October 18, 2012

EC: Alternative Means

... continued

"Shifting your perspective can shift your reality.." -  Jennifer

I.   Food - as a power pack source of nutrients and other useful byproducts, few can top Moringa Oleifera.

   It can serve other purposes aside from its use as a food source:
  • water filtration (using the seeds)
  • medicinal value using various parts of the plant
  • edible oil fit for various applications like skin care, cosmetics and lubricant
  • extracts can be used as a cleaning agent
  • natural and safe pesticide chemical extract

This guy has a very high opinion for the said plant as a Super-food:

   And why not?  Moringa is not your ordinary green leafy vegetables.  Aside from its high anti-oxidant properties, it is a power pack of the most needed nutrients.

  I suspect dried leaves from this plant can be used for the following:

   It then can serve a dual purpose just in case you end up in a bunker, trembling due to the passage of Nibiru.

   One, smoke it to calm your nerves and two, sprinkle it on your noodle soup for that added supplementation.

  Seriously though, I burned some dried leaves and they smelled good.  Although of course, I'm not a smoker.  But then again, if a vitamin cigarette comes around like the one I am suggesting above, I will try it.  Well, maybe just to feel cool while getting my vitamins.

II.  Energy - a cartridge that reacts to normal temperature differentials can be a good snap-in mechanism to spin a power generating wheel.  This is connected to the idea previously posted, the Solar Harvester Wheel.

   The use of nitinol and refrigerant compounds can accomplish this.  Just snap these cartridges into the slot of the syringe-like pistons of the wheel.  The pistons will then decrease or increase in volume content to pass liquids around the spokes and spin.

   The spokes will have protruding rollers gliding on a fixed guide pathway in order to prevent the wheel from spinning backwards in case of heavy generating load. 

III.  Pipe-in Soft Lighting - You may have seen the solar light bulbs as shown in this video:

    Now  combine the above with the following:

   What do you get?  Pipe-in lighting with flexibility and portability that may skip the process of cutting the roof.

   Just make an enclosure lined with mirrors of reflective aluminum plastic cover.  The container can hold a series of solar light bulbs.  On the sides, clear hose wrapped with the same aluminum plastic cover is inserted to capture the light from the enclosure.

   This flexible hose can then be bent around some obstacles and provide a soft light to the other end of the tube.

   I tried wrapping reflective aluminum cover on a meter of clear hose and it successfully bounced the flashlight rays to the other side of bended hose.  The length and the transparency  of the hose are limiting factors though.  But just the same, it would have been clearer if I have used solar light bulbs instead of the ordinary AA powered flashlight.

IV.  Pedaled Washing Machine -  a typical plastic gallon container can easily be converted into a pedaled washing machine.

   Create a boxlike frame that will secure the said container (shape and size must be compatible).  The said frame can have hinged side panel to slip the container.

   Provide an axle connector to the sides of the said frame.

   Create a larger frame with seats on the top.  Slide the inner box underneath and connect the axles.  The outer seat fitted frame has pedals on the outer side of the axle.

  Pedaling the said bench will then spin the inner frame like a whirlpool washing machine.  It can be a more convenient version of this:

   Now if you happen to be stranded somewhere for sometime with little means to buy a washing machine, I hope the said idea can be of help.

   It is quite enjoyable to go in ones mental laboratory and come up with various creations that has potential to help other people.

   Perhaps the readers of these ideas can expound better or create additional features or functionality.   I hope these seed ideas circulate and grow among us to free us from our boxes.

The following is a post that I liked and copied from a forum c/o Gwen:

My perspective shifted this morning.
I see the entire global society as living in a ghetto.
Cabal 'manages' the ghetto.
It is EXRTEMELY difficult to escape, perhaps impossible, to extract one self from the ghetto.
How then does an individual or group free themselves from the ghetto?
By taking a big step back and seeing, actually visualizing, that the ghetto is simply a construct envisioned and maintained by 'managers'.
The managers corral us mentally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually into the ghetto.
What is the boundary of the ghetto? Fear.
The fear fence keeps us in. It will continue to keep us in the ghetto until we DECIDE to not see the fence.
We did not creat the ghetto, yet we enable it.
Since the fence is a construct planted in our minds and maintained therein by external as well as internal means, it must eventually become obvious that there actually is no fence at all.
Ah, we are free to do as we choose.
I have chosen to disolve the fence of fear that corrals me into the global ghetto of disillusionment.
What a beautiful morning, thanks for the stimulus.

   People who are able to accommodate a paradigm shift in their consciousness can give the hope for the human race.   The point of view being forced by the current power structures on human beings apparently leads to a brick wall.

   It is a good time to question our present reality and to explore what nature bestowed us with - creative imagination.

   The Source must be a dreamer of what reality can be.   I feel it creates the thought fields to hold its dreams.

   We are in the virtual reality of that thought field - the physical universe.   And we are the cells of the Dreamer's mind.

Below is a playlist of videos that can be a good kaleidoscope of some possible solutions to our day to day challenges:

.ciao and enjoy

... to be continued

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