October 26, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Cosmic Accident

... continued

   Before we recount how things turned out for our Maldekan friend after their planet imploded, let us imagine the start of our galaxy.

   The story we had by now went as far back as the Orion civilization.  But many of us may be wondering about the story going back to the Source.  I know, I really like to understand the gist of our cosmic genesis.

   Many times, I would lay down trying to will my soul to that time of no time, nor space, where the awareness is in singularity.  So, at least for those of us who longed for that, here is a mythological hypothesis:

   In that point of deep void, when the soup of pure potential have just begun vibrating, the perturbation of awakening created a physical cosmic soup of densifying energies.

   Then it happened, a point of awareness burst out with a gigantic energy swirl, a Coriolis effect within the soup of potentiating energies. The resonating frequency of awareness emerged.

   Interpreting Thoth, the cosmic energy swirl of Love and Wisdom created a portal for Power.

In the primeval, dwell three unities. 
These are the equilibrium, source of creation:

one God, one Truth, one point of freedom.

   Love also known as God or Life, Wisdom also known as Truth or Light and Power also known as Freedom or Word which is Creation.

Three come forth from the three of the balance:
all life, all good, all power.

Three are the qualities of God in his Light-home:
Infinite power, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Love.

Three are the things inevitable for God to perform:
Manifest power, wisdom and love.

   Now the resonating electromagnetic vibration also expressed as the Word in scriptures, affected an ordering along the spiral.

    It can be like a vibration creating various geometric ley lines where cosmic particles accumulated thereby creating near empty space and aggregates with their own swirls and portals of different tones.

   It would have been like a myriad of prisms that attenuated the Verse or Word into a symphony of verses like light passing through various prisms creating various colors the farther it goes.

   Now according to legends, the energy of Lucifer fell.

   I imagine that it is not a being, but a kind of energy that creates a disposition in awareness.  A prismic angle with a potential for duality consciousness came into existence.  The possibility for an experience of separation and thereby, the knowledge of good and evil, was born.

   Naq Hammadi texts present a concept that we can relate here.  Sophia or Wisdom, the energy from the Source, became intrigued and fixated in this cosmic project.  All these time, the encoded signal from Source may have already resulted to the desired human forms of expressions.

   The Shining Ones, then the Els may have had their cosmic cycles of experience.  After they ascended back, some would return to the unconquered edges of creation space to create the Elohims and later man.  These are various models of human forms with different vibration or density.

   Sophia turned her attention to the edge of creation due to the intriguing outcome of man's experience of separation.  With her attention, her awareness departed from the galactic center and the gears of the cosmic cycles closed down on her at each step.

   Here is a synopsis of this Sophia tale:

   According to Tablet IV of The Emerald Tablets of Thoth:

Far into space, my SOUL traveled freely
into infinity's circle of light.

Strange, beyond knowledge, were some of the planets,
great and gigantic, beyond dreams of men.

Yet found I Law, in all of its beauty, working
through and among them as here among men.

Know ye, O man, that all space is ordered.
Only by Order are ye One with the ALL.
Order and Balance are the Law of the Cosmos.
Follow and ye shall be One with the ALL.

   Thus, we can deduce that the gears of the cosmic cycles have built in barriers for an orderly and laddered descension and ascension.   And Sophia by slipping towards the edges would herself experience separation.

   And so, as she slipped and lowered in awareness, her descension created a plume of creative power behind her.  I can imagine that this powerful Source emanation would animate the non-sentient gatekeepers of the ladder towards duality.

   And maybe, these archons, devoid of real souls, would then behave like sentient Artificial Intelligences having no preference for either good or evil but only self preservation.

   At this time, civilizations like the Orions were evading mortal return to the Source by technological immortality.  They would then slowly be archonized.  Their soul force would not regenerate but their mental advances would constantly increased.

   The archon game-lords would then play these unsuspecting mortals for mind control. They would have cultured from them the armies to fortify their guard, just in case the Source would recall them from creation.  In such a case, we would have a hostage situation in the expanse of the dimensions that these archons have control.

   Sophia, which has emerged as the Logos within the hollow earth would be asleep for ages and her creative powers would be suppressed.   The archons would prevent her to return to the Source.  Gaia Sophia's story would then intertwine with the mortal man's struggle to remember his divine heritage.

   The History of Earth might then be more approriately renamed as Herstory.

   When the cosmic accident is returned to order, Earth would have served as the center point of a cosmic sting operation.  Herstory is a tale about the dissolution of the Lucifer energy and a return to the embrace of the Christos Light.

... to be continued

Aquarius beckons:

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  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the common man and Gaia is the gypsy.

    Now include the Galactic humans, the archons and authorities in there and you'll find their character representations.


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