October 11, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Planetary Mitosis

... continued

   A tale of curiosity:   After I sent the earlier post and clicked the publish control button, a tab opened automatically.  It showed a bare chat style page with just one message in it.  It read something like: "Bye for now.  I will update you next time".   I immediately closed it, thinking I may have unintendedly clicked some link.

   Then I tried to undo that closed tab and search the browser history but found nothing.

    Anyway, pondering the said post about Enki, I was intrigued.  It may be a sign.  It may show that it is time to examine what Thoth via his emerald tablet tells us.

    So I listened closely to the video I found for inclusion on that post.  I was bewildered that the passages mentioned therein correlates with what David Icke tries to tell people.

    Thereafter, I searched other videos regarding that matter but watching it made me drowsy and I fell asleep (missing out much about the matter).

   Karanga - Call From My Heart by Taisha Tari

  I remembered the cry of Gaia.   And then a message about the the distant sun, fell into my lap:

Tell me all the things you would change
I don't pretend to know what you want
When you come around and spin my top
Time and again, time and again

Our planet is entering a change-over of age or cycle.  We are entering the region of space where the solar system is bombarded by energetic particles from the distant sun in Alcyone.   Our planet, our mother's voice is heard. 

No fire where I lit my spark
I am not afraid of the dark
Where your words devour my heart
And put me to shame, put me to shame

The energy rays from the distant sun will not shy away from the darkness.  A being in that portal feels the shameful condition of our maiden, Gaia

When your seven worlds collide
Whenever I'm by your side
And dust from a distant sun
Will shower over everyone

You're still so young to travel so far
Old enough to know who you are
Wise enough to carry the scars
Without any blame, there's no one to blame

At that moment, seven portals will align and their rays will meld as one.   A blinding ray will shower everyone.   Remembrance of our soul journey of lifetimes will come.

We have been through seasons and cycles of time.  All of us have been scarred by scourges of life.   But then, from all these experiences, we have refined wisdom.   Knowing good from evil, we are, as gods, of transcension and able to forgive and learn from all these mistakes.

Waiting for the thrill to return 
Feeling your desire burn
And drawn to the flame

The air is pregnant with anticipation, a chance to quench the thirst of our souls to be as one with the light of Source, in the embrace of Love. 



The changes of our time is for transmutation of dark into light and the return of light into the original light.  The quarantine fences of darkness is undergoing a dismantling.  

"Let he who would be free from the bonds of darkness
first divine the material from the immaterial,
the fire from the earth;
for know ye that as earth descends to earth,
so also fire ascends unto
fire and becomes one with fire."

We shall know the stars and be among them.
"Man is a star bound to a body, until in the end, he is freed through his strife."

   During earth's mitosis, new nuclei will form and then divide to form new individual earths, like the cytokinesis phase of cell division.  

   The membrane-like grid quarantines are broken.  As forces aligns, micro-tubules attract beings into their orientation.  It's like the chafing of weed from the tares mentioned in old books.   

   Gaia, the tenant of our experience has already created the thought field of her renewal dreams.   She has voiced out to the Source, the template of her wishes.  And her Karanga is granted.

   She is ending the wars, the blood sacrifices, the greed and domination games.  She is shaking the fleas off her skin.

I feel, mysteries and secrets are due for demagication.   It is the age of revelation because the host of our games says so.  The lady has spoken. 

... to be continued


Our fervent healing wishes to a beautiful soul, our Mother Gaia Sophia:

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