October 17, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Gaia

... continued

   The Maldekan acquired a gnostic vista on cosmic theogenesis.   But who would blame him?

   If Thoth, after succumbing to several deaths and rebirth have found the Goddess in Gaia, then the Maldekan need not fear submitting to mortality.

   Humans are frail yet magnificent in their own right that the angels have been quite jealous for a long time.

   There must be a Source connection deep within the bowels of Gaia.   A portal from where mortal beings of good intentions can find solace and actually thrive in just the same way that nature thrives.    And thrive earth does, despite several ancient nuclear wars as well as the modern atomic and weather wars.

   Perhaps, peace is attained with a quiet acceptance of ones reality.

   Perhaps it behooves the beings sojourned in this outer edge of the universe, to purge the dross in their souls to escape the slide into an archonic existence of technological life extension.

   Earth, the paradisic Eden of the galaxy of eons past must have been imbued a little differently.   This jewel of a planet which served as a protected garden of the Els and home to the Titans have provided countless 3D genetic seeds to innumerable home-worlds.

   Yes, admittedly, even to that of the Orion system from where his ancestors seceded from.

   It may indeed be time to serve Gaia with gratitude and humility.   She has been shackled and constrained enough by the manipulations and programming of the human beings living on its surface.

   Time and again, she gives to humanity and all the guests on her surface, her unconditional bounties.   And yet the dark psycosphere that beings have enveloped the planet have constrained her conscious love to fully permeate the surface.

   The Maldekan became a convert, an addition to the many true respectful adherents of the mystery schools that Thoth, a converted fallen angel himself, have instituted.

   The forces of hollow earth gained one guy who is prepared to bring out the Source light from the portal deep within the bowels of the earth.    Their much maligned knowledge and wisdom may someday soon free humanity from the archonic over emphasis to head knowledge.

   The Divine feminine will rise to make mortal beings whole again.

... to be continued

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