June 23, 2011

Havilah, Eden and Gold

Genesis 2:10-14. "And a river went out of Eden to water the garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads.

The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah (Arabia), where there is gold; And the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.

And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia (Africa).

And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria (north of Babylonia).

And the fourth river is Euphrates."

David Allen Rigsby's site contains the above picture and other interesting materials. It can be found here.


Before Noah's Flood, the land mass of the earth would have been bigger.

Noah's Flood, for all intents and purposes could be a generic description of water inundation of the earth that might have happened not in a single instance but a series of trigger events.

That story might have been an oral tradition rooting from earlier generations and initially passed via rituals, dances and chants.

(Genesis might be a recap of earlier records. For instance, the "Enuma Elish" and other Mesopotamian records are more than likely preceding the accounts of Genesis.)

Many theories are forwarded regarding the geo-shaping forces at play. There's the tectonic movement theory as supported by evidences of subduction and there's the earth expanding theory.

These theories bring into mind the proposed Pangea super-continent said to have existed during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic eras about 250 million years ago, before the component continents were separated into their current configuration.

In any case, the picture on the top of this blog entry which referenced the Genesis 2:10-14, seems to be a good start for understanding the ancient landmasses.

Looking at the current earth elevation map, one will notice the undersea markings and note that the landmasses seem to have been forced out from each other.

Maybe, the landmasses were initially bigger and edges between them, collapsed underneath the sea.

Aside from the subduction and tectonic plates movements, the separation of landmasses could have been exacerbated by the warming weather resulting to thawed land/ice.

Jupiter is covered with dense cloud gasses so you can't see the landscape. Could it be the same with earth then? At the time of Pangea, the time setting of the tradition of Genesis' four great rivers, the earth could have been perennially covered with thick clouds?

I've heard of old traditions that in the earliest of times, the clouds are so close to the earth. Interestingly Genesis says:

"In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened."

Would it mean, that something changed that the skies began to unload it's dense cloud cover onto the earth? This would have resulted to the sun's rays thawing the delicate icy edges of landmasses and the landslides of vulnerable areas.

If so, avalanches and the resulting raging rivers mixed with ice could have surely created something like the Grand Canyons. The sudden flow of thawed ice could create vortices of ice and water that has a capacity to sculpt the mountainous canyon areas.

There would have been enormous changes in the weight distribution of the planet that would in turn trigger effects on the tectonic plates and the volcanoes underneath. Dinosaurs would collapse underneath landslides and muddy areas, not to mention the change in temperature would have been fatal to some giant lifeforms.

Here you have a scenario that can be worth adding to the theories of land sculpting and species extinction.

(It would also fit the saying in Genesis that formerly "..darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."

And I guess some planetary events could effect such drastic change in the planetary balance - such as the moon being captured in the orbit of the earth, a change of its orbital distance to earth or a planetary object passing nearby.)


Related to the Genesis 2:10-14 interpretation of landmasses, we can surmise that Havilah, the land rich in gold is located somewhere in the Asian regions, probably the Eastern regions. Perhaps, it may even comprise what was called Lemuria or Mu.

According to InTheLight website:

"Mu is another name for Lemuria. The Lemurians were apparently a short, stocky, dark-skinned Matriachal race. There is good evidence for the land of Lemuria - much better than evidence for Atlantis.

It is placed in the Pacific Ocean, covering from India, across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands to Hawaii in the north and Easter Island in the east. There are coral reefs in deep water off the coast of some of the Pacific Islands, suggesting that at one time the land was higher (or that the sea level was much lower)."

In Addition, collision of the plates may have contributed to the rise of mountains like the Himalayas. If so, Pison and Hiddekel river may have been obliterated.

At the same period range, some portions of Havilah slipped into the ocean so that some of Havilah became separated into separate lands like Japan, Guam, Saipan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and the islands up to the Australian/New Zealand regions.

Perhaps volcanoes can influence the natural formation of gold. And there are definitely lots of volcanoes on these Asian region within the Pacific 'Ring of Fire' area.

It was said that a volcano in Colombia was spewing gold. In Papua New Guinea, gold was recovered from an extinct volcano.

Furthermore, "volcano bubbling away at sea near Indonesia may have given Australian and Indonesian scientists an unprecedented ringside seat at the birth of a gold deposit."

In the Philippines, there were accounts that in the olden times, gold were so common as one could get them from most of the rivers:

One wonders whether the official accounts that Spanish explorers (who went to the islands to search for spices and christianization of pagans) is really a laughable rewriting of their real intentions:

“Get gold, humanely if possible, but at all hazards, get gold.” (1511, King Ferdinand of Spain to his conquistadors).

The "conquistadores" might have intentionally erased the natives' history via indoctrination. They made them accept themselves as pagans and barbarians to create a clean mental slate for absorbing a false history and to exploit their resources.

Let's not forget that really, it was not Magellan who discovered the Philippines. The people who reside in a region were the real discoverer of the land.

Evidences and artifacts have been found to confirm active trading between Mongols, Philippines and other countries as early as the 7th century, the time of the Srivijayan Empire (a powerful ancient thalassocratic Malay empire based on the island of Sumatra). - wiki
(thalassocratic - rule of the sea. Assuming Atlantis and Lemuria undertook sea-steading activities may not be too far off)

In fact the "balangay" boat used for trading was just recently recreated in commemoration of this.


David Rigsby locate Eden near the junction of North and South America.

Curiously, it is also the same region where Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle were claimed to have been located.

"Atlantis is one of the best known mythical continents, referred to by Plato and other legends. Many people have theorized where it may have been - from the middle of the Atlantic, to Antarctica, Indonesia, Greenland, and a volcanic island near Greece which erupted a few thousand years before Plato's time.

Some sources suggest that there is evidence of structures on the sea floor off the east coast of northern USA, but no hard evidence has been produced. It may well be that there were Homo Sapiens Sapiens civilizations living in a number of different continents (archaeological evidence certainly supports this), and the people of this era could generically be called "Atlantians".

And what about the mysterious legends of Bermuda Triangle?

According to Lee Ann Obringer in howstuffworks.com:

"In 1975, Mary Margaret Fuller, editor of "Fate" magazine, contacted Lloyd's of London for statistics on insurance payoffs for incidents occurring within the Bermuda Triangle's usually accepted boundaries. According to Lloyd's records, 428 vessels were reported missing throughout the world between 1955 and 1975, and th­ere was no greater incidence of events occurring in the Bermuda Triangle than anywhere else in the world."

Scientists recently measured the gravity distribution of the earth.

Curiously, there appears a lump in the proposed area of Havilah and an indention in the assumed smaller area of Eden.

A site proposes that Atlantis is the first Eden and many others have hinted similarly.

The account of Eden doesn't have to be parallel to Atlantis. What if this Genesis account of Eden is a sort of reboot? - Something like a virtual operating system booted from within the larger and already created mass of humanity. Eden could have been a replanting of the washed landmass of Atlantis.

Atlantean remnants may have roamed the other areas. That's why Cain could have gone out of Eden and married from some other human race already existing. And that can also account for Genesis having two anecdotes of human creation.

It may even be the case that the writers of Genesis were focusing more on a recounting of local traditions relevant to their race. So then we don't have to close our mind into a singular timeline and singular run of human history based from their records.

In any case, many civilizations rose and mysteriously disappeared. Even in the old testament there were mentions of remnant race of giants (of which Goliath may have derived). Curiously, the popular Edgar Cayce also mentioned about a pre-adamic race.

It is said that "Cain left the LORD's presence and lived in Nod [The Land of Wandering], east of Eden". Did Cain crossed the Gihon river (which has now turned into the Atlantic ocean) towards the continent of Africa to wander?

Apparently, Seth's lineage also became a nomad in Africa until they were instructed by Jehovah towards their promised land, conquering and pillaging the treasuries of other races. They themselves were recorded to have been conquered by various empires and their amassed gold treasuries were taken.


The gold hordes that seemed to always have been associated with priestly functions whether on the side of Israelites or pagan nations have changed hands and accumulated at each cycle under each kingdom before it was further merged by one kingdom conquering another.

The people from the American and other continents were mostly left out from the old testament story showing the local focus of their records.

However, the same thread of events could easily be gleaned from non-Israelite artifacts. And remnants of Atlantis and Lemurian populations may have dispersed some gold horde in various regions they fled to.

So what was so special about gold that gods and goddesses was thought to require them from priests and for kingly duties?

Here are some desirable qualities of gold that may help us understand:

* "Mono-atomic Gold, also known as Egyptian White Powder Gold, Fruit of the Tree of Life, Etherium Gold Powder, and Star-fire Gold of the Gods, is a mystical and alchemical substance used by the ancient people of Kemet (Egypt) to achieve super states of consciousness and mystical experiences."

* "Some modern esotericists and forms of alternative medicine assign metallic gold a healing power. Some gold salts do have anti-inflammatory properties and are used as pharmaceuticals in the treatment of arthritis and other similar conditions" (wiki)

* Gold is frequently associated with royalty, power, strength, wealth, warmth, intelligence, justice, balance, perfection, summer, harvest and the sun.

* "Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity and reflects infrared radiation strongly. Chemically, it is unaffected by air, moisture and most corrosive reagents, and is therefore well suited for use in coins and jewelry and as a protective coating on other, more reactive, metals." (wiki)

* Extra-terrestrial/hyper-space application:

- Element 115: special alloys or metals may serve as fuel or ingredient for anti-gravity/ anti-matter purposes

- "As gold is a good reflector of electromagnetic radiation such as infrared and visible light as well as radio waves, it is used for the protective coatings on many artificial satellites, in infrared protective faceplates in thermal protection suits and astronauts' helmets and in electronic warfare planes like the EA-6B Prowler." (wiki)

* According to Sitchin, the Annunaki planet may have needed gold to protect its atmosphere. If he was correct, gold could have certainly be made into thin transparent material that may serve similar purpose.

* Esoteric New Jerusalem project:

- "The Book of Revelation 21:21 describes the city of New Jerusalem as having streets "made of pure gold, clear as crystal" (wiki). Esoteric believers tasking themselves to fulfill the Book of Revelation may have to gather all gold hordes for their New Jerusalem construction.

- The Armageddon may involve nuclear radiation and the aftermath would require gold for radiation shielding.

* Consuming gold is said to affect the DNA. Theoretically monatomic gold can make your DNA superconductive. These DNA alteration may have implication for human and machine interface especially if ever amino acid computer is developed.

* Neural processes are like electrical signaling. Imbibed mono-atomic gold may make one more susceptible to mind control manipulation. And possibly advanced races may have encouraged Paraohs and kings to consume such in order to create in them virtual experiences.

Perhaps it's the time to have a second look at known history. Humanity may be building on false historical foundations of delusions, especially relating to monarchies, civilizations, religion, wealth and dominions.

Layers of knowledge that may be hidden to the masses is due for revelation!

... to be continued

This is an article in subtopic "Stairways to Heaven" in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here.

Possible Genesis allusions and other notes:

* Genesis I
- earth without form, and void on the start of Genesis may allude to a reboot from an earlier shutdown of the systems (deemed not relevant for the history cycle being told)
- firmament in the midst of the waters, dividing the waters above from the waters beneath is consistent with thick cloud covering the earth which also may have prevented much light shining underneath
- waters under the heaven gathered together unto one place with the dry land appearing in one place may allude to one side of the planet consisting of Pangea and the other what is now called Pacific Ocean

* Genesis II
- mist from the earth watering the whole face of the ground alludes to clouds touching/watering the plants
- garden eastward in Eden may refer to the seas (Pacific Ocean) as point of reference
- there is an allusion to a landscaping/replanting project in Eden alluding to a reboot program
- Eve from Adam's rib sounds like a cloning project as opposed to earlier account of human: Eve was made after the image of Adam, a wo-man

* Red Sea seemed to be a portion of Gihon river that was trapped as portions of Havilah and Ethiopia (Africa) fused together. Some descendants of Ishmael dispersed to Havilah. Amalekites who may or may not be related to Ishmael also came from this western tip of Havilah.

June 17, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Hordes

In the history of mankind, there is a recurring theme of kingdoms upon kingdoms that rose to various greatness of wealth and civilizations, of one kingdom conquering and laying waste to the previous kingdom, of one conqueror king looting the horded wealth of another king.

Ego is one tough beast to conquer and super-egos have resulted to much chaos.

Once upon a time, warriors rose up to defend communities. The warrior heads were thrust into some form of kingship of these different communities. This kingship is inherited by the bloodlines.

Further on, counsels and wizards crowded the thrones and laws were enacted to create royal hordes of wealth.

In many cases, these wizards and counsels are successful in being a royal blood via intermarriage or by connivance of the royal courts. When some were denied the kingdom, there were many instances when these counsels and wizards would sow royal intrigues and divisions among the kingdoms. Much of history were even altered to foist fake royalties.

Wars and revolutions, more often than not, are by-products of royal greed, mismanagement or of planned discords from another kingdom trying to annex a territory or seize a loot.

Sadly, wars and revolutions are still constantly in the air in many areas of the planet in the current times.

Pandering upon dissatisfied and hungry masses, funding for wars are pushed to an end of more totalitarian control designed to fall in the lap of the favored institutions and hidden faces of the money cartels.

And these money cartels are printing money based on fictions for the purpose of creating an instrument to control the fulcrum of power and commerce in order to steal the gold horde of so many nations.

The game is more complicated today than in the era of warrior kings, but the hordes collected out of each nation is still the target.

And many such accumulated hordes changed hands and changed names. Entitlement to them are erased and reclaimed via wars, international scams and intrigues.

Peoples' lives have been made collateral casualties of these games of the raiders of the lost hordes.

Among such hordes we hear were named King Solomon's Treasure, Nazi war loot, Soekarno Gold, Yamashita Treasure, Golden Lily and maybe some more you may have come across with.

According to some:
"In 1875 the wealth and assets of the royal families and nations held under colonial rule were centralized into one combined account to be used to the benefit of all nations of the world. This is known as the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility... which is now worth $1 quatrodecillion dollars."

The said combined gold hordes representing the blood money of so many generations of nations was said to be now known as the "Collateral Accounts" the arbiter of which was reposed to the OITC or Office of International Treasury Control.

David Sale of OITC shares his unique knowledge and perspective about the following individuals and their connection to the OITC collateral account that has been fraudulently misused for personal and private gain: Neil Keenan, Dr. R.C. Dam, Yamaguchi and Watanabe, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hillary Clinton, Oliver North, Leo Wanta, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Former Indonesian President Sukarno, Richard Nixon, and Muammar Gaddafi.

Hear his comments here (opens in a new window).

Myth or truth - it was said that Ferdinand Marcos somehow got the keys or right to this account. I assume if it be true that FM's purported Yamashita treasure find is related to this.

May I add that Cory Aquino closed Fort Bonifacio in order to dig gold. Was she under instructions by some US parties to search for parts of the Yamashita loot? Or were these parties searching for the dispersed keys/codes to encash or claim ownership of such horde forming the "Collateral Accounts"?

I believe, many Gold Certificates and documents were surreptitiously removed from Malacanang and the baggages of FM en route to Hawaii. Why do we not hear about those documents?

(At least I heard that Kris Aquino and a relative appeared on a magazine wearing some jewelries from the Marcoses.)

Here is one purported agreement about this combined accounts.

Click this to see the above document in another window.

Myth or truth?

Perhaps people should clamor for the leaders of the world to confront OITC or the other way around.

This is the age of Revelation, both OITC and the world governments must give an account of the history of this horde.

It purports to be the blood money of so many lives held collateral by the greed of ruling elites, the super-egos behind the secret societies and secret agreements of the world.

As the money printing machine operations of the world is exposed, we need some sanity in the distribution of planetary resources. The world doesn't need another fiat money to replace the fiat money they are scamming us all these years.

They have to come clean or the congregation of humanity creates a tantra of liberation that will disown them.

... to be continued


“Get gold, humanely if possible, but at all hazards, get gold.” (1511, King Ferdinand of Spain to his conquistadors).

* Indian Gold Reserves – No Loot, Without Luck and No Slaves

* Overview of the History

* The Secret Gold Treaty

* King Solomon's Mine

* Nazi war loot: World War II: A chronology, Ustasha Treasury, Blood money, Hidden Nazi Gold, Hungarian Gold Train, Nazi Gold/Looted Art Treasures

* Yamashita Treasure / Golden Lily - Hidden in Philippines?, Nazis and Golden Lily, THE SPOILS OF WAR

* Shipwreck Treasures

This is an article in subtopic "Stairways to Heaven" in the Chapter III of the "Reboot" series which you can find here.


June 16, 2011

Return to Innocence

There, Beyond

There, beyond the clouds of perception,
Above the interplay of hues of the horizon
And the nostalgic shadows of the ever-changing weather;
Past the windswept dew and the smoke of cluttered beliefs;
There, above the filtered rays of understanding
Must be the expanse of purer light;
Spectra both seen and unseen
Of waves of wisdom in their own play.

There, beyond the octave of the present science,
Are myriad wonders that eventually give way
To a majestic orchestra of balance,
Of symphonic harmony
In the oneness of the sacred;
An ever expansion of greatness
And the organization of the minute.

Here below and beneath, I am prompted,
Even in emptiness is the force of intent
That beckons one to ponder;
There, beyond the clouds of appreciation.

In the laughter of the children, comes the expression of so many a miracle. The wonders that cultured minds forgot are triggered back by the nuances of the youth.

"Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be" - so the song says.

And so in the dilemma of the grown-ups and the politics of destruction around, we wonder how these innocents can hold on to their true selves.

What have we done so far and how do we rebuild the planet so that these young ones can choose life instead of the drudgery of greed, politics and wars?

When will we stop making laws to hack and let live for a chance? When will we start to save what's left of us?

The bishops in their palaces and the preachers in their nice cars seem to be as dead as stone temples. And the governors get their immortality from streets named after them.

Little child, hold on to what's immortal within you and show the fallen ones to their repentance. Remove the clutter of our minds by your songs, just how the dolphins chant their healing prayers for the earth.

I remember playing as a child. My lumpy hands enjoying the fine sands passing through the fingertips. I remember the black puppy playing with us.

He came from somewhere but I did not saw. Perhaps I didn't care enough about such things.

Just enjoying the moments inside the place. He came and we talk but for a little and played and watched what's being constructed. We climbed the metal railings being chased by the puppy. Sometimes my brother would join.

Several days, maybe, I did not know. Time was not a clear concept then. Even if it were noons or morns, it might not make much difference. It's just that everything is a playful wonder.

My vision seemed cloudy, yet I saw more than ever and the only inkling of time is when he went home at the dusks. And so, I remember I was always looking at the direction he would always leave.

Perhaps, he will return to play tag with me and the dog again. I was searching for the kid with curly golden hair till I was, maybe six.

I knew, he somehow hugged me one last time and promised he would see me again. I might never have thought to ask what his name was.

So, I talked to the carpenters around and asked if the child comes again. And they wondered what I was talking of. They would say, I never was playing with anyone other than the puppy and my brother.

Much as I try to recall, I can't remember his name. Now perhaps,I may just have to call him Al.

Here under Chapter II

June 05, 2011

Multiple Booting, Partitions and Backup Windows XP

With the hard disk getting so much capacity nowadays, one would eventually have to organize the disk better. One way to organize the disk better is using different partitions and including some backup operating systems.

There are many ways to create the multi-booting options and the partitioning.

Firstly whether one desire a multiboot system or just need a way to organize the files into sections, partitioning will be advisable.

To achieve this, one can download a livecd that boots as an operating system that features a partitioning application. This livecd is called GParted livecd.

Alternatively, there are many linux distros that have a built-in GParted or Partition Editor application. Also, under windows there are many such shareware partitioning tools available for download.

The video below is a way to create partitions under GParted livecd:

The picture below is one way a guy partitioned his 232Gb hard drive.

To view the above pic more clearly click here. - Opens in new tab

He had 3 Primary Partitions consisting of 2 NTFS file system which are usable by Windows XP and 1 EXT3 usable by linux.

The 4th large extended partition is subdivided into 6 logical partions: 1 linux swap and 5 NTFS usable for Windows XP: all dedicated to various types of media files.

Let us describe a bit about the different file systems:

Natively Windows cannot see the EXT3 and linux swap partitions. However, you may have success downloading applications to allow you read and write access to EXT2 and EXT3 file systems. One such freeware is "Ext2 Installable File System for Windows" which can be downloaded here.

Linux file systems can use various formats, among the most common of which are EXT2 and EXT3. These can be accessed using the aforementioned freeware for Windows XP.

Linux swap partition is a separate partition that helps linux for joggling some temporary files that may be needed for its smooth memory management processing.

In case you are booted into Linux and you are recovering files from Windows XP, it will be a lot easier if your Windows XP partition is using FAT32 instead of NTFS. Windows under NTFS file system may employ some measures making it difficult to backup such OS into another partition.

Also, if you have old CD Arcade Games that may later create a need for you to install Windows 9X or lower, FAT32 file systems are just whats needed. Window 9x and XP will happily see each other's files using FAT32.

(When installing additional Windows 9x, it is advisable to use the GParted tool to hide first other partitions because Win 9x tend to take over all the partitions as allocated for itself. After installing Win 9x, you can then unhide the Win XP / other partitions and include a boot.ini line to load Win 9x.)


For our illustrations we will modify the 232 Gb hardrive into the following:

- 3 Primary Partitions consisting of 2 FAT32 file systems which are usable by Windows XP / Win9x and 1 EXT2 allocated for linux.

- The 4th large extended partitions are subdivided into 6 logical partions: 1 linux swap, 2 EXT2 allocated for linux and 4 FAT32.

Bear in mind that it will be easy to change the allocated linux partitions into FAT32 later on, using the GParted application as shown earlier. The sizes can be readjusted easily. But it will save time for you to plan ahead for the intended use of each partition, the sizes and the type of file system.

Remember also that a partition can be further organized into folders comprising a tree stucture depending on the type of files you foresee to accumulate in your utilization of the PC.

Now, I won't delve into Linux on this blogpost because I have already posted a multiboot system that involves Linux. You can find it here.

So for this purpose, the linux type partitions are just included for flexibility but we will concentrate on Windows XP.

Let's say you have a bare installation of Windows XP in the first partition that only have the needed Firewall and AntiVirus. This is a good time to create a backup copy of this intallation because it is of generic quality.

It is advisable to keep this generic Win XP located on the 1st partition to serve as the main backup XP system. You can clone this into other partitions and then customize the clones for your everyday use.

Boot into a Linux LiveCD such as SLAX and just copy the following essential folders from the 1st partition (Win XP OS) to any other FAT32 partition (whether logical or primary):
- Documents and Settings
- Program Files

Now still using Slax, locate and click to open the "boot.ini" file in the main Win XP partition. It will open in "KWrite" which is a Slax counterpart of Notepad, save it on the same location under "boot1.ini" name or other name to serve as your backup. Open "boot.ini" again and edit it to include a choice to boot to the partition where you copied the above folders.

If you are unfamiliar with "boot.ini" file, you can google how to properly do this edit but here are some informations and help with the boot.ini.

Here is a sample of "boot.ini" contents:

[boot loader]

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect

You can just add a line to point to the partition of your backup Windows XP like this:

[boot loader]

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Windows XP 2nd" /fastdetect

If you are not certain what the partition number to use, you can try to add other lines like:

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(3)\WINDOWS="Windows XP 3rd" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(5)\WINDOWS="Windows XP 5th" /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(6)\WINDOWS="Windows XP 6th" /fastdetect

In fact you can have many Windows XP partitions by copying the folders mentioned to other locations. And you may ask: why would you do this?

Windows have a tendency to crawl with many updates. fixes, service packs, etc. And many of such updates/fixes may actually be intended to look like coming from Microsoft but they are not.

Well also, Microsoft itself, may have difficulty keeping tabs of the effects of the files their updates or fixes replace. It can be quite confusing whether the latest Service Pack, Silverlight or DotNet framework was the culprit for the all of a sudden misbehaving system, not to mention the many malware, virus, trojans etc. that might have entered the system.

For that matter, Linux is a lot less of a headache to maintain. But many applications you are familiar with in Windows are not found in Linux. And also, many recent Microsoft multimedia formats may not be viewable under Linux (like for Silverlight supported media contents - the Moonlight counterpart of Linux may only accommodate the basic media).


So, you have edited the "boot.ini" file. Exit Slax (or the linux livecd you are using), remove the cd and reboot to find the added Windows XP.

You can use the back-up Win XP, however most of the registry links existing in it still points to the first partition.

To correct this, you have to replace registry settings for that windows. You have to change "C:" pointers in the registry to "D:" (or wherever your alternate Win XP resides). You can download a utility such as "regtkt.exe" from here or look for other registry search and replace utilities.

If you are successful replacing every instance of "C:" in your registry, then that extra version of Windows XP will be home free and happy in that partition.

Btw, if you right click "Start" and click "Explore", your windows will open the "My Document" folder version from the current running windows partition. - That's one way you make yourself aware of the drive (partition) you are operating from.

You can then rename your "My Computer" to something that makes more sense to you like: "My Gomputer" if you are operating from "G:".

Your home free Win XP is now customizable as far as the applications installed according to your liking. You may configure one XP for graphics intensive works, another XP for educational and another for gaming/arcade. You can also provide partitions common for all bootable XP's for storage of some work files - for example 1 partition for all clips/background pictures.

You may reinstall your firewall and antivirus on each flavor of XP just to be sure they are properly protected. And you may install different protective antivirus and security system for each XP so that when one is compromised, you can scan coming from an alternate antivirus protection.

When the rains come, you have a measure of calm before the storm because you have an alternative way to poke through your messed up XP from another XP.


June 02, 2011

Manny Pacquiao: How About The Tests

There is a level of dominance by which it may belong only to the dominant player to turn it off if he ever got bored. Otherwise, the dominant player will just use the usual repelling force of his opponents as a tool in the game the dominant player seems to be weaving into a script.

To the observer of the ongoing game, it may appear as miraculous. Those with "popping a pill" mentality will reason out that the dominant player may be on some kind of dope.

This is the level of dominance that a Michael Jordan could easily muster in the midst of conventional abilities of the players he was playing with. This is a kind of dominance where he would say he saw the ring's diameter to be so big that it was difficult to miss a shot. And he would easily understand the movements and direction of the herd within his virtual eyes, that he could play around with it steps before it actually happens.

Maybe such was also the case with Efren "Bata" Reyes when he was still excited with the game.

Maybe such is the kind of virtual seeing that so many other dominant game players had. And maybe Manny Pacquiao is just one such guy on the face of the available competitions and in the level he is playing. And maybe such is the same level of dominance Floyd Mayweather also have.

How do you beat these dominant players?

Because these dominant players virtually see the movements of their opponents even before the game starts, you need something special to beat them. You need to muddle their virtual script or befuddle them with movements that they could not have envision you doing within their mental script of the game.

Yes, many times the games are played even before the games are played. And I would agree that there should be some protocols of the games played before the games.

Professional sports is a playing field involving large sums of money. And many times, especially in boxing, behind the boxers, the financial interests may glue the hordes of unseen faces to rig the game.

For example, it was hushed that the death of one of Michael Jordan's relative is connected with some syndicates that tried to force Michael to lose a championship conference.

After that death, MJ retired at the prime of his career and tried to turn to baseball. With that, basketball momentarily lost it's luster as to peril the whole sports.

Such is also the same in life and business. Frequently, the games are rigged behind the eyes of the common man. Many times, the life force of the masses, their blood is sucked by vampire syndicates in order to maintain their structures of manipulation for control.

What's in the blood?

The subject of blood is such a grave matter that even kingdoms, religion and their stories of deities, are enmeshed with the topic of blood.

Bloodlines are said to be maintained because it was ordained of their lineage to rule mankind. Dynasties are frequently maintained to make the people believe such groups are to be on the top of the pyramid (which these dynasties have built after all).

So what's in the blood and why do we have these hushed stories of dark forces needing blood sacrifices (not to mention the blood represented rituals by esoteric/religious groups)?

I heard that some dark societies actually torture their innocent human sacrificial lambs and drink the spilled blood for their own quest for immortality. Yes, there are dark and horrid esoteric groups out there.

When a country sacrifices the lives of innocent men for a contrived war, isn't it a form of blood sacrifice (right before our very eyes)? At least, may be, it's a sacrifice for their war industry or even deeper, a blood sacrifice for their esoteric idols who provide them with mammon and power over many nations.

Blood Tests and The Psyche

On March 19, 2005, Pacquiao moved up in super featherweight or junior lightweight division (130 pounds), in order to fight Mexican legend √Črik Morales for vacant WBC International and IBA Super Featherweight Titles.

2 Days before the fight, doctors told team Pacquiao that they've lost the blood earlier taken from Pacquiao. Pacquiao, the smaller fighter at that time was required to give blood so near their event. Morales who was in the stable of Bob Arum (together with Mayweather), outpointed Pacquiao who suffered a bloody cut on one of his eyes.

Pacquiao was relatively raw. Morales was a seasoned technician, fighting a smaller man coming up in weight and have just given blood a couple of days earlier. Pacquiao who was relying on his one handed assault, armed with so called "pillow gloves" (winning gloves) and not seeing from one eye, needed every adrenalin in his blood to be an effective attacker against Morales (a Mayweather prospect.)

Among the 130 pounders, it was Morales who eventually would have been good and tall enough to make a go with Mayweather who was a Jr. welter at that time. Floyd must have known the advantages Morales had over Pacquiao.

Floyd, who at that time have some misgivings with Arum must have secretly rooted for the little man, Pacquiao. In fact, Floyd was cheering Pacquiao when the Pacman KOed Morales in the 2nd fight on January 21, 2006. Eventually, Mayweather parted ways with Top Rank after a successful pay-per-view bout with Zab Judah on April 8, 2006.

I would say that to the eastern cultures, which appear to have deeper observation of life, blood has some psychological and spiritual significance that may not be familiar with the materialistic western upbringing.

For some Filipinos, even taking a bath on Holy Friday is said to negate the charges of their talisman or amulet or agimat (what Roger Mayweather might have called A-side-meth).

Even Efren Reyes was said to avoid taking a bath on his western finals billiard competitions as the cold weather there may jog his psyche (and dare I say 'chi'). More so, I think, if they would have required him to undergo a random blood test at those times.

In the scientific point of view, it's in the blood that circulate the chemical known as dopamine. Dopamine is naturally transmuted by the body from nutrients and is associated with happiness/excitement and such other emotions (that are generated by sporting events).

For that matter, it may have been beneficial to Pacquiao to sing, eat sufficiently and be happy for every boxing event he had so that this chemical is generated by his body. Pacquiao, may even be the type of athlete who can harvest the electricity generated by the excited crowd.

For people with type O blood, the so called "hunter blood type", dopamine is converted into a rush of adrenaline when in situations of danger. Perhaps, this may also be the reason some small guys can lift a big refrigerator when there is fire.

Athletes and artists who can't handle the electricity of the crowd may physically fold out. That's why it can be very straining to be an instant celebrity. But if one can somehow generate adrenaline from the resonance of their excitement, an athlete at times performs more than they normally can.

Therefore, I think it is favorable for professional sports and for action sportsmen to keep their physical constitution as well as their psyche to be kept in tact. Hair follicle tests, daily urine test will be non-invasive and as such are preferable. Blood test not near the events and perhaps after the event may be required just for the meticulous.

Otherwise, if I'm in Pacquiao's attack shoes, I may require the blood test to be taken from Floyd's legs so that I would have less difficulty chasing him in the ring.

Seriously though, you have eaten all those microbiotic diets and psyched yourself to generate all these hormones in the blood needed to get yourself in condition for competing and you would want to release all that tension to benefit your cause.

I knew even a boxer who would drink his own pee to get those hormones back (essentially your sports drink contains about the same chemicals contained in an athlete's urine).

If these PED, HGH or what have you are really that effective, will it not result to multiple boxers having 9-12 weight titles by now. And of all the places, will it be from the Philippines that these so called, designer drugs to come from?

If so, perhaps Filipinos must be in the top olympic-record breakers by now. Or Pacquiao's uncles and brothers must have been title holder boxers by now.

In my mind, getting into the blood of professional athletes can be an easy way to rig the sports. Host countries and a collaboration between boxing institutions can be arranged for the millions of money involved in one such event.

Would Hopkins win in Tralala country where their HBO counterpart have a prized cash cow and their Tralala sports commission will require the needles of the Tralala Anti-Doping Syndicate to prick the veins of Hopkins (for a so called random blood test)?

If that be the case, I would outpoint Hopkins if he will fight within such protocols based on the terms of my Homeowners' Association.

Asians have some experiences about western conspiracy, perhaps such is the last thing needed in the sport of boxing these days:

- Pancho Villa Was Dempsey In Miniature

- Francisco Guilledo

- Bruce Lee

- Bruce and Brandon Lee

How about the test?

- The real test is for these two guys to go at it between themselves. Unfortunately if any of these two is not willing to play a script that both may have little control, then we may never witness them head to head.

I can understand the eastern mentality of Pacquiao but I can't honestly judge Floyd to be really interested in the first place. Perhaps, he has rehearsed their fight script in his mind and however he rehearsed it, he finds himself not in full control.

For the most part, these two have to battle the other's meme within their minds. I hope Floyd don't succumb to Pacquiao meme in the same way Mosley might have and lose heart.

Pacquiao Mosley Fight Camp 360 Episode 5.

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Pacquiao vs Mosley and the Memes

"A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols or practices, which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena."

- Wikipedia

"Richard Dawkins's term for an idea considered as a replicator, especially with the connotation that memes parasitise people into propagating them much as viruses do.

Memes can be considered the unit of cultural evolution. Ideas can evolve in a way analogous to biological evolution. Some ideas survive better than others; ideas can mutate through, for example, misunderstandings; and two ideas can recombine to produce a new idea involving elements of each parent idea."

- from World English Dictionary

Memes can be monetized. Psychology and cultural studies are important to those who want to control the society for their own profit.

In many cases, the PRS formula will be more effective if these memes were found out and taken advantage of.

"The Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS) formula, also known as Order out of Chaos, has been used in some form for thousands of years. The use of this formula by various governments, groups, & individuals is a historical fact & can't be denied. In its basic form, it consists of using a fictional or real event, such a crisis, to bring about radical change. It is usually employed when the change to be brought about is controversial &/or disliked. And it often includes a type of framing called a False Flag Operation."

More of the above from here.

AlCIAda can be one such meme. A sponsored rouge activity/group can easily be initiated in order to arrange a security contract for a favored business partner of a mole politician. If you were promoted/sponsored by certain military industry within the government, you can find yourself rich beyond the capabilities of one lifetime of toil or be a kingpin of a province like the Ampatuans.

On the other hand, many times, a meme can be monetized even without creating a PRS. That's why you have a mad dash within the media to get hold of a focal point of media meme. Many create a copy of a meme by studying one and using the formula.

When Beatles created a cultural stir, record companies were swift to create other such groups with similar style of music. In the end, because Beatles had a head start, they earned more even if they were already disbanded. - More so than when they were singing non-stop on those different venues.

Nowadays, memes can arise quite fast because of the convergence of media portals and the internet connectedness. And quite frequently, any phenomenon can evolve into the most absurd proportions because of the many ways the media of exposure is prone to so many variations of editing and retransmitting.

I can say that Shane Mosley was somehow afflicted with a Manny Pacquiao meme. Perhaps he was seeing this picture in his mind when he got hit by Pacquiao:

And do you know who is among the top purveyor of Pacman meme? None other than Floyd Mayweather Sr. See Sr.'s latest comment here .

Perhaps we can not blame would be opponents to be scared like Mosley was. All those higlight reels has somehow created a Pacquiao character that one would think he had the genes of Hercules. Perhaps, Pacquiao's hard work paid off and breached the threshold of what conventional boxing was supposed to be.

And that conventional mentality can be a straight jacket that is difficult to wiggle out so that one just have to reason out that popping a pill (or such other outside chemicals) was automatically used for such achievement.

Is Mosley a Shot Boxer?

At the weigh-in video that I saw, I was really impressed by how good Shane looked. Even Chop-Chop Corley attested that Mosley was really in good condition. I even suspected that he was physically in better condition than when he fought Floyd.

I believe Mosley really showed better condition, better movement and footwork against Pacquiao as compared to when he fought Floyd Jr. In fact, I won't believe Shane gassed out with Pacquiao. With concern, Mosley was not just backing off in straight lines, but he was executing a pivot move of disengagement and quick clinches that they must have practiced during the training.

However I was expecting that those pivot disengagement or circling back would somehow recoil into a counter-attack in the same way Marquez employed. Mosley could have been successful because he has longer reach and fights with power punches coming from the outside.

Apparently, Corley and other conventional south paw sparring partners of Mosley were a tad slower than Pacquiao (and this is an under estimation). Mosley had no time to recoil into attack and had little choice but to disengage to avoid an unorthodox fight while being a little bit too friendly in the process to calm Pacquiao a little.

And that was part of the problem, because Pacquiao, despite cramps was not an easy target. Mosley would have been prepared if he had Pacquiao as a sparring partner for the fight.

Yes, that's a problem one has when fighting Pacquiao. Conventional sparring partners will not be too good as a preparation. Mosley could have used a small and fast south paw with brick hand-wraps and body armor to simulate the Pacman.

On the other hand, I think the preponderance of slick and afraid hit-n-run style boxers is limiting boxing. I would have preferred to watch other styles in this sport.

What about snake style boxing, eagle claw style or wing chun style. If not, how about Wilfred Benitez style, Sweat Pea style, RJJ style, Muay Thai style, even Mayorga style.

If Mosley was ever a shot boxer, I would say he was already that kind of shot 4 years ago at age 35. However he will still demolish inside fighters who has less speed than Pacquiao (just like any Margaritos).

He can extend his career by fighting these inside or mid-range fighters.

What Roach could have prepared Pacquiao More

On Pacquiao's part, I suggest Pacquiao vary more his footwork even if his opponent is circling to his right.

I understand him not pressing Mosley that much. If you were in front of an outside power puncher, would you lounge just as easy? Mayweather momentarily stood and he got rocked. Right there, Mosley provided his own mini-meme.

Inside fighters like Maidana or Hatton (with shorter reach) will be easier to topple by Pacquiao's speed and power. But boxers with long reach and power on the outside will be too risky to engage - midrange to inside (skirmishes).

Much of Pacquiao's power is carried by his legs loading up. Trying that in one direction all night, when his opponent is circling away from the left punch will result to some leg imbalances.

Had Mosley kept moving in straight lines, Pacquiao would have landed much more.

I noticed that Pacquiao tried to shake his legs sometimes and I believe this was the cause. In fact he nearly went down by himself (may be in round 2 - just like he did in Larios fight if my memory serves me right). The one way circling direction of both boxers may have brought blisters on Mosley's foot and cramps on Pacquiao's leg.

More or less the same dance employed by JMM, Barrera (in their 2nd fight) and now Mosley is becoming a strategy against Pacquiao.

So I suggest, that at times, if an opponent keeps circling to his right, Pacquiao can go to his right side/backside of opponent and prepare some combos when his opponent turn to face him. (However, he must be ready in case the opponent is loading a hidden strong right hook.) Manny can even show up to the right side of the orthodox fighter (that is doing that pivot disengage move).

Had he been more playful with Mosley, he could have provided that entertainment to the crowd and avoided cramps. However, I understand that Manny might not want to appear toying with Mosley as it may not be in his culture to clown his opponent and also that Mosley is quite a respectable fighter himself.

My conclusion on this non-fight: Mosley fell into the scourge of the Pacquiao Meme that even when Manny stood square to invite Mosley to go forward, Shane would not take the invitation.

By the looks of it, Sergio Martinez and maybe Marquez, are the only ones who have not been infected so far.

Pacquiao's explosive punches benefited from the extra pounds carried by his legs. Would Marquez remain so after he feels the added weight loaded on those punches?

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here.