October 13, 2012

EC: Centering

... continued

   Human experience can be symbolized by the element of water.   Water can flow thru many pathways.  It can fly within certain bounds above or it can seep into the deep crevices of earth.  It can have multitudes of reincarnation.

   Let us bless water with our hearts so that we may heal our own selves.   Let us bless the waters we drink and the waters we bathe in.  It will be like freeing our own material selves.  It will be like a forgiveness, like we are rebooting the imprints of bloodshed on the memories of water we breathe.

   Thereby our self healing will travel.  It will glide the airwaves and streams and the root network of which the trees communicate.    It will be like a grand announcement to the realms of the transmutation of darkness into light, of the historical traumas into wisdom.

   As people struggle to cope with the outer adjustments of the age, there comes a need to heed one advice from many ancient sages:

"Know thyself."

   For many, an isolation or floatation chamber like the one shown can be a tool for attempting to exercise such adage.

    Relating to the story of Mr. Mills and the experience of Thoth, I feel it will help us go within our heart portals with less distraction from the 3D senses.

Here is one explanation I found:

   Play also some of the suggested videos that appear after playing the above explanation for more details.

   Here is one blog-post among the many other writeup on the matter.

   However for most people, paying a sum to experience such a device may not be practical.  In such a case, a home made system can be preferred.  For example, this one:

   Making hot tub out of your pickup is easy enough.  You may follow instructions from this.

  To save on heating bills.  You may heat the water using a system shown in the following video.

Note: You can use hinges to unfix the water parabola frame for draining and precaution against fire hazard.  Don't focus directly on the tub. Use metallic pail or pan.

   Instead of a pickup, you can use simple wooden frames with plywood or carton.   I tried a similar bath tub but due to space limitations I already dismantled it.

   If the frame is not strong enough, you can place it near walls, like a corner and then place hollow blocks  etc. on the other sides for reinforcement.  You can also brush carton with viscous starch and water proofing.  In rural areas, you can just dig or have a pile of soil with indention in the middle to serve as the support.  Elevated position is good for easy draining of used water.

   Putting a tarp over it and on the sides will make it waterproof.   If possible, there has to be no cut on the tarp lining.  You will need a water hose to fill it up and another for draining.

   To drain, just use the hose connected to the water source to push water through the drainage hose.  Do this underwater so that the built up inertia will then create a vacuum that automatically pulls water towards the other lowered end of the drainage hose.

   Sea salt without added chemicals is used to add buoyancy.  You may try epsom salt, baking soda or some borax if you want.  Just make sure you know that what you add is natural and safe.  You may even add orange peelings or lemon extract for skin care concerns.  Remember to bless the water with a thankful heart.

   In fact you can turn it into a tool for tanning, skin whitening, detoxification or perhaps vitamin skin ingestion.   With a good oxygen generator machine, it can serve as a hyperbaric chamber for revitalization and prevention of aging.

  Cloth or different materials for covering can be used for privacy and isolation.  Lighting control and healing music can be beneficial for creating the proper ambiance.

   For ambient music, I used my cellphone, wrapped in 2 layers of plastic, then placed inside an empty Nutella jar to serve as my floating pillow.

The use of sounds, tones and music is a beautiful way to transport ones awareness and to receive inspiration.


   A great idea and quite marketable I think, is the contraption of Mr. Mills:

   It was a soft floating lumbar support frame with sonic speakers and MicroSD music player in one.  It  delivers vibrations along it's length and even creates some visualizations via cranial signals via the occipital lobes.

   I think such contraption can be an enjoyable gadget for mass meditation on a beach and a setting sun.


.ciao and enjoy

...  to be continued

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  1. When I had my make shift tub, I remember there is a vine nearby that I let in the tub. It may have provided some type of grounding that assisted in connection with the earth.

    There is a term they call it "Earthing". Try it.

    Now that I don't float, oftentimes, I would just relive what I felt to simulate that connectedness and stimulate creative thoughts.


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