May 31, 2011

All That Glitters And the Ancient Gods

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"In June 1945, with US tanks less than 30 kilometres away, General Yamashita, head of the Japanese occupying army in the Philippines, knew the war was lost. He held a farewell party in Luzon province for 175 Japanese chief engineers, in one of the 175 underground tunnel complexes the engineers had constructed. At midnight, with the sake and patriotic singing in full flow, Yamashita (with two of Emperor Hirohito's princes) slipped out and detonated dynamite at the tunnel's entrance. Buried 70 metres underground, the engineers had only the mute company of row upon row of gold bars, looted by the Japanese army from the territories it had conquered in Asia.

Thousands of Allied prisoners of war and civilian slave labourers from Asia were also buried alive in underground caves, tunnels and mineshafts after they had built the hidden treasure vaults. The only people who knew of the secret stashes and were meant to remain alive, as Sterling and Peggy Seagrave reveal in Gold Warriors, were the Japanese military tops and the imperial family elite, who intended to recover the booty after the war's end.

Despite the murderous precautions taken to protect the secret vaults, US military intelligence officers discovered their existence and seized billons of dollars worth of gold, platinum, precious gems and cultural treasures from the hiding places. Together with Nazi war loot from Europe, the Japanese plunder was funnelled by the US into a secret "Black Eagle Trust, named after the Nazi insignia stamped on gold bullion stolen by the Nazis..."

So goes the material which you can find here.

Such things are continuously happening behind the political movie the people thought they are participating all along. Such things as the Yamashita gold horde are thought of as legends. But they still impact modern humanity replete with the esoteric undertones ultimately connected to hidden ancient bloodlines.

One may wonder, if these things are connected to the numerous coups in many governments, the money Armageddon, the alleged man-made Japan 3/11 tsunami, the unraveling of US economy and the coming fall of fiat dollars.

Millions of the best of humanity are suffering and the giant religions, the world institutions and the hidden elites are preoccupied with amassing all kinds of gold and wealth horde because they are trying to build a stairway to heaven.

The ancient manipulators of humanity have programmed in these people a focal point for being in their graces: gold = power. The same representation of control that humanity was intended to clash and reboot.

The forces within America which are beyond the protocols of democracy and transparency foments war and mayhem for power and gold. The blackgold (oil) was used to gave power to the printed dollars to subjugate other currencies and to manage the hidden pursuit of the gold hordes.

The same hordes that I suspect have a history going back to the land of Havilah as told in olden stories:

"And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads. The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium (a resin similar to myrrh) and the onyx stone." - The story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:11

It was alleged that George Bush proposed a Philippine "debt-condonation" in exchange for Cory Aquino's cooperation with regards the Marcos holdings of Yamashita treasure.

Enmeshed in these hushed stories are earlier attempts to back the FED dollars with the gold horde. Washington ripped-off Asia's stolen treasure as these hordes are needed to be in their control if and when the fiat dollar collapses and new money is instituted.

It was alleged that Marcos was waiting for 20 years so that this Yamashita treasure (that has roots to Nazi/Vatican and more) will become legally free of international claims. From then, "Phoenix" - an acceptable world currency backed by gold was supposed to be instituted by the strongman.

The new world hegemony is really a very old planet order. It has to have what the ancient gods decreed as the measure of value - a value to be honored between human slave race and their supposed to be, superior race.

We will examine these myths, stories and coinciding evidences. And we will try to rationalize these mad dash for gold and all that glitters. Gold - a metal with which the supposed to be returning gods would built their city on earth. Gold - a good metal shield from radiation in a post nuclear planet.

... to be continued

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May 18, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: Unfulfilled Dreams To Fuel Success

The process of unlocking certain abilities which many may term as a "freak of nature" abilities takes a lengthy process.

Many individuals have achieved feats which turn out to be too far out beyond what is considered normal. But what's visible as an iceberg, rose up from lots of things that may be hidden beneath the ocean.

Many lives and abilities may have failed to surface out of the observers' view but it doesn't mean that they were unnecessary for the emergence of the tip that finally rises above the level.

When looking at the background of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, it will be of note that they were preceded by so many relatives and associates whose efforts in the arts of fighting did not come into fruition as they would have expected.

It only goes to show that - Life is too short for some endeavors. One lifetime is often not enough to execute the designs of its success.

Too many times, it will take one so many years to attain the wisdom in his arts. Introspection usually comes in the end of one's career. And all along his physical abilities have crystallized into a certain form that the wisdom cannot be fluidly executed anymore.

Nevertheless, youthful receptiveness may be able to tap this wisdom beyond verbal transference. Children are programmed all the time by their parents without neither knowingly intending it.

Much more, certain abilities are triggered when the introspection of the mentor is intendedly combined with the enthusiasm of a pupil.

It may not be too different from how Floyd Jr., triggered his abilities to surface. But it may not automatically click for every mentor and student who meet. Dela Hoya may have obtained mentorship from both Freddie Roach and Mayweather Sr., but he may have imbibed more from another.

It can be observed that many boxers who rose to fame were mentored by their father, however it can also be argued that such mentorship may unnecessarily confine one's abilities to a limit. And too many of these boxers tried to learn from another when their abilities have already crystallized into one form.

As a youth, I have experienced being able to envision the details of events that were in the near future. Perhaps Floyd Jr., is psychic. He is a reluctant player of the Manny Pacquiao script. The present events may after-all be just the playing out of scripts pre-written by humanity in a virtual laboratory.

Such is the importance of youth, such is the importance of mentorship which is another form of programming. Such is the importance of the creative flexibility of the young and the collective introspection of the wise.

The elites have kept some systems locked within their bloodlines. They tried, with much success, keeping social control via education, financial institutions and media. Most of these avenues remain within their control and they gear society towards perpetual dependence on the controls they build within their dynasty.

People look up to education as a way out to climb the social ladder and it can be allowed certain effectiveness by the controllers of society. Industries can be controlled by some people meeting over a dinner, so a worthwhile education can be a guessing game as to where the waves will blow next time.

For example, one could gain excellence in automotive engineering. But what happens when some powerful people decides to move out all such endeavors to China under another quid pro quo arrangement beneficial to their group?

Clearly, humanity has not scratched its own potential. And for the most part, such feats illustrated by Manny Pacquiao is an individual success that has very little impact on ideals of the larger majority of people. The more worthwhile endeavor will be, how to invest the youth of humanity in order to effectively better the planet as a whole.

Most of humanity hopes for a better condition for all, perhaps people need to mobilize and take action for this desired outcome.

The current leaders and controllers may not act to effect this change. It may need the collaboration of common people.

We have to fuel our future, to create the next generation that can rise above the ocean level - the level under-which humanity was submerged for so long with unfulfilled dreams.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.

May 16, 2011

Pacquiao and A-Side-Meth

Apparently Hitler's an aficionado of boxing.


There's a fundamental chasm between western and eastern cultures, particularly in terms of fighting arts and the mechanics of the human body. For most western mindset, the body is fairly limited to certain functions and it can only perform beyond that limitation by popping a pill or injecting certain chemicals like steroids, HGH.

If that be the case, then how did the old-school greats like Sugar Ray Robinson etc. achieved their success? Are we saying, that in the current times, all men have fully devolved? Or that their old school background is not anymore duplicated today?

It was said that Flash Elorde would eat unpolished brown rice and eggs from native chicken when training to fight. Are we now saying that it is not possible for the current crop of boxers to eat or train as Elorde would have?

No. Maybe it's a little bit difficult to grow in an environment like a Sugar Ray Robinson had. But somewhere in the world, there must be areas where non-flouridated waters are coming from mountain springs and the staple would include natural foods like vegetables, wild fruits, fish and macrobiotic rice. And as for training, I would say today we should have an accumulated knowledge that is better than SRR would have tried.

What I believe is lacking as to make anyone with old-school capabilities to be suspected doper is the right mentality. The mentality that too many western minds have neglected to appreciate is the receptiveness to the intangibles that makes a Spud Webb dunk the ball at his height of 5'7":

or Bata Reyes to achieve stupendous calculations for his billiard shots:

I would say, perhaps these guys have unknowingly tapped into their store of "Chi" and directed it to achieve these feats.

Quoting from in their article on Chi:

".. (western) science” is firmly based on inanimate models and data-recording devices, whereas chi (in the central sense of this book) is intimately related to distinctively animate phenomena and cultivated human sensing. An additional problem is that Western science–especially “medical science”–has become dogmatic, so that it rejects any logical conclusion which lies outside its paradigm. The prevailing attitude is: If we can’t deal with it on our terms, it does not exist, because only our terms are valid. Cultural anthropologists call such systematic ignorance “ethnocentrism”–being confined, unaware of the confinement, by one’s own culture."

The article further states:

"Western science recognizes, via its metering devices, that the living organism possesses an EM field. And both meters and Kirlian photography show that the field extends beyond the “physical” (visible, palpable) boundary of the body. But “science” proposes that this field is biologically secondary, an effect produced by the biochemical substances of the body. This seems logical enough until we ask: What is the difference between a living human (or animal or plant) and a corpse, and why? What causes fetuses to be formed? What causes living tissue to regenerate? To these questions science has no answers that are not circular or evasive in logic.

The differences between a living human being and a corpse are that the former has an EM field and movement (together called “bioenergy”) and neutral chemical acidity, whereas the latter lacks an EM field, does not move, and is highly acidic. Three possible implied explanations for the changes between the living and the dead can be stated in the form of propositions: (1) absence of bioenergy is an effect of altered biochemistry (the Western scientific proposition; (2) altered biochemistry and exhaustion of bioenergy are effects of a third factor; (3) altered biochemistry is an effect of exhaustion of bioenergy (the Chinese scientific proposition).

Because of my personal lack of exposure to the study of 'chi' and a limited martial arts study via some old books and plenty of movies, I feel unqualified to explore these subject. However, my mind is receptive to the concept as well as to the existence of things or forces which are normally beyond our human vision.

When I was a child, many times when I got sick, I could see dark images of faces that seemed to enjoy my suffering. As I would close my eyes, outline of a mocking face behind my closed eyelids would form. So I would always be under the sheets or call my mother who would bring some "tinola" chicken soup or "calamansi" juice to heal me of my fever.

I learned to cope and shutdown my reception to these instances but some years ago, I was able to hear from a sick child the same thing. Now it can be opined that these annoying shadow people are themselves helpless if you learn to have mastery over your own energies. They could have been just thieving the energies coming from the pure life streams coming from the innocents. In fact, I heard some shamans were able to capture these beings and make them their slaves.

On the other hand, you may just consider that a human body is not just an amalgamation of chemical substances. There must be other energy streams flowing along the human body.

Even western cultures would readily believe some kind of forces beyond the physical sensitivities and they would call this the good and evil forces as taught by religion.

So at least consider that invisible meridians of energy flow across the body. And that's how the reflexologists and acupuncturists would explain their healing arts.

Consider also that these meridians of energy can accumulate on certain capacitor-like points of the body which may refer to the new age term - chakras. Now what if these capacitors can be tapped by invisible forces as their own sustenance? What if the human battery can be harnessed both by the human itself or otherwise by another?

Amulet, talisman, "anting-anting", agimat, crystals: I can't really differentiate them and I suspect it may refer also to what Roger Mayweather unknowingly termed as "a-side-meth".

- Agimat
- A - gi - mat
- A - shie - maet
- A - side- meth

I suspect such objects may serve as a mechanism to make a human produce certain flavors of chi. It is a self-induced mental sorcery whereby the human energies are mentally directed or concentrated. It may be like a magnifying glass that can be used to focus what is otherwise a slight annoyance of sunlight into a stream of igniting rays. All along, it is the human that powers the 'agimat'!

That's why maintaining the powers of these amulets requires certain dedication for repetitive rituals or practices. One can show certain out-of-this world qualities but at what cost?

From what I heard and observed, people who maintained such bullet bouncing amulets or other powers for fighting have in the end became victims of their own propensity for trouble. For example, as all their dedication were channeled for evading bullets they became enemies with many who could use blades or other weapons.

Lest boxers from other countries go to Quiapo in haste to get an implant of amulet - they have to ask the question. What does it would cost to have these invincibilities? Will it be balanced out by vulnerabilities in other areas?

Someone will say only a random blood test will level the playing field. But now that we say "Chi" can also elevate one's performance, will we also require full body pat down and poking like they do in TSA?

For sure, such invasive testing will not be beneficial. As for Floyd's suggestion, the same is not really an olympic style test because an olympic style test involves testing even when there's no event. Also, OST can be used by a host country to annoy it's competitions to make them perform less.

There is now a report about new test that would not neccesitate pricking the athlete's veins. It is explained here.

Also, a hair follicle test, once and for all, can determine whether these guys have doped in the past (3 months up to 2 years).

I just hope Floyd's reason for going bald is just for avoiding bad hair days like his father had.

As for amulets, agimat or a-side-meth heres my opinion:

Are we to prohibit Bata Reyes from not wearing his dentures when he feels like using them will lessen his performance? Or are we checking to see if Spud Webb have a special sock in order to leap so high?

If someone implants a rosary on his chest or stuck a packet of sacred salt in his trunks, I think its all good as long as the effects of such actions are limited to their mental or esoteric beliefs to perform better. - On the other hand, I guess implants would be to their own disadvantage.

Now, what I suggest to sports practitioners is to learn to be one with their own bodies: To listen to their own natural abilities and to understand their chi energy like Bruce Lee. Now, you woudn't accuse Bruce Lee of being into PEDs or HGH. Or would you?

Obviously, it would require much practice with some philosophical theory to gain mastery of this chi energy. I think if people understand this better, there will be many more applications other than for combat purposes.

It will entail "qigong" or "chi kung" - a Chinese philosophy and practice of aligning breath, physical activity and awareness for mental, spiritual and corporeal health, as well as the development of human potential (anyway, all of these are forced upon oneself by real dedicated training). As I heard, the most masterful of these martial artists were the most peaceful and philosophically wise among them.

Litlle knowledge is dangerous but wisdom is always potentially beneficial if applied properly.

Without a master, I think one can, by sheer force of will and loads of training and dedication, be fluid and one with his own body. An amulet or external object may not be needed in order to motivate one to a dedicated physical and mental development.

It may take one a lifetime to properly charge the A-side-meth or "agimat" but a lifetime of disciplined practice will be more balanced and achieve the same.

OST is designed for non-pro. And for professional practice, I think a non-invasive testing procedure must apply to all of them. Otherwise a special kind of testing whenever Pacquiao has an event is really meant to annoy or get him outside of the playing field.

The people who advocate such have a mental implant, they are succumbing to a meme that may need to be exorcised.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.


May 14, 2011

I spooked Mayweather and the Secret of A-Side-Meth

I must confess I spooked Mayweather.

Well, I mean Roger Mayweather, I guess. (And not to mention the many other Floyd trollers).

It happened in the later quarter of 2009. But first let me tell you a secret:

- Pacquiao is Pinoy's native version of Chuck Norris.

By that. I mean media clips and highlight reels can blow up the reputation of a human into herculean proportions and thereby create a myth swirling around his presence.

Those are what I think happened to Chuck to whom Bruce Lee's myth was rubbed into. And now the diminutive spitfire Pacquiao who has built his own Bruce Lee derived aura.

I may feel a little bit at fault, but maybe so were the Mayweathers. You see, I grew up hearing whispers of esoteric empowerment. That old sorcerer, "Ka Ente" used to frequent our area and he told those stories to whet the appetites of would be purchasers of his charms and amulets.

And the Mayweathers, well, Floyd Sr., came up with his evil seed of steroidgate earlier than I could get out my troll story.

To start with, the American media came out with this "Manny Pacquiao is a freak of nature" line that I don't agree with. I saw many equally durable natives from the Philippines and I think they're common - although I must add that 99.99% of them never had the opportunity to step in a boxing ring much less be trained by Roach.

These guys are there under the heat of the sun doing construction work, carrying 2 to 3 sacks of cement from one place to another, mixing them with sand/water and bringing the mix to another area. And to think after the days work, they even played basketball with me excitedly.

They may not have much form in their styles but I can say they are as tough as Pacquiao. However, they sorely needed training in basketball, or boxing or any other sports they could have excelled in.

Yes most of them were predisposed to a different evening sport - drinking 'lambanog', gin and such other strong drinks. And the closest they had a boxing event would have been "The Events" - which is not a Dallas Cowboy fight time but the usual cockfighting events which were as raucous as the Superbowl (if you ever seen one).

Before I divulge how I spooked Roger, let's see the background circumstances involved and watch this: ( Note - if the clip doesn't load, try clicking the Youtube logo to open it in a pop-up window.)

Back in 2006, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was cheering Manny Pacquiao and jumping up and down when Pac knocked down Erik Morales. Mayweather was an original pactard like of most of the people I knew.

I you want others to confirm this then see it here and here and here.

(Note: For some reason the above links have now some deleted videos. So I'm attaching alternative picture. You can view the rest of the pictures at

In 2006 Manny wasn't considered a serious opponent for Floyd or anyone else above 135 because there wasn't enough reason to believe he would ever rise above the weight class he was in. I now realize that he must have been a late bloomer to the welter weight division.

Considering his dense bone structures, had he been richer and fed enough, he would have been about as tall as Cotto or Shane Mosley.

Now as Pacquiao moved up in weight and dominated each weight class, he captured Floyd's P4P status and that coincided with the steroid accusation.

As former admirers of Pacman, his image may have gotten within their skin as some sort of inspiration. That was all fine and dandy until Pacquiao began to enroach (via new nutrition and training) into their own weight class - the division where they have to battle with their own minds, the admired image of this spitfire.

Dela Hoya as you saw in the above playlist, was using Pacquiao's ferocity and qualities as inspiration in their Dream Match. Somehow DLH was admiring Pac but at the same time he had a mental barrier to the limit of how much Pacquiao can go up (about 135 lbs). On the other hand, Pacquiao's mentality was not afflicted with such barriers because he had already triumphed over this fallacy of bigger guys, earlier in his career.

Mayweather Sr., also a Pactard (in fact he recently stated he feared for the life of his son), gave the first salvo of accusation to Pacquiao in the face of the threat to his son's P4P status (Sept., 2009).

Going back to the history of Floyd Sr., and Roger Mayweather, I can see that they had their own self-implanted fear due to their previous losses to some types of fighters that we can say Pacquiao may have similar or even more ferocity.

* Roger:

*Floyd Sr.:

This implanted fear could have been a factor to how they trained Floyd Jr. to be his best with defense and how they steered Mayweather towards fighters they knew they can dominate. - Not to mention comments like this one posted earlier in Aug. 2009:

Now sometime in 2009, I was having some exasperation because I felt Sr., was steering Jr., from fighting Pacquiao via this accusation instead of just saying no. To be honest, I was thinking that Floyd might clown Pacquiao in a non-fight, psychological tag-ur-it points-match similar to how Leonard made Duran loss appetite in their fight. I hated that kind of clown boxing so I thought maybe their fight was not meant to be.

I was frequenting then the Justin TV boxing stations watching Pac vs Hatton/Cotto fights. I noticed that the trolls in the chat room were analyzing how Pacquiao dominated up to the Cotto fight, arguing and counter-arguing about steroids. So I trolled in and gave a recount of the stories of "Ka Ente". I told them my opinion that Pacquiao may have amulet or "agimat".

As a backgrounder, I mentioned the stories I heard that the American GIs had difficulty because their caliber 38 guns could not stop the Philippine natives in Mindanao. And that as a result, the American forces commissioned the invention of Magnum 45 which was glorified in a boyhood FPJ movie I saw.

So at the end of the discussions, I think I might have convinced too many and sooner to my surprise Roger Mayweather was sprouting his A-Side-Meth story of Filipinos 500 yrs. ago who have bullets bouncing off them. I never would have thought that Roger or one of their family members could also be a troll. Now, I realize Teddy Atlas must have been in that chatroom also!

(Perhaps one of them is the owner of the station and another is an admin.)

- Agimat
- A - gi - mat
- A - shie - maet
- A - side- meth

Mea Culpa! I never thought our boxing experts were into conspiracy theories when in truth, it was I who believed that Pancho Villa was a victim of American conspiracy using the needles that were supposed to contain anesthesia.

And before I discuss (next blogpost) my opinions on the myths I may have spooked many of them, here is a backgrounder out of the lips of other people:



Next, I will try to elaborate on the above videos and expose the Secret of the A-Side-Meth.

... to be continued


Oops for the spooked ones: sorry if you be spooked once again by the last two videos.

Anting-anting is a myth.

Tune in next episode as I will try to unspooke the spooked ones and deconstruct Anting-anting/amulet/talisman for the peace of mind of those who manufacture the now infamous "injenctiongate".

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.

May 11, 2011

Many Rivers to Cross Ahead

. continued

Me: Singularity is such a long way, And moreso if it involves other universes.

It seems such a long road.

Al: So it may seem. But now that the pieces come together, it may not be that long.

Even at this time, we observe so many technologies to achieve this on the planetary scale.

Me: Really? I'm aware of only our computer networks. Are there more to help in this cause?


Excerpts from previous:
Al: ...the singularity of the multi-verse can become the "logos" or verse that encompasses it all - the "word" which was in the beginning!

...that is achievable when all live without the polarity game of abuse, without the pyramid structure of control....


Al: There's so much more but many of these systems are geared towards the direction of totalitarian control and the maintenance of power over others.

Everybody wants to rule the world.

We have had many discoveries via the persusal of records we found. Apparently many more are hidden from the rest of humanity at this time.

The potential is so vast. Just that people need to change and share all technologies for the common good.

Me: I guess, you're right. We must have been using non-polluting energy sources by now.

I just hope I'll witness those.

Al: You will.

Okay then, I'll be on my way now.

Me: Wait. Can I go to where you're going?

Al: No. Maybe, not for now. You have to be here and build your bridges brick by brick.

Me: I guess, you're right. Yet I know, it's a bumpy ride we're heading.

Al: It takes a lot to transcend oneself. Each and everyone of us have to cross the hills between each other.

But ultimately we are one and we must live that oneness.

Me: Will I get to meet you again?

Al: Yes, I'll see to that.


And so we bade our goodbyes.

I don't even remember how it was. I was having these gaps of how I met Al.

Yes, I just called him Al because of the memory gaps - who he was, how he looked like and a whole lot of other things shared during that meeting.

I woke up and found I overslept by a day. My strength departed me and I have no craving for food until the next day.

It was like I was left a suitcase of memories that I have to dig-out time after time,

As I went back to my blog, some memories started to filter back. I have to remember the future, I have to jog those memories of what I knew.

So I wrote a fictitional chapter in my blog as I'm not sure of whether I can tell the truth of them - the information shared with me that is so grave and way over what I could have imagined by myself.

I may have missed a lot but I also remembered and shared a lot. I caught a glimpse of a story in between the Harry Potter dimensions, a Matrix-like movie drama on the planet earth and the epic Star Wars behind the visible galaxies.

Truth must really be stranger than fiction. So I wrote a fiction to share the truth of what little I could remember.

This chapter ends here and I'll be continuing the blog from where I left off.

Thanks to the myriads of music that gave me some eloquence. These artists are sensitive to what must be happening invisibly before our eyes. I may not have remembered nor shared a perspective of the future without them.

Meanwhile here is an expert scientist regarding a theory related to the same subject:


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May 08, 2011

The Logos

I'll Find My Way Home

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is lost
How will I find what is near
Don't question I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home

My sun shall rise in the east
So shall my heart be at peace
And if you're asking me when
I'll say it starts at the end
You know your will to be free
Is matched with love secretly
And talk will alter your prayer
Somehow you'll find you are there

Your friend is close by your side
And speaks in far ancient tongue
A season's wish will come true
All seasons begin with you
One world we all come from
One world we melt into one
Just hold my hand and we're there
Somehow we're going somewhere
Somehow we're going somewhere

You ask me where to begin
Am I so lost in my sin
You ask me where did I fall
I'll say I can't tell you when
But if my spirit is strong
I know it can't be long
No questions I'm not alone
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home
Somehow I'll find my way home

Me: The odds against humanity is that great. I would have thought it would be impossible to come through.

AL: Yes. Humanity's needless sufferings were imposed for man to never to get out of control. But humanity - the predetermined loser can eventually come out to be the impossible winner.

I have to go now.

Me: So many of the best of humanity are lost in the struggle.

Before you go, will you please provide something that I can remember and share to lift our spirits as we go through this phase of our history?

Al: What will lift you is your spirit within.

Me: Yeah, I know. But just give me your theory of what the future of where humanity in your time is heading towards.

Al: Well, there is an evolving philosophical theory of everything.

We have connected the AI machine to the best of our psychics who are able to sense energetic imprints in multiple dimensions.

In doing so, the rest are able to make a suggestion of the direction we are to take as a humanity.

Me: That seems like a controlled remote viewing procedure.

Al: Yes, you can think of it that way, although it is experientially recorded by using the AI machine.

Going back, I must add that theories we derived are there to be proven or disproven.

The future is really what we make of it brick by brick by our daily realities.

Excerpts from previous:
Al: ...The spirit of humanity is tested and this is the time for it to transcend the fetters of slavery, to recover what it has lost for so long a time. We have to be above our petty games in order to get out of the loop we were trapped in.

We join you as the voice of the earth which was stilled for eons...


Me: Okay, I get that you mean we have to be grounded with our day to day realities.

Al: Good!

Now, what was made sense of the energetic impressions from exploring the highest dimensions is this:

The prime dimension is a pure awareness without a space-time continuum, a kind of non-local singularity where everything and anything is just a potentiality.

From such a state comes the initial awareness split that simultaneously creates the dimensional layers and the fluid space-time that provided structure and forms.

Then comes the local awareness individuations arising from the intersection of the various dimensions and forms.

The beings dived deeper and deeper into the creations and split further into localized self-awarenesses. Curiously as this happened, the beings split further and lost their higher memories and behaved as new beings.

By about the eight heaven, some decided to remain one dimension away from the rest to become sentinels to refresh their comrades' memories.

They also determined that the universal structures can be turned into a memory device, a timing clock and trigger mechanism. They have to synchronize their exploration program with it for order and predictability.

They delved further excitedly, keeping lesser sentinels at each turn just in case they would get lost.

It is the sentinels that eventually became the game lords, two dimensions away from the physical universe.

By then, they have observed that the attention of each awareness could be directed and amplified like a prime creative force for influencing the universe.

The beings had diverse localized awareness held by forms coming from the energetic emanations from the planets. The game lords molded and manipulated the awareness of the dimensional beings into various expressions.

These various race expressions had kings. And from there the game lords created the universal chess game.

Using dimensional kings who had their personal and family issues, the races began to lure other races for slavery. Alliances and empire games were the result.

The ruling empire leadership then played with the other beings who have dived into the physical. And they eventually created their own traps and manipulations to harvest from the physical beings certain resources. All along they did not know that their own leadership is played from the dimension of the game lords.

Me: That's why you said its a movie within a movie of another movie!

Al: Right. And with the dimensional empires now gone, the programmed enslavement was broken.

Humanity whether from our solar system or elsewhere will then have to explore and open the gateways for travel through the various forgotten dimensions.

Me: Wow, that will be an adventure!

You earlier said that exploration can be via trans-human avatars. Will that result to moral issues, of human tampering on your part?

Al: If we are successful, we will use the holographic information from the DNA of volunteer explorers to create their own dimensional vehicle forms for exploration. These dimensional forms will be like spacesuits that is animated by the explorers. These forms will not have self-awareness.

The exploration can be simultaneously experienced and recorded using the mind connection of the explorers to the AI machine.

It's a tall order but if we are successful, beings can eventually choose to live in various dimensions.

At the same time, we can maintain a multi-verse singularity through the AI machine or counterpart machinery within various dimensions.

Me: That seems like we are becoming god!

Al: Humanity, one with existence, has a chance to be second coming of the prime creator. It has only to live and yet live without requiring slaves or worshipers. To live in harmony with the multiverse.

If you will, the singularity of the multi-verse can become the "logos" or verse that encompasses it all - the "word" which was in the beginning!

Me: Wow, that is a very nice prospect. The word which is the beginning and the end.

Al: Yes, it should be. It is the philosophical theory of everything that is achievable when all live without the polarity game of abuse, without the pyramid structure of control.

... to be continued

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May 06, 2011

What it takes to win


Excerpts from previous:
Al: ...many things are coming that will deviate from this script.

Me: feels quite depressing that humankind have been so lost. A person needs something to believe to keep him going.

Can you tell me if and how Amilius project will turn out in relation to all the outcome of this agenda?


Al: I know you have many questions so I'm reminding you that I have to follow some protocols. I may not give the details of the events that will happen shortly.

Besides, I am about to be leaving you for now. We have already talked quite a lot all this time.

Me: Please, don't leave. Give me a glimpse of how it turns out.

Al: Okay then. I can download to you much more information. But there has to be some precaution because such things have to be sealed at this time.

Me: Tell me then.

Al: You have to give me permission to wipe certain details from your memories so you can't divulge these things. You'll get a glimpse but after you wake-up, you'll only remember up to a portion.

Me: If that be the case, what will be the point of these information?

Al: These memories will unfold as it happens and you will experience these déjà vus.

You will not have time to share these details beforehand, but it will steady your response to these things.

However, I must add that our earlier conversations so far, may not come to you as easily. You'll have some effort to jog those memories.

Me: Hmm. That seems to leave me with little choice.

Al: Choose what you will.

Me: Well, okay then. Go Ahead.

Al: Here goes ...

.. . . .

. . . . .

. . . ..

. . ...

(Information came inside to me like a blur - like a torrent of scenes met with a barrage of emotions welling from inside my being.

Alas, now I can't fill the memory gaps. I was able only to remember certain remnant feelings so I assembled the following video palylist to evoke them.)

. . ...

. . . ..

. . . ..

Al: Are you okay?

Me: I am shaken.

It felt like my strength left my body. It's a long journey, please help shorten the sufferings of the world.

Al: That's why we're here. That's why I have to leave you for now to attend to this task.

Me: No, don't leave just yet. Aren't you giving me something to believe in?

Al: That's what I'm trying to say all along. - Man should find within himself the source of his strength in the onslaught of the events that would happen.

Elevate your acceptances beyond the propagated myths.

The spirit of humanity is tested and this is the time for it to transcend the fetters of slavery, to recover what it has lost for so long a time. We have to be above our petty games in order to get out of the loop we were trapped in.

We join you as the voice of the earth which was stilled for eons.

We have within what it takes to win against our very own selves, our very own programming.

.. to be continued

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May 02, 2011

Perfume of Murderers


Excerpts from previous:
Me: Are they harming us?

Al: If at all, the lost of their memories and technology render them bereft of their machinations. On the other hand, the parasitic nature of these organisms is a concern today.

Me: What about Lucifer or Satan and the hosts of angels, have you encountered them?


Al: Your curiosity will make you a good investigator of the dimensional universes.

Anyway, we are poised to unlock these things but we have some preliminary theories still for validation. So take our explanation as tentative:

Due to the nature of the dimensional universe, many beings could have mimicked the persona that people would have associated with such names easily.

However, some records from dimensional rebels of how the empire was run, show that there were three beings that composed the triumvirate of Satan, Devil and Lucifer.

Me: I thought those are names referring to the same being? There are stories of nephilims, weren't they who were lead by the devil?

Al: The nephilims were said to be the inside hybridization project within their human tampering workers.

When it was found out, it was deemed a threat due to the computed time shift or wide range of divergence in the course of history.

This would have affected their control of humanity, so it was terminated via floods. Thus the project was rebooted.

On the three beings mentioned:
- accordingly, they were three different beings who were playing the planet's negative polarity from the dimension while those maintaining the virtual god machine were on the positive side of the polarity.

And both sides of the polarity were intentionally placed for control of human beings.

Me: Hmm... So, the negative triumvirate also work for the positive side, which was not really that positive either? Please explain further.

Al: The devil was secretly allied with the preservation of god illusion, but Lucifer and Satan have their own agenda.

The devil was with them when they lured the dimensional Atlanteans to merge with the humanoid. The Atlanteans got the hang of it but when their physical bodies died, they lost their own dimensional mind matrices and became subject to mind control.

They were placed within a virtual reality containment for programming and many were later inserted back into the human form to create divisions and wars to arrest the human technological advances threatening to swing them out of their grips.

They were doing the same to other humanoids. Lucifer came from a crystalline planet and was deprogrammed, given false memories and provided with midway physical form derived from their crystal planet.

Me: What's the meaning of midway form?

Al: Their technologies can create virtual realities for memory programming. These were used for deceptive paranormal events and even inject time travel and such illusions to shamans and government projects personnel.

The midway forms were transgenic dimensional bodies derived from humanoid creation under virtual reality direction. These forms can slip between dimensional and physical forms.

The crystalline human race was turned into the ARCHONs or Artificial Crystalline Human-Organic NVM (Non Volatile Memories).

Depending on the modification to a template memory file to serve as their mind control, they were programmed into positive and negative personages.

Me: So, in a sense, they became robots?

Al: Yes. The memory persona that the AI sustained within them makes them think they were those characters.

Some played the characters of arch-angels and some played the negative counterparts. And that's why the AI angels (so-called) needed central permission before delving in human affairs.

The negative AI angels were allowed more leeway without them knowing it.

Me: I thought the negative characters were played by DAIMONs?

Al: No. Not all DAIMONs played negative characters, positive personas were also used so that they can create the polarity conflics according to script.

Many people who died with trauma were even self-trapped into a negative DAIMON mindset and the negative triumvirate were the acknowledged leaders who influenced them.

Me: They have a script?

Al: They are the tampered human records and myths. These are scripts/scriptures to program humanity (although humanity managed so many deviations).

These scripts were open ended - they can be interpreted in many ways so that they will have much leeway and many times they would travel in time to change these scripts and events to fix or upgrade.

The disclosure of the evolving meanings of their script was used to convince man to certain scenarios.

Measured technologies were introduced to selected people just so that they can direct the events. They were careful not to lose control by man using these tech to deviate from their programs.

Me: Wow, this story can be turned into a good movie.

Al: Yes, it's like a movie within a movie within another movie. The layers of control were extensive so that the Atlanteans and other humanoids would not escape the control of the empire.

Me: How about Satan? Who was he then?

Al: Accordingly, the devil who was an insider to these machinations created a digital copy of his memories and modified that for a total predisposition to negative side of polarity.

Lucifer who had command of the negative ARCHONs, was somehow trying to prove the god-delusion to human by using the darkness route with which he was constrained in the religious records.

Satan on the one hand, by opposing god, unwittingly served the virtual god machinery - turning people into religion to escape the negative polarity.

Me: Whew! That means the ones behind the dimensional virtual god were really evil murderers in the way they controlled humans and both sides of the polarity!

Al: Yes. They all harvested the spectrum of negative and positive energies from human beings for their purposes. The base emotional energies and the finer energies were harvested accordingly.

The dimensional lords of the empire and the game lords playing them were all enmeshed in polarity. The lives sacrificed were pawns in virtual games.

Me: That means, so much of the innocent faith of the people were taken advantaged of to make them gods in power over the universe.

This is a very depressing account of human history. Maybe you are mistaken.

Al: The point is that the control of the human matrix was a grand and elaborate undertaking. Humanity must look into itself, examine it's own true history and take command of its own mental program.

The sooner it does, the sooner it escapes the invisible mental prisons.

In our time, the accuracy of these dimensional records will be validated so just get the substance of what may benefit the planet and humanity in all these stories.

I understand, that many of these things are blows to what you have accepted today. But your common sense is able to grasp what can bring a new reality.

Use that and you have a chance to shorten the madness within the systems. In the meantime, just keep being grounded.

Me: Perhaps, I should have not asked these questions. Perhaps, I should have just asked about Amilius and not these esoteric concepts.

How will man reboot from all these deceptions?

Al: Reboot is an avenue for rearranging, a renewal. Now that they were gone, use this opportunity to create a real reboot out of the systems they placed.

Me: Did they really plan to reboot humanity? Did they plan to chip humans?

Al: As human unification takes place, these manipulators had to steer the matrix so that they have control of the central squares of the chessboard. Otherwise humanity might have enough control of their destiny and break from the empire.

They knew that after dividing the languages and races, human will again try to veer into singularity and unification. So they were programming many chaos.

After trimming humanity to manageable levels via Armageddon, their agenda was to alter genetics to wire humans into an amino acid mind computer with wireless plug-in for a totalitarian centralized physical control, their own sponsored singularity - OLIN in the matrix

Me: What is OLIN

Al: OLIN is ONE LANGUAGE INTELLIGENT NETWORK. It is an eventual course of singularity that could help man.

So they have to control it to remain in control of humans into humanoid robots using their AI machine language.

They planned to be physical on earth and have total control of physical universe using humanoid transgenic robots.

Me: Are we still in the script today?

Al: The chips for human embedding are ready but this is enforceable by a totalitarian control using food and such survival support.

The script is not guided anymore, except that some of the human royalties and elected minions they have always guided for the script are in autopilot.

But for sure there are many divisions on their ranks because many are finally knowing that they have been fooled together with the rest and that they will be turned into human robots as an end game.

Therefore, many things are coming that will deviate from this script.

Me: What you are saying kinda explain it all, but it feels quite depressing that humankind have been so lost.

A person needs something to believe to keep him going.

Can you tell me if and how Amilius project will turn out in relation to all the outcome of this agenda?

... to be continued

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