October 28, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Enuma

... continued

   So far, our mythic framework of reference hasn't yet localized towards our solar system.  So we may have to search further to unravel the conundrum of Gaia Sophia and it's inhabitants.  Therefore, here is a theory inspired by Mr. Mills.

   Let us visit the Enuma Elish records as the starting off point as it apparently was a reference to the scriptures.  This work can help us trace how the Solar system came into being. But we must have some precautions to keep in mind.  The Babylonian tale was created during the reign of Marduk who twisted all sacred knowledge he could have gotten hold of.

   Our Maldekan friend has given information that Ea or Enki accommodated some refugees from Sirius on the paradisic Earth.   Accordingly these Sirian people rode via Nibiru /Tiamat and landed on Earth to create the civilization of Lemuria.

   Marduk was given charge of Maldek while Ea with some remnant Elohims, were working on lemurs to create 3rd density beings on Earth.  The Maldekans, Sirians and Anunnakis were more like 4D density and can shift into invisibility from common man.

   The Lemurian civilization flourished and they evolved into a matriarchal society with deep spiritual connection with Gaia Sophia.  Pyramids and temple mounds were made.   The priestesses lead as they explored the spiritual and philosophical works of the Els and Elohims.

   These traditions were prevalent in Bablylon and have inspired Enuma Elish. 

   Mr. Mills opinion on this work consisted of the 3D physical paradigm and a flip-side higher dimensional point of view.  I concurred because there are realms which are hidden from view and in which events happen simultaneous to what is visible.

I.   Hollow Planet and the Planetary Logos as God/Goddess

When on high the heaven had not been named,
Firm ground below had not been called by name,
When primordial Apsu, their begetter,
And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,
Their waters mingled as a single body,

   The point of emergence of our Solar system was precipitated by the swirl of a father logos and mother logos.   From a single vortex that captured cosmic materials into superheated state, two giant plasma orbs came out.  Their centers became portals of logoi from beings coming from near the central sun.

   Both initially consisting of hydrogen and oxygen: essentially water, Apsu and Tiamat with their superheated plasmic bodies commingled.

   As the two giant bodies of light separated further, a serpent like stretch of their plumes appeared swirling in space.   Swirling for a long time, the plumes acquired their own independent mass and axial spin.   From the two initial begetter orbs, various superheated molten balls of light created different portals for child logoi.

   Let's delve into a sphere to investigate.

   Further accretion of cosmic dusts for billions of years and the coldness of space created crusts that sealed the inner heat.   At certain thickness of the cooled mantle of a planet, the escaping gas from long periods of inner cooking had nowhere to escape.  This resulted to caverns of various sizes containing gases and liquids.

   The heavier materials settled to the center and the upper layers of the mantle sealed them further,  thus many of these caverning process met at the center.  The inertia of spin and the caverning process created bulging at the equator of the sphere.   Over billions of years accretion at this equator would have been more significant than the poles.

   With the central caverns meeting, the result was an inner concave of pressurized molten soup.   The eventual release of pressure had nowhere to go but the weaker points which are the poles.   As the poles gave way
like volcanoes, the pressurized gases burst to create the atmosphere of the planet.

   Meanwhile on the flip-side of the physical realms, Mr. Mills proposed some simultaneous events.   The heated orbs would have been tolerable only for habitation by entities which are nonphysical.  These beings from higher realms would have to create bodies which are in harmony with these fireballs.   These would be like plasma bodies.   We may call them, the shining ones.

   These shining ones were the workers that initially controlled the grid of a planet.   On this flip-side point of view, the caverning at the center of a planet were the handiwork of these beings.   And inside the central concave of the globe, they would facilitate the singularity of their powers to create a portal for the planetary logos to descend from Celestria.

   The Celestrial layers sorrounding the central sun is the realm from where the OM or Aum vibration individuated into separate awareness-es.

   I proposed that an individuation is an I Aum or I Am to which Mr. Mills agreed.   This Celestrian over-souls can further sub-individuate into beings of various degrees of I Amness as we go further towards the edge of the universe.

   In other words each being has an I Am presence within, and we therefore conclude that ye are, indeed, gods.

II. Schism in Heaven

   Now at some point in the emergence of our solar system there was a schism of the gods.   There was a disharmony among the logoi. 

   Perhaps on the physical realm it would reflect as a discordant clashing of the Schumann resonances of the spheres.   There would have been chaotic cosmic pull and push forces from their vibratory clashes.

   The shining ones inhabiting the various spheres and the logos of each globe must have had an epic tale in that cosmic cycle of time that was sensed by more spiritual 4D entities.

   I can't find a complete video recounting of the Enuma Elish without correlation with Genesis.   However, it was obvious that the said tale has propaganda for Marduk.   I would suggest, that Marduk would have twisted whatever Enki/Thoth taught in the mystery schools.   And certainly Genesis would be no exception.

    Here is the Enuma Elish text with a synopsis of the tablets.

   The gist of the story is that Tiamat/Nibiru was destroyed, the sun was silenced, Maldek or Marduk became supreme among the heavenly bodies in the system.   And later Marduk reorganized the planets and created man to at last be enthroned as a chief in Babylon.

I think several observations must be provided here:
  • a solar system can have a flexible number of members over a span cosmic cycle due to the many galactic possibilities: 
  •  a moon can be promoted to a planet category or vice versa
  •  other nomad planets can enter and be adopted
  •  a planet can be ousted or destroyed due to cosmic forces
  •    Thus the claim of Mr. Sitchin of the how Nibiru became the 12th or 10th planet may not hold true especially that he included the moon and the sun in his count.   Instead the count could include the counter Earth/Antichthon and the exploded planet.
  • the original name of a planet can change due to the different cycles and the changes in its occupant who then renames it
  • I would suggest that since Marduk was in command due to Ea's absence, the imploded planet was renamed Maldek or Marduk, intendedly implying that the entity Marduk was immortal and existing since the inception of the solar system.  
  • In the story, Marduk was given sovereign rule by other planetary gods to justify how he as the son of Ea, rose to power
  • Since Maldek was disintegrated already at that Babylonian time, Marduk had erroneously claimed that it was Tiamat or Nibiru that imploded.  In their version of story he intentionally left out how the planet, Maldek, became the chief within Babylon instead of being just a prime planet that should exist in the solar system.
  • Tiamat/Nibiru origins is given clue by the tale
  • In the battle, some allusions were made regarding missiles, beam and nuclear weaponry employed in the battle.
"He rides in his chariot of clouds with the weapons of the storm to confront Tiamat.  After entangling her in a net, Marduk unleashes the Evil Wind to inflate Tiamat.  When she is incapacitated by the wind, Marduk kills her with an arrow through her heart and takes captive the other gods and monsters who were her allies."

   This make me think Marduk might have condensed several traditions which were separate events into one epic.

   No planet nor planetary logos would employ such weapons.  In effect, the story may have shrunk the range of time needed for planet creation to the battle of super-mortals inhabiting the planets using such weapons.

   For Babylonian mortals, such might not be incredulous, but for us it would be a concern since our scientists have already come up with 4 Billion as the age of earth.

   By necessity, Marduk had to incorporate the other traditions and records.  He was programming the people, who by that time, already posses such cultural tales, artifacts and materials.

   The planets in the original myth seemed lacking compared to the solar system members. That could have been because Venus came from outside the system.

   I think that before Ea sojourned into our solar system, a young prince Anu have frequented the system as a visitor.   The planet Uranus may have been named as such in reverence to Anu.   As a wise politician, Anu might have turned some place in Saturn as a counter checking central command and venue of council meetings of these 4D beings.

   Enuma Elish is cluing us that Tiamat/Nibiru originated within our solar system.   It's planetary force or logos within the hollow could have been overpowered in the earlier discussed schism.

   That schism of the gods or logoi could have emerged unintededly due to the separation consciousness of the Luciferic energies.

   The legends of Nibiru abound and the effects of its passage is dreaded.  That tale may somehow explain why Nibiru eventually returns to our solar system and why the solar members have some reactions or resonance with Nibiru or Tiamat.

   It can also clear up how Nibiru came to be inhabited inside and taken over by various beings from as far as the Orion system.  The so called Anunnaki is a mixed race of Lyran descended man, draconians, sirians and other beings which their technological reputation could have created.

   The scientists would sometime call Tiamat a Dwarf Star.

   Here is a description of such  Brown Dwarfs.

   Within the parallel earth history of Mr. Mills, I can opine that Marduk may have been conceived within Saturn.  The Seth soul associated with it could have slipped into the serpent/reptile hybrid Marduk.   However, within the exploded planet Maldek, he grew to his knowledge and desire for his kingly ambitions. 

   Mr. Mills heard that Marduk has a promise to his reptilian minions for their own separate and sovereign planet.   With Maldek shattered, Marduk had a motivation to follow Enki and steal a kingdom.

   Also, I feel that Gaia or Earth is an adopted member in the midst of a broken family: the solar system.   She may have slowly materialized eons ago from higher dimensions, relating to the Naq Hamadi myth of the Sophia Gaia devolution earlier discussed. Thus it was reasoned out that Tiamat was broken in two, Earth being one half.

   Sitchin may have not realized how his cultural bias as a believer in Old Testament may have played in his works.   What we can be assured of, however, is that there is no inviolable written word of god or goddess in the hands of those who can rule mankind.

    If there be a more complete library that has not been destroyed or burned down, perhaps it is located within the halls inside the hollow earth. 

Who knows? Maybe the Halls of Amenti sits right there beside the library of Porthologos, under our feet.

... to be continued


As for gravity, Mr. Mills claimed that it is a force from the sun pushing objects down to the planet. On the hollow earth, the central flower of light pushes the inhabitants towards the concave of the inner mantle.

The central portion of the thick mantle is where these forces are in equilibrium. The meeting of energy emissions of both solar light and inner light creates auroras and noctilucent cloud phenomena.

I think, it could be similar to the pushing force of the nucleus of atom towards the revolving electrons. However, at certain boundary of distance, the electrons are pulled not to escape the influence of the nucleus. However, changes in energetic levels of the nucleus may change the distance of electron orbital boundary.


Apparently, the solar system has an outer boundary where the outer side of the heliosphere seems devoid of solar wind.  It seems to me that the atomic model is quite relevant to the solar system model.

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