September 30, 2012

Channeling within the Matrix and Greg Giles 'Finale' Message

    I have mentioned in earlier post that there are beings who try to hack God.

     However we may need a point of clarification here. Everyone of us in some ways are trying to hack God like Cosmo. This is more so considering that everything is of God and separation is just a mental paradigm.

     Otherwise, we may come from the point of view that there is a God somewhere outside and this reality we are in is a separate bubble from the Source.

     If the latter is our approach, then it follows that we are in a self-sustaining bubble. Or this bubble is artificially sustained by the Source. And that, in the meantime, He has to get into a lot of trouble to bring us back to Him. This is a convenient paradigm for the priesthoods because then, we are held hostage in the belief which they can convince us, we are in their safe hands for the said journey. I consider this paradigm passé at this age. And dare I say the channeled message we are attempting to relate to, likewise reflect this realization.

     I like to maintain the view that everything is God. In fact, a nucleus of the smallest particle of matter can be considered a micro-wormhole that leads to somewhere or most likely the Source. That is why these quarks can appear and disappear under strictest containment and observation.

     Perhaps I am sounding like a star-trekker with said description. But it actually empowers the individual sentient being and makes more meaning to saying that "God is all powerful". It implies that even those who oppose the concept of God is held within the body of God so that Nothing, All things and Everything is God without escape except via illusion.

     But let us go back to something nearer to our comprehension. That of channeling and in particular something that can be relevant to this message by Greg Giles or via the said name.

     Accordingly, one definition is that "Channeling is the process that constrains the path of a charged particle in a crystalline solid". Another one associates it with medium-ship or "..the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings" (or we might as well modify it to include non-human beings).

     I am inclined to believe that channeling is legitimate and it can also be tampered with. We thank channeling that helps us and we have to have self responsibility in all cases. Even the common folks, in our basics of words, songs and actions are showing how clear a channel we are.  Just like a wireless microphone, the intention can be quite good for having channels but the voices can come from many level or sources of Godness and sentience.

     So contrary to the said 'Finale' channel message, 3D cannot be the only dimension. And non physical implants exist, for example the mental images that can easily be imbibed via TV and media. There could also be implants in the etheric body or such invisible layer of being.  I can accept that humans are composed of onion-like layers of different density bodies (example: physical, astral, etheric and mental).

     Regarding physical means of stimulating channels: If you imbibed some crystalline nanochip via vaccine, GMO food, etc. or have been implanted via abduction, medical/dental treatment, etc. - then the following can happen:

     - Depending of the level of technology involved, operators of the said chip can tune into the imprints of your body and may even enforce certain thought patterns by signaling hormonal release of endorphins etc.

     -They may trigger a super soldier to do some actions using a programmed personality split

     - Some self destruct strontium micro-particle or similar elements can be wirelessly triggered to endanger the life of the host.

   ( I suspect our politicians and top generals, should be the ones to routinely go through a publicly accepted TSA and similar surveillance because of the above.)

    There could be other possibilities and these could be horrifying. But the fact of that 'Finale' message we are trying to inspect from behind the POV it presents, is we are in the age wherein the cards are beginning to be laid out on the table.

    Also, it can be ascertained that even these amoral beings managing such operations are subject to certain protocols.   Although they may consider themselves gods or watchers, that may be due to how they could have been programmed in the first place.   But as we said, all are molecules of a non-judgmental God who happens to love life (verb and object both aspects of himself).

     Yes, I can get the sense that these operators are like the archonic components of the Orion agenda.   And they could be holding man as a shield of protection and as a resource.

     Relating these to the story of Mr. Mills, we can say that cloning, using bio-materials like DNA for data storage, frequencies for mind control are ancient sciences.

    I think the depiction of auric halo of some saints can be a perceptive rendition by artists and they are traceable to these implants.

     Although this may be new to our attention, the human governments may have extracted some implants with which they are trying to hack. And yes, there are other kinds aside from material implants. Although the said message confine these reality to 3D, it may just bear out the robotic nature of the archon operators. The Luciferic greed ego within man is not of 3D and perhaps the age of Revelation is the age of dissipation or benevolent integration of this ego.

     Here is a suggestion, if you hear unusual ringing or humming in your ear or if you come across a thought that is foreign to your heart. In such a case, go within the tunnel of your soul, connect it with the intention of the earth which we are sure to be benevolent, retrieve some light bomb and then proceed to trace the thread of these outside influence and drop the light bomb.

     If it is a false hunch, then you dissipate and command deletion of the source of darkness which can come from your past. If there really is outside influence and they mean well, then they are all the more enlightened. If not and they have malevolent intent, they can either be busted or reprogrammed themselves.

     Will they detonate a possible implant within? For the average human population it can't be. Unless you have sold your soul to be among the elites or you have dissipated the power of your soul by participating in their gruesome ceremonies and orgies. In such a case, you will need a lot more will, soul cleaning and forgiveness measures.

    We are in the age of cleaning the karma system. In case of past life soul agreements, such things are dissolved going through the forgetfulness accompanying the rebirth and should not carry over except by voluntary submission in the current stream.

    It's about time for sovereignty to be claimed back. We have to intend to be a channel of Source via Earth thru the heart we are endowed with.

... ciao

Addendum - Let us not denigrate Greg Giles, he is our own reflection as humans.

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