is that they refuse to honor agreements in which they did not participate. Nobody ever asked me if I would consent to be eaten by beings of a different kind of awareness. My parents just brought me into this world to be food, like themselves, and that?s the end of the story."

~~~ Don Juan   

   Here is an explanation of this layered realms:

   "A magician enters the shallowest portion of the Duat when they sleep and ba is shown to travel into the Duat during dreams. When gods  are "banished" or defeated/killed in the mortal world, they return to the Duat, albeit much weaker and deeper, until they have enough strength to escape...

   The Duat is broken into many different layers including the Abyss (presumably the deepest layer), the River of Night, the Land of the Dead, and the Land of Demons."

   The archonic matrix superimposed on human realities would need en-training humans for soul capture. With lowered awareness, humans are susceptible.

   That is why relying on religion is such a fatal mistake. The dark reptilians themselves are beings trapped in their teflon-spirited bardo states. 

   And in the same way, dark light angelic paradigms could also trap beings into a plastic 4D heaven state.

   This is because, once awareness is freed from body, it tends to create its own reality as one would experience in a dream.  An false light archon or a masquerading dark Elohim can take advantage of this bardo stages for implanting the holographic jail constructs.

Matthew 5:20   For I say to you, that unless your goodness will exceed that of the Scribes and the Pharisees, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Matthew 16:12   Then they understood that he was not telling them to guard against the yeast used in bread, but against the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

   Above shows that the Jesus character had frequent clashes with the proponents of Talmudic inspirations (much of which was imbibed from Marduk's Babylon):

   That is why seeking the inner light is encouraged by both the Jesus character and Thoth. 

   For now, the kingdom of heaven is mostly within. By flaming this inward connection to the Source, one raises his vibration beyond the ritualistic religion and above the resonance of the soul traps.

   Religions and their pyramidal hierarchies are mostly corrupted presentations of truth used to control the energies of man. And a fundamentalist applications of religion have shown to condemn man to war, misery and poverty.

   Likewise, Mr. Mills have many information about the so called Jesus we culturally know.  There were many things twisted in the stories which have many beautiful basis. 

   Later on, we may tackle these matters but here is one guy who has a point of view worth considering:

   There are many implications religion brings to politics and vice versa.  And we all know, politics works like a dark spirit (of egoistic pursuit) stinking up many things it touches.

   Here is another view about how the Roman authorities who were the persecutors became the proponents of the known Christian religion:

   One researcher of early manuscripts, himself had some very interesting findings which collided with powerful status quo.  So he was dismissed from the said work. 

   Here are some of his straight forward interpretation of the early religious writings:

   Mr. Mills and I came to the analysis that Christedness is not reserved for one man. Christedness is a stage when a being become God-Realized, applying to all.

   Let not man-made religion prevent man from being Christed.

   Facilitated by cosmic forces, the closing of the cycle of the Kaliyuga, is an opportunity for mass Christedness.

   All are chosen ones, because all proceed from the Word and is the Word in its innermost essence. The light of Christos is not a person, nor a race of man, nor of angels. It is a bestowal of God unto itself, its own parts, even at the face of their forgetfulness and lower awareness-es.

   Everything was made manifest when the Source let; at the point the Source said let there be. The Word is not contained in a book made by hands because everything is the Word at play.

   Everyone can be Yahushua (YOD HE SHIN VAU HEH) just like the many masters and avatars of the ages.

   Meanwhile, if human inner light is not yet flamed enough to conquer darkness, we can call for help. Thoth a teacher of man, commissioned by the Shining Ones has many things to help us with.

   However, be aware that the mystery schools with roots from him must have been much infiltrated currently. Brotherhoods, secret societies, churches and other hierarchical setup for such information are natural targets and easy venue for egoistic controls.

   According to thoth, plain and simple, the keys were written in his Emerald Tablets. Let's use them because these keys are within the rules of the duality of the cosmic cycle. We can bypass the hierarchies of man.

  What are the keys recommended by Thoth to help humanity?

Know ye, O man, that when ye have done this,
ye shall be free from the fetters that bind ye,
cast off the bondage of the brothers of night.

See ye not that the names have the power
to free by vibration the fetters that bind?
Use them at need to free thou thine brother
so that he, too, may come forth from the night.

Thou, O man, art thy brother's helper.
Let him not lie in the bondage of night.

Now unto thee, give I my magic.
Take it and dwell on the pathway of LIGHT.

LIGHT unto thee, LIFE unto thee,
SUN may thou be on the cycle above.

TABLET VI :The Key of Magic

   The keys are the names of the Shining ones, the umpires of the games within this cycle who lives within the hollow earth's inner sun.

   Thoth, tutored by the Dweller of Undal, became acquainted with their names. He called the Brotherhood of Light when he needed help battling the illegal tactics of the Brotherhood of Darkness:

Raise thou thine hands to the dark space above thee.
Close thou thine eyes and draw in the LIGHT.

Call to the SPIRIT OF LIGHT through the Space-Time,
using these words and thou shalt be free:
"""Fill thou my body, O SPIRIT OF Life,"
fill thou my body with SPIRIT OF LIGHT.
Come from the FLOWER
that shines through the darkness.
Come from the HALLS where the Seven Lords rule.

Name them by name, I, the Seven:
and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine.

By their names I call them to aid me,
free me and save me from the darkness of night:
By their names I implore thee,
free me from darkness
and fill me with LIGHT

TABLET VI :The Key of Magic

   Of course, with diligent self discipline and training, one can always channel the Light of Christos from within (as a child of Gaia Sophia).

The source of thy Spirit is drawn from Earth's heart,
for in thy form thou are one with the Earth

When thou hast learned to hold thine own balance,
then shalt thou draw on the balance of Earth.
Exist then shalt thou while Earth is existing,
changing in form, only when Earth, too, shalt change:
Tasting not of death, but one with this planet,
holding thy form till all pass away.

TABLET XIII: The Keys of Life and Death

   Perhaps we should try the keys for our fellows caught in the conspiratorial syndicates of powers to be phased out. "Thou, O man, art thy brother's helper. Let him not lie in the bondage of night."

   Rescuing befits a brother caught in darkness, asking for assistance, not when he willingly dabbles in such darkness.

   As for me, tonight, before I lay down to sleep, I will remember, the children staring at their blown off roof, praying for Light to descend since long ago when the wars en-roached their lands.

   Lend your help in this endeavor. Vision the Light within your heart grow and envelope them, the victims of war and dark rites. Call on the Christos Light via the cosmic portal of the Shining Ones (tunneling towards the Cosmic Sun) or even via that vortex you hold within your own heart, the flower of flame.

... to be continued

November 25, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Hostages

... continued

   Every soul is immortal, but not all types of bodies into which souls inhabit are immortal.

   Many of the Orionites were able to create and recreate bodies to inhabit for long periods of time, which compared to human bodies, can be considered immortal.

   And even when they leave these bodies, they have facilities with which they evaded the Veil of Forgetfulness, reinserting their souls into remodeled bodies with memories intact.

   Such were the case with the Orion elites and their forces which included the Anunnaki who rose to power in Tiamat/Nibiru.

   Our story have so far revealed some dark angles on the character of Elohim descendant, Jehovah.

   Let us be reminded however, that this story relates to a time-line which may be different to that which many holds.

   The name Jehovah was derived form YHVH which has a beautiful meaning. YOD HE VAU HEH as the Hebrew spelling for the name Yahweh relates to the creative and life forces of the universe. These are the qualities of radiance, magnetism, vibration and matter.  Another term for such elements are fire, water, wind and earth respectively.

   In the same way YHSVH or Yahushua, the Hebrew spelling for Jesus: YOD HEH SHIN VOD HEH is meaningful.  With the addition of the 5th element: Shin - meaning Akasha (the breath of life or consciousness), it is a marvelous name.

   However names can be adopted by other persons who may not embody the meaning thereof.

   We have encountered how the Jehovah forces waged war with the Anunnaki from Nibiru during the battle of Maldek.  He was a fiery god, a jealous god, a god of conflict and violence, a war-like god personified by Mars or the Aries energies.

   He himself was an Orionite, in the same way that the Elohim descendant, Anu, was an Orionite.  And Elohim beings have had their own cosmic cycle of duality. 

   There were dark and light Elohim beings.  And many of them became drunk with their own technological immortality that they forgot to go home to the Source.

   In other words, most of the Elohim ascended after their cosmic cycle was finished.  But some were left behind, lingering in the darkness of ego.  Some of them fell, in the same way that it was said the Lucifer light being fell.

   However, many ascended Elohim also returned to guide us and their fallen remnants. Many came back to inspire humans and their other descendants like the Pleiadeans, Arctuarians etc. And some even took on bodies of our realms, losing their memories in the process, in order to work from within the human races.

   According to our Maldekan friend, Jehovah steered the wormwood comet that simultaneously pass by with Tiamat/Nibiru to create an inter-action of their tugging forces to influence the flooding mentioned in the Bible.  He was trying to destroy Enki, Enlil and those of the Nibiruan Anunnaki who were on the planet at that time when Atlantis sunk.

   However, the Anunnaki had inside information about this plan and they decided to let it happen for their own schemes.

   Having been captured by the other Orion forces, the Anunnaki, he must have underwent torture.  He could have been made addicted to human flesh because he later on, became a cannibalistic god on earth without the knowledge of most of his followers.

   In fact, it was another Jehovan crew who reversed his command to a leader for the sacrifice of his own child.

   At the time of Maldek, he was averse to Enki and Enlil and he decided to overturn them from within the system.  He tried to meet fire with fire. 

   Later on, he tried to create his own followers but he was thwarted and his forces were scattered while the human followers were hijacked by the other Orionites.

   We mentioned the Thiaoouba material, in the previous post.  And per chance, the readers of these blogs may have read the Thiaoouba Prophecy material, we have to point out some things.

   Certain caution and point of awareness presented when I read the said material.  And the beauty of the author's experience as recounted in the said tale may mesmerize us to overlook these things.

   The said material could relate to a shifted reality that is consistent with the story we learned from Mr. Mills.  In other words, they can be the fallen angelic forces associated with the Jehovah we referred to.

   The information that Mr. Mills could ferret out is limited to earth matters as his dimensional drone is not capable of exploring outside the domain of earth.  However, here are somethings we can find out on the said material.

1. The Thaori

   In chapter six and the following page, there were seven Thaori who apparently govern their planet.  The said beings were always levitating in lotus position, so that Michael did not see their feet. 

   What if these beings have reptilian or serpent bodies?

   The Chitauri tales told by Credo Mutwa can easily be shortened into "Tauri" or Thaori.  Here is a statement by Credo:

"..when the Chitauri arrived in Africa they told our people that they were gods and that they were going to give us human beings great gifts on one condition. We had to worship them and accept them as our creators. Some told our people that they were our elder brothers and that this Earth had produced them generations ago. And they said they had come back to the green womb of their mother and that they were going to make us into gods."

   In the first place, one would think, the true GOD creates gods when these beings individuated. Rework is a sign of initial design failure.

   Even the faces of the said Thaori were many times, not very clear to Michael and they would always be covered or they would disappear in thick fog.  What if these beings unknowingly extracted 'Loosh' from Michael.  Note that the angelic beings who were with Michael were uncharacteristically glum when they brought him to the Thaori. And note also Michael's lost strength. He fainted after meeting them.

Loosh - another term for lifeforce/emotional/spiritual energy. Term coined by Robert Monroe in his astral voyages where, upon interacting with nonphysical entities, he learned this energy was called "loosh" and that mankind was being farmed for this energy.

   Even before Michael was brought to the presence of the Thaori, he had premonitions about a reptile which has some motivations to devour him.

   "A huge flame burned blue; orange yellow and red flames burned around it. An enormous black snake slid straight through the flames, heading for me. Giants appeared from nowhere, running, and trying to catch the snake. It took seven of them together, to stop it before it reached me...

   The reptile became a comet and carried the statues off - to Easter Island... Next, they were greeting me, wearing strange hats..."

   On their meeting, the Thaori aura at some point became dirty and dull. And towards the end, their images blurred and Michael felt Thao pinching his shoulder so hard as to shift his attention with force.  That could have meant behind the fog, the Thaori shape-shifted in devouring Michael's astral energies.

2. Lationusi: black wing of a king

   What kind of angel Lationusi is? Why would he have black wings?

   A previous reincarnation of Lationusi was as the last King of the continent Mu on Earth.  Was he serving as a spy who was brought to high status in Mu?  Why didn't the Thiaooubans warn the Mu's kingdom about the impending doom?  Where their technology incapable of detecting such?

   And for that matter why have they not uplifted the early humanoid clone types that were lost in time warp on the Bermuda triangle portal? Why did they not help the planet Aremo X3 from nuclear annihilation

   They claimed they protected the chosen Jewry, are the other peoples not worth similar protections?  I think Dr. Norman Finkelstein has more sense than Thao.

   It is curious that Thao's aura became dull when he was telling a story about the so called chosen people.  Was he mixing some misdirections or falsehood in that story?

   Also, what if human flesh from the two mentioned places which were provided the Thaori for analysis become food?  Apparently, creation of human bodies were reserved for the Thaori, so would they have various vats or containers of human body materials for experimentation?

3. Gold dust in atmosphere, Jesus (clone?) body and curious animals

   Were the golden dusts in their atmosphere obtained from earth?

   Now that they preserved the body of Jesus, what kind of body their so called Jesus have at present? Or could it be that Michael was just given a holographic hallucination (for the intended message he would write)?

   Have they created a switcheroo during the time of the Christ? The following statement is curious, as it may imply that there is another Jesus:

"Jesus, who came from Thiaoouba, was taken by us into the desert..."

Also, the doko of floating bodies is weird. One description of a preserved body may look like this:

   And why were weird animals like horses with human faces (that could be similar to the genetic animal hybridization that Atlantis conducted), be present on their planet?

   There are some other points of curiosity in the said material.  However, we can have many useful clues from there.

   And as for Thao and the other angelic astronauts, the love there that's seeping on the pages of the fascinating story should not prevent us to take the story with our own grain of salt.  And this is applicable to any and all materials we encounter.  The most important thing is we take what can serve our own soul process, the light of which must grow from within (not by being followers).

   We can just as well opine that these angelic astronauts are beings with cloned bodies and reprogrammed memories.  They could even have been previously housed in bodies of the greys during the Semitic days.

   It seems that the young generations on Earth are the target audience of Thiaoouba Prophecy material.  And the story therein is not even a prophecy but it could be a subtle mind programming for a nuclear annihilation scenario.

   It would have been more appreciated if they have provided better hints at expanding human's ability to discern, to have a better soul progress and deeper spiritual senses as to create heaven on earth.

   We are living in a world of fools, the institutions are breaking us down when they all should let us be.  We have to find a deeper love to guide us.

... to be continued

November 22, 2012

Tales from the Realms/Ouroboros - Spiritual Ocean

... continued

...Man, a perfect flame of this Cosmos,
shall move forward to a place in the stars.
Aye, shall move even from out of this space-time
into another beyond the stars.

Tablet XII: The Law of Cause and Effect

   Such and more, is the grandeur of what Thoth have seen to be the future of man.

   Why? Because, a human being is the essence of the Ultimate.  We must have been from dimensions higher than the angels.

   If that be the case, upon our graduation, we'll be a showcase of the power of Source to overcome darkness.

   We are the courageous souls that traversed seven dimensions to have a total immersion in forgetfulness from divinity.  Angels must have thought us to be fools, for we dared what they feared to tread.

Know ye, man,
ye are the ultimate of all things.
Only the knowledge of this is forgotten,
lost when man was cast into bondage,
bound and fettered
by the chains of the darkness.

Tablet IX: The Key to Freedom of Space

   The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, a channeled material, was credited to Hermes Trismegistus.  Hermes, was a kind of Title of Attainment derived from an earlier person named Hermes.  Thoth, the Atlantean was the acknowledged reincarnation of the original Hermes.  The writer of the tablet was referred to as the third reincarnation.

   His real name was Chequetet, Arelich, Volmalites, Chequetet being also a title, which means "the seeker of wisdom".

   In the said record, Thoth was asking us to remember who we really are:

LIGHT is thine ultimate end, O my brother.
Seek and find ever the Light on the way.

Tablet VIII: The Key of Mystery

   Thoth discovered something within the nature of humanity:

Man is a star bound to a body,
until in the end,
he is freed through his strife.

   However, we have to summon our inner star via our mortal existence:

Only by struggle and toiling thy
utmost shall the star within thee
bloom out in new life.

...Found I that man is but living in darkness,
light of the great fire is hidden within.

Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom

   And what can be our heritage?

Know, O man, that Light is thine heritage.
Know that darkness is only a veil.
Sealed in thine heart is brightness eternal,
waiting the moment of freedom to conquer,
waiting to rend the veil of the night.

Tablet VI: The Space Born

   So then, let the light grow.  Let love light the way and unstuck the spirit within.  We are bound to find the wonders of life that was originally intended when Eden Earth, the paradise for human angels, was made manifest

   We are individuals with similar but personally unique processes for growth. And the different cycles has different challenges and lesson therein.

Each consciousness in the cycle it exists in
follows its own path to the ultimate goal.
Each plays its part in the Plan of the Cosmos.
Each plays its part in the ultimate end.
The farther the cycle, the greater its
knowledge and ability to blend the Law of the whole.

Tablet XI: The Key To Above and Below

   However, within this cosmic cycle there is a way to reconnect with the Source while we are still undergraduates.

Deep in Earth's heart lie the Halls of Amenti,
far 'neath the islands of sunken Atlantis,
Halls of the Dead and halls of the living,
bathed in the fire of the infinite ALL.

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

   Deep in the hollow earth, the inner sun of the globe will provide the vibrations for renewal and regeneration of the soul.

...the mighty ones of Atlantis live and die,
but rather from aeon to aeon did they renew
their life in the Halls of Amenti where the river of life
flows eternally onward.

   Thoth, however, was physically given access to the hollow earth while yet alive.

A hundred times ten
have I descended the dark way that led into light,
and as many times have I ascended from the
darkness into the light my strength and power renewed.

    There his body would be in a stasis of renewal and his awareness was allowed to take on a new incarnation or use the regenerated body to live on the surface again.

Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti,
my Soul roaming free will incarnate,
dwell among men in this form or another.

Tablet I: The History of Thoth, The Atlantean

   A special assignment was given to Thoth, via the endorsement of Horlet, the Dweller, a shining one, based within the hollow earth but dwelt in Undal, in Atlantis, observing and tutoring the young Thoth.

Then from his throne came one of the Masters,
taking my hand and leading me onward,
through all the Halls of the deep hidden land.
Led he me through the Halls of Amenti,
showing the mysteries that are known not to man.

Through the dark passage, downward he led me,
into the Hall where site the dark Death.
Vast as space lay the great Hall before me,
walled by darkness but yet filled with Light.

   He was presented to one of the Masters, the role of which was handling the death rites of humans.  The master was described herein:

I, Death, come, and yet I remain not,
for life eternal exists in the ALL;
only an obstacle, I in the pathway,
quick to be conquered by the infinite light.

   And this was what Thoth saw:

Before me arose a great throne of darkness,
veiled on it sat a figure of night.
Darker than darkness sat the great figure,
dark with a darkness not of the night.
Before it then paused the Master, speaking

The Word that brings about Life, saying;
"Oh, master of darkness,
guide of the way from Life unto Life,
before thee I bring a Sun of the morning.

   Thoth was like a new bonafide convert or worker of the Light.

   As a non-human, Enki died.   Of what manner, we may not know for certain.

   But here is a picture I was drawn to, when I tried to understand his death:

   We are no Sitchin here, but in my understanding, he must have been invited by Enlil for reconciliation.   He accepted the proposition and there was a feast or religious ceremony conducted for the reconciliation.

   There in front of the gathering Anunnaki, within the altar of sacrifice, a lone nut emerged with a knife that can kill an immortal.  Enki was assassinated and the lone nut was killed in the commotion.

   Then the soul had a life review and was regenerated in the hollow earth's Halls of the dead.

   That soul reincarnated as Hermes the first and he was tested within a mortal or semi-mortal body but a bonifide creature of Gaia.

   Thereafter, he reincarnated as an Atlantean.  Most of these were of a Cro-magnon type, of a 3D body, a hybrid of neanderthal and ET races, probably having a height of 10 feet.  He would have lost a genetic link to pierce the Akashic records of his ET past.

   As an Atlantean lad, he was called, observed, molded and tutored by Horlet.  And when his heart flamed in Light, he was initiated to a service for humanity.

Touch him not ever with the power of night.
Call not his flame to the darkness of night.
Know him, and see him,
one of our brothers,
lifted from darkness into the Light.
Release thou his flame from its bondage,
free let it flame through the darkness of night."

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

   He was oriented and given a tour of the facilities.

Raised then the hand of the figure,
forth came a flame that grew clear and bright.
Rolled back swiftly the curtain of darkness,
unveiled the Hall from the darkness of night.

   A flame created a portal through which the antimatter expanse became visible.  And with that Thoth saw the many souls like lights of varying intensities.  All in their own process of regeneration, healing and planning.

Then grew in the great space before me,
flame after flame, from the veil of the night.
Uncounted millions leaped they before me,
some flaming forth as flowers of fire.

Others there were that shed a dim radiance,
flowing but faintly from out of the night.

Some there were that faded swiftly;
others that grew from a small spark of light.
Each surrounded by its dim veil of darkness,
yet flaming with light that could never be quenched.
Coming and going like fireflies in springtime,
filled they with space with Light and with Life.

   Here are the secret chambers for souls to commune with their over-souls, to review it's previous experience and receive healing according to each faith, according to each level of God-awareness.

   Here they can rest and gather the resolve to change the world by planning the next script of life experience.

Then spoke a voice, mighty and solemn, saying:
"These are lights that are souls among men,
growing and fading, existing forever,
changing yet living, through death into life.
When they have bloomed into flower,
reached the zenith of growth in their life,
swiftly then send I my veil of darkness,  (veil of forgetfulness)
shrouding and changing to new forms of life.

Steadily upward throughout the ages, growing,
expanding into yet another flame,
lighting the darkness with yet greater power,
quenched yet unquenched by the veil of the night.

So grows the soul of man ever upward,
quenched yet unquenched by the darkness of night.

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

   Perhaps in these hibernation chambers, a soul could absorb the Aum vibration from the over-soul via the inner central sun portal.  A shattered soul can be sound again.

   As shown earlier, we are souls that came from the Word, the Sound.  In fact, everything is sound.

   Here within the hollow earth, Thoth met the masters, the shining ones:

Long time ago, in the HALLS OF AMENTI,
I, Thoth, stood before the LORDS of the cycles

Tablet VII: The Seven Lords

...Name them by name, I, the Seven:
and SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT--Nine.

   These could be designation of the cycles or dimensions for which they are the key holders:

By their names I call them to aid me,
free me and save me from the darkness of night:

Tablet VI: The Space Born

   Here is another description of the seven provided by Thoth:

...Not of this world they,
yet akin to it,
Elder Brothers they,
of the children of men.
Judging and weighing,

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

...Masters are they of the great Secret Wisdom,
brought from the future of infinity's end.
Seven are they, the Lords of Amenti,
overlords (oversouls?) they of the Children of Morning (humans),
Suns of the Cycles, Masters of Wisdom.

Formed are not they as the children of men?
EIGHT, NINE are the titles of the Masters of men.

The following descriptions are fit for the shining ones:

...SUNS are they and LORDS of the morning,
Children of Light to shine among men.
Like man are they and yet are unlike,
Never divided were they in the past.

ONE have they been in ONENESS eternal,
throughout all space since the beginning of time.
Up did they come in Oneness with the ALL ONE,
up from the first-space, formed and unformed.

Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom

   They were from higher realms, towards the central portal of the universe:

...Down they descended and created bodies,
taking the semblance of men as their own.
The Masters of everything said after their forming:

"We are they who were formed from the space-dust,
partaking of life from the infinite ALL;
living in the world as children of men,
like and yet unlike the children of men."

...Seated within the flower of radiance sit seven
Lords from the Space-Times above us,
helping and guiding through infinite Wisdom,
the pathway through time of the children of men.

...Mighty and strange, they,
veiled with their power,
silent, all-knowing,
drawing the Life force,

...There in the circle from aeon to aeon,
sit the Great Masters,
living a life not known among men.
There in the Halls of Life they lie sleeping;
free flows their Soul through the bodies of men.

Time after time, while their bodies lie sleeping,
incarnate they in the bodies of men.
Teaching and guiding onward and upward,
out of the darkness into the light.

There in the Hall of Life, filled with their wisdom,
known not to the races of man, living forever 'neath the cold
fire of life, sit the Children of Light.
Times there are when they awaken,
come from the depths to be lights among men,
infinite they among finite men.

Tablet II: The Halls of Amenti

  Each human being may come from different streams, dripping from the dews gathered by the leaves or flowing from snow melted by the sun.

   Yet everyone is eventually part of the whole having their own function intended to be of service to All.

  One moment a man could be a Jew, another life he may decide to be a Palestinian, one time he can be prince, another he can be the pauper at the gates.

  Unless one denies the True Light, whereupon he falls in the process of the archons and be fodder for the illusions of the dark. Thereupon the same may be stuck another cosmic cycle.

   But in the end, we are one, one in many.   We are a singularity and a plurality.

  And we shall merge with the Ocean from whence we came.

   When the darkness is ripped apart and the veils are torn asunder, we shall be as one.

   One in all.  The Spiritual Ocean.

... to be continued

Near Death Witnesses:

November 19, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Outcasts and Nomads

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utulie (Darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadow's call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

... continued

   Once upon a time, a fundamentalist 4d Orionite man of Elohim descent, helped foment the war consciousness in Maldek.  Most of his forces were captured by the draconian hybrid Enlil and made to work in the cloning facilities they have on Mars.

   Jehovah cloned the Semitic tribes using materials from earth, from the works of Enki.

   Jehovah mixed his own genes in these cloned humans, secretly planning to turn them into harvest-able soldiers for his future crusade.  The clones were white but not really white. whereas Enki's creation was more towards the black race.   Jehovah, a pale skinned 4d mammalian humanoid, created what he would program for his future plans using his own genes in the mix.

   And when the inevitable deterioration of Mars' atmosphere began to be intolerable, Enlil directed their mass transfer to earth via the moon and the Atlantean portal.

   Unknown to the civilizations then, working the underground mines, were a mix of reptilian slaves, neanderthals and Cro-magnon abductees. 

   But neanderthals are not intelligent enough for more complicated situations and the latter two were complaining all the time.   So eventually they phased out the neanderthals in the caverns as they brought the Jehovah clones.

   Enlil, commissioned a new model of 3d human workers and brought them in the caverns over a long period.   The transport of the Adamas, however,  came in bulk at the time of the abandoning of Atlantis due to the lands breaking apart.

   The wretched would be miners, programmed with reptilian consciousness could live long lives and obey with little problem.

   The beings arriving at the abandoned Atlantic portal lived a regimented life at the cavern laboratory garden.   Food, procreation and all such activities were done at the instructions of the supervisors.   Seldom did Enlil appear, as he would only visit to inspect and select the candidates for transport to the mines.

   Much like what people don't know in the recent times, at least in Mr. Mills reality, various underground operations were continuously being done within the caverns of the earth.   In fact, operations were done even earlier than the Lemurian civilization.   These were undertaken by reptilians and greys, many of which were cloned in Maldek and Mars.

   Enki, the half brother of Enlil, belonging to the serpent race, would sneak in and trigger the etheric implants that he placed in the 3d humanoid gene culture.

   All he had to do was tempt the Adama race with unsupervised tantric sex for the kundalini force to break their reptilian spell.  And he was pretty successful in triggering the mammalian self determination. However, their lifespan would be shortened by this.

   These humans would then be forced out of the settlement and they would struggle to fend for themselves.

   And so the Semites, the ancient Palestinians, fathers of both Arabs and Hebrews became a new source of materials for Enki's work.

   However, Jehovah, still bent for his own dominion, would later escape from the Atlantean hideaway, retrieve a few of them and start a race of nomads from Euphrates for his own purposes.

   He would confuse them with various laws to make them live in constant fear of damnation and expectation for his materialistic salvation kingship.

   Later, these nomads would encounter the teachings of the Babylonian Marduk and the Tyrantor fanatics from Maldek that hid somewhere within the caverns bordering Russia. 

   Tyrantor was the imploded planet from the Orion constellation populated by usurious and Luciferic greys.

   Jehovah would later die and became trapped within the earth matrix. Some of the Jehovah forces escaped to unknown sector of the cosmos such as what we would later hear as Thiaoouba.

   In the meantime, Mr. Mills would be sharing me images how these brother races of people would become fodders of constant wars.

   My heart would break with the images of the carnage within their time-line.  I could only pray that humans would transcend some genetic mal-programming that may have crept into our genes.

   Perhaps, when we do, the so called gods of ancient times would be judged by their own actions.

   Perhaps, only then, can we summon Nirvana into these outer edges of our universe and we can be worthy to traverse the stars.

   May it be.

... to be continued


November 13, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Man But Not Like Man

 ... continued

Remember, O man, that all which exists
is only another form of that which exists not.
Everything that has being is passing into yet other
being and thou thyself are not an exception.

Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom, Emerald Tablets of Thoth

    Somewhere in the Akashic records, the tales of what happened on earth at the time of the Els or during the time of the Elohim, may be found.  However, we as humans, though of the same anthropoid template, may have no inner genetic link to their records.  Thus we may have difficulty peering into their saga.

    But it seems the shining ones are still there in the hollow earth, guarding the inner sun portal per allusion by Thoth.  The hollow earth's Eden laboratories for life creations by the Els and Elohim may still be there.

    And maybe the Voynich Manuscript was but a copy of an Atlantean copy of records that were obtained from earlier records of the Elohim.  The said records may reveal how the 4D Aryans/Titans were originally created.

   Our time frame for humanoid history seems to need a big adjustment.  And the Genesis book of old testament from which most base the understanding of earth history, could really be just a combined summary of various traditional epics.

   Even at the time of Hermes in Egypt, they knew that there were other rounds or cycles of humanoid existence.

Long ago in the days of the first man,
warfare began between darkness and light.
Men then as now,
were filled with both darkness and light;
and while in some darkness held sway,
in other light filled the soul.

Tablet VI: The Key of Magic, Emerald Tablets of Thoth

   And we need to be humble and acknowledge that our sciences are not the pinnacle of earth knowledge.  In fact, we may just as well consider that we are just remembering our previous knowledge.

   In fact we have to be intellectually honest to what is pointed by certain evidences.  These Out of Place Artifacts could show that Earth may have had several extinction level events (at least on the surface).

And these events created various changes like changes in magnetic fields, gravity or land shifts that were conducive to gigantism and such other curiosities.

   According to Tablet VII: The Seven Lords, of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, at the end of our own cycle of experiential beingness we can go back to our oversoul and then to the Source:

Yet are we ONE with the SOUL of our cycle.
Yet are WE, too, seeking a goal.
Far beyond man's conception,
Infinity extends into a greater than ALL.
There, in a time that is yet not a time,
we shall ALL become ONE
with a greater than ALL.
Time and space are moving in circles.
Know ye their law, and ye too, shall be free.
Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles--
pass the guardians that dwell at the door.

   Furthermore, at the end of this cycle, our 3D perceptions can meld with the 4D realities or even the 5D.  If this happens, a road will open for humans to move to higher realms that will be invisible to the present 3D senses.

For when TWO have become ONE
and ONE has become the ALL,
know ye the barrier has lifted,
and ye are made free of the road.
Grow thou from form to the formless.
Free may thou be of the road.

   Regarding the Orion peoples, we could assume these beings have similarities with the ancient people on earth.  In fact the native Aryans or Titans within the earth's hollows can be brothers or just similar with the ancestors of Orion civilizations.

   Our hollow earth Aryans are not to be confused with those who the Nazis have allegedly became allied with.   The latter were inhabitants deep within the upper mantle of the earth and some of these where warlike people and reptiloids from Maldek.

   We can assume that if Nazis reached the hollow earth, then CIA and other American agencies (which imported the Nazi remnants under Operation Paperclip), would have been there already.

   Instead these human projects are just stationed on the periphery of the poles.

   Mr. Mills points out that the inhabitants in hollow earth are different from those within the caverns of the earth's mantle who have some interactions with black government agencies.

   The hollow earth natives,Aryans welcomed peoples of high spiritual qualities from the surface like the Lemurians, Atlanteans and many humans. 

   Their harmonious communities have over time evolved into 5D consciousness and warlike factions would not be allowed.   Thus the Nazi (and its allies) attempts to conquer hollow earth could not have succeeded, (though still ongoing for various good reasons as pretense for real reasons).

   But going back to Orion, these people lived within their hollow planets just like the Nibiru inhabitants.  Perhaps, they were descendants of Aryans themselves.  They could be left overs of those who got back to the higher realms.  Their forebears could also be the Shining Ones, Els and Elohim, in the same way, we can think, is the case with earth.

   We can only imagine how their history evolved in that they became a bunch of galactic pirates.  At least some of those who eventually meddled in our solar system, have claimed overstated godship credits while experimenting, killing, eating and raping humans.

   However, many of them must have been of better qualities than to be called pirates.  In the same way, a whale must not generalize humans as bad for butchering them. Many humans appreciate them and would be most glad to help.

   Accordingly, many of the present humans are even the very same outcasts and secessionists fleeing from the social controls and decay of the Orion systems (or the Orion colonized planets).

   These 4D Orion peoples have common ancestors with the pleiadians, arcturians, vegans and such 4D humans.  They must have started off with high degree of spiritual knowing.  Not to mention that, some Elohim from 6D must have guided them for a while.  So the archonization of beings from Orion could have taken a long time.

   As earlier posted in our story, they had high technologies for controlling the limits of their own mortal life span.  But in the long run, such practices must have drained their soul force (although their mental capability was benefited).

   The so called Velons or originating archons would have to subdue the Orion planets' logoi and take command of the inner suns.  From there, they would then take-over the soul regeneration chambers operated by the shining ones.

   We will give further description of what these soul regeneration programs are like, in our series Ouroboros.  But in the case of the Orion empire and their colonization process, we can imagine that souls were prevented from returning to the Source.  Instead, they might have changed this process into a form of soul memory wipeout and reprogramming.

   4D technologies could create a false afterlife brainwashing program and if this is achieved, they would be able to insert the souls back to hybrid bodies that are more controllable thru hive technologies.  Insect or reptilian genes could be promoted into human forms by hybridization.  And these forms would be devoid of empathy.

   Accordingly, the Orions colonized the Canus people from Sirius system and turned the beings captured into cannibal soldiers for their empire.  Some of these soldiers from Dak may have been employed in our solar system and termed as Dag.  The terminology was flipped into Gad later, so our human ancestors came to know them as Gods.

   For sure, early human beings meant gods to be a class of beings in authority, like colonizers with greater military and technical prowess.  They would have noticed that these 4D humanoids were not perfect.  In fact, they might have to gamble being followers of the more powerful colonizers against other warring gad/god colonizers.

   For technology, perhaps they would have to use the moon as a soul reprogramming station since they have not yet conquered the inner sun of the hollow earth.

   And according to Mr. Mills there is some ongoing battle on the moon and Saturn.

    Humans therefor could have two alternative afterlife soul magnets depending on the level of soul resonance.  One is the original regeneration by the Shining Ones deep within the hollow earth and the other is the Orionite system via moon soul catcher technology over the surface of the planet.

   The reptilianization (their prefered slave-warrior soul program of archonization) would therefor require entrainment using false beliefs and cultural motivations so that humans would not rise beyond a certain level above their control.  Thus the souls can be negatively harvested.

For I say unto you,
That except your righteousness shall exceed
the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,
ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 5:20

   Holographically, a soul could experience a false 4D heaven or hell that is in accordance with their vibration level, especially if stripped of memories.

   A virtual light mimicking the Source can be created using a dark hall within the hollow of the moon and with lensed sunlight.  From there, the soul would be made to agree to certain parameters for reinsertion back as a human or for other purposes like insertion into astral shells to serve as demonic hounds or astral vampires.

   Some may be programmed into dark light beings born under dynastic politicians.  Puppets to get the support of populace for their government are needed so that people would have to be at ease about the powers that they give to these institutions.

   Thus heaven, which is in the 4D realms has also a sublayer for hell.  In the same vein, humans can experience heaven or hell in 3D by its own consciousness and creations.  As above so below.

   There is mess in both dimensions and a soul would need to pierce into the true Celestrial realms via the 5D type of consciousness beyond the layers of the matrix.

   With their selected minions, they could avoid karma and soul reformation for their elite bloodlines.  They would reprogram them into teflon hearted souls for reinsertion to the preferred reptilian bloodlines of perpetual world control.

   On the one hand, the hollow earth halls for soul regeneration tends to be a guided self-evaluation experience and a 5D regeneration (which we will discuss in our Thoth series: Ouroboros).

   Thoth admonishes us with these words:

Turn thy thoughts inward not outward.
Find thou the Light-Soul within.
Know that thou art the MASTER.
All else is brought from within.
Grow thou to realms of brightness.
Hold thou thy thought on the Light.
Know thou art one with the Cosmos,
a flame and a Child of the Light...

...Create the high vibration
that will make thee One with the Whole.
Blend all thyself with the Cosmos.
Grow into ONE with the Light.

   The river of Celestria flows within each human.   We have the capacity to nourish it ourselves without relying from outside mediation, or priests of the gads.

... to be continued