October 24, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Maldek Connection

... continued

   Our Maldekan friend was born in a great civilization much like that of Atlantis.  He lived on a valley below the Mount of Olympus, where the palace of Zeus overlooked the nations.

   He was a child of the descendants of space travelers who arrived in the solar system after a long period of space trek using a dead planetoid which was re-purposed and equipped to house a bio-system inside its hollows.

   When a planet's inside is available for takeover or simply when the inhabitants disappear (perhaps moving to higher realms), then it was a chance for beings to convert it.

   The Maldekan elders were refugees who were escaping the Orion imposed systems that annexed and over powered their own planet as a colony.

   What he heard about the legends is that the Orion system was once a harmonious system.  Technologically more advanced, the beings there were able to harnessed great powers and had a near perfect automation.

   The planets were run by artificial intelligent computer systems taking care of everything.  That means food production and distribution, weather management, social institutions like elections and so forth were handled so that no real conflict arose.

   Within hundreds of years, people have managed to prolong their lives, controlled the population growth and they were able to create bodies to transfer their souls and memories into.  Thus they were able to avoid death and determine their souls destiny.  They experimented and used the physical bodies for holding knowledge. In so doing they denied their own souls of life beyond the physical.

   Over those long period, people became bored with life, and the computer systems was sabotaged to create disturbance. The resulting chaos created restrictive controls and powerful elites.  It was the start of the legend about Luceferic ego descending or attracted by the consciousness of people.

   This led to revolutions and rebellions, eventually breaking the empire into dualities. The dueling forces within six of their planets broke off forming the 'The Unholy Six'.

   They began to war against the rest of those in the general vicinity.  And they establish a monetary system to control the populace thru reward and punishment of monetary nature.  This way, they were able then to harvest the resources of the planets.

   Arriving in our solar system Zeus first directed the steering of their planetoid around Jupiter.  He managed an arrangement with the inhabitants inside Jupiter and for a time, they acclimated with the environment on its hollow.  However, certain conflicts occurred so they then moved to Maldek.

   Ea, a fellow Sirian like Zeus, already have an agreement within the inhabitants on it's hollow as well as several other planets of the solar system. Therefore they had no choice but the outside, the surface of Maldek.

   There they were able to build a civilization, hybridizing with the native beings who were themselves earlier injected there by the works of Ea using seeds from Gaia and Nibiru.  Ea had his own planetoid life carrier system.

   Over time, the civilization flourished.  Animals and human beings lived in harmony.  New children came, people dance and created a surface haven.

   There, our Maldekan friend was born, had fun and knew his twin soul.  Here they would have countless youthful adventures.

Until war crept into their consciousness.

   The regular passing of Tiamat must have secretly implanted enemies within their system.  Visiting forces from Tiamat were not contented with their offerings.  The oppositional attitude towards the the Orion Anunnaki begun to build up.  There was a rebellion against the authorized forces of Ea as beings from Tyrantor, an Orion territory, reformed the Maldek systems into Orionite patterns.

   Zeus was forced to rule with iron hand and different means of control were developed.  Fundamentalist factions were born in their communities. Within these factions, a leader known as Jehovah created the Jehovah forces to ambush Tiamat.

   In the process their planetoid moon was weaponized. Nuclear and athmospheric frequency technologies were built for war and weather engineering.  The scientists built huge chambers within the mantle for collider experiments.

   There was a lack of warriors so that teens like our friend was employed in logistical support in preparation for the passage of Tiamat.  Even the highly spiritual native Sasquatch population begun to be involved.  Our friend was separated from her love at a young age.

   And so, on that fateful encounter, our friend, accompanied by a sentient robot was forced to fly a vimana in a frantic call for reserve forces due to a coming planetoid ship, Venus, carrying forces from Orion.

   War raged.  The passing Venus created fractures on Maldek and threw Mars out of its orbit.  Even planet earth has moved out of its original circular orbit of 360 days resulting to much trauma for Atlantis and the loss of earths original moons.  The athmosphere of Venus was swept into earth which resulted to a polluted soup that darkened the sky.

   Thereafter and indirectly through the people and the consciousness involved, the already fragile Maldek blew up.  Their power plants, collider experiments and nuclear devices detonated and destroyed the planet even as the war in space was proceeding through various planetary orbitals.

   Gaia and its inhabitants later on were able to create a system depositing the pollution in a system similar to bile ducts which are now the oil deposits.  Clay dust cloud tailing Tiamat from the Maldek destruction was also swept to earth.

... to be continued


  1. Surely a perfect piece of writing! We've book marked it and sent it out to all of my friends since I know they'll be intrigued, thank you very much!

  2. Clay I mentioned being spilled to the earth is the red clay.


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