October 31, 2012

Ouroboros - Piercing the Studio Veils

... continued

   In this very challenging duality existence, veils can be categorized in different ways.  Man's consciously self imposed veils is one kind and the unconsciously imposed veils of the game is another kind.

"Do you not know that we judge the Angels? How much rather those who are of this world?"    from 1 Corinthians 6:3

   Humanity will someday grade the angels or the so called gods.   But first, we are to judge our own selves.

   However, coming from the paradigm of our mortal forgetfulness, I feel we judge ourselves more harshly than need be.

   I suggest, in the meantime, let us forgive ourselves, pickup the pieces, make amend with Sophia and accompany her in transcending duality . Thus we shall get connected to heal ourselves and be wise enough unity awareness.

"Seek ye with wisdom.
Turn thy thoughts inward.
Close not thy mind to the flower of Light."

   There is a flower of Light stationed in our hearts.  It may grow dim or shine brighter over various lifetimes in the course of the cosmic cycle.  But it is our share of divinity and we have to look inward into this built-in portal.

   Following after outside glory is bound to ensnare because it is an act built on separation, a separation of self to a god that is without, and to a glory that our collective amnesia denies to ourselves.

   Thoth gave an account on how he did his own soul trek into time space:

He who would follow the pathway of wisdom,
open must be he to the flower of life..

He accessed the spark within his own heart by undergoing several types of abstinence or fasting:

Deep in the silence, (silence: fasting from noise)
first ye must linger until at last ye
are free from desire,
free from the longing to speak in the silence.

Abstaining from eating until we have conquered  (fasting from food)
desire for food, that is bondage of soul.

Then lie ye down in the darkness.  (darkness: fasting from lights and sights)
Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light.

   In other words, he isolated himself.  Most probably he had his own isolation chamber in the temples.  He isolated himself in order to freely access the light within.

   And from there, he undertook the following:

Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness,
force into the heart and shake free
shaking it free from the bonds of the night.

Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth.
Picture the place thou desireth to see.
Vibrate back and forth with thy power.
Loosen the soul from out of its night.
Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power
until at last thy soul shall be free.

   With a predetermined time space coordinate, firmly in his dream-scape, he shook and vibrate his concentrated spark.

   In the cave of the solid rock, in a valley lit by the moon, he laid and perhaps chanted the following mantra in order to soul trek the records within the Pathalogos Library or fly over the moon.

Distance, darkness fade away,
I seek the Mystic Traveling Ray.
Reveal before my mind's bright eye,
The secrets that I wish to spy:
While keeping a mental destination: Pathalogos Library

   And for the first time, off went his soul to rejoice in freedom:

Mighty beyond words is the flame of the Cosmic,
hanging in planes, unknown to man;
mighty and balanced, moving in Order,
music of harmonies, far beyond man.

Speaking with music, singing with color,
flame from the beginning of Eternity's ALL.
Spark of the flame art thou, O my children,
burning with color and living with music.
List to the voice and thou shalt be free.

Consciousness free is fused with the Cosmic,
One with the Order and Law of the ALL.
Knew ye not man, that out of the darkness,
Light shall flame forth, a symbol of ALL.

    According to Thoth, in astral travel beyond certain barriers, the secret pathway for a safe soul trek is to go within and then towards the sun found in the center of the earth.  And from there go from circle to circle, cycle to cycle.  The hidden circle of light inside the earth is a tunnel to the sun and towards the other portals nearer the light of Source.

"Followed I then the path to the star planes, followed I then the pathway to LIGHT.

Deep into Earth's heart I followed the pathway, learning the secrets, below as above; learning the pathway to the HALLS of AMENTI; learning the LAW that balances the world.

To Earth's hidden chambers pierced I by my wisdom, deep through the Earth's crust, into the pathway, hidden for ages from the children of men."

   He went into the hollow earth and found the inner sun, the law that balances the globe, hinged towards helios and certain other portals of light.  There in the hollow of the earth, he visited the different habitations and the halls of Amenti.

   Via these tunnels, the lights of love exist for those who are worthy of wisdom.

"Seek ye the flame of the EARTH'S LIFE.
Bathe in the glare of its flame.
Follow the three-cornered pathway
until thou, too, art a flame."

   The soul trekker, Thoth, tells about the obstacles in the human studio of duality.  He told about shadow beings that crept into the governance of man.

"Unseen they come, and unseen they go.
Man, in his ignorance calls THEM from below.

Dark is the way of the DARK BROTHERS travel,
dark of the darkness not of the night,
traveling o'er Earth
they walk through man's dreams.
Power they have gained
from the darkness around them
to call other dwellers from out of their plane,
in ways that are dark and unseen by man.
Into man's mind-space reach the DARK BROTHERS."

   The dark invisible beings can enter into the minds of men who succumb to greed, enticed with power gained without earned wisdom.  Into the 4th dimensions which man accessed via his mind, these beings would be ensnaring, seeking to leave the plane where they belong.

   Thoth also talked about certain boundaries and hounds.  He has to evade some hounds whenever he attempted to soul trek these boundaries of our cosmic cycle.

"Far have I been
on my journey through SPACE-TIME,
even to the end of space of this cycle.
Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
lying in wait for he who would pass them.
In that space where time exists not,
faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
Move they only through angles.
Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

Strange and terrible
are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
Think not to escape by entering your body,
for follow they fast the Soul through angles."

   Accordingly, Thoth has to form his soul body into an orb to lost the hounds.

"Made my body into a circle
and lost the pursuers in the circles of time."

   And he even has to move in a roundabout way and hide in circles so that these hounds cannot overtake him.  Apparently, space has folds which can be circular or angular:

"...when free from my body,
cautious ever must I be
not to move through angles,
else my soul may never be free.

Know ye, the HOUNDS of the Barrier
move only through angles
and never through curves of space.
Only by moving through curves
can ye escape them,
for in angles they will pursue thee."

   I feel the circular folds of space refers to various density overlapping a location like the earth planes.  Shifting thru these dimensions and the portals, one cannot be overtaken.   The pursuing hounds travel fast but have difficulty shifting dimensions.

   Thoth had to be as nimble as Peter Pan evading the armies of Captain Cook.

   (The inner portal inside the earth is a territory of the light masters.  We surmised in the earlier post that they are the shining ones.)

   From the above description of Thoth, we can see that behind the hologram of man's duality is a movie set with dangerous props.

   There are natural barriers that are neither dark nor light, but exist to isolate the duality game from areas for the cosmic unity expressions.

   In another post, we theorized that there were artificial beings or archons that guarded the boundary.  One possibility is that these were borrowed by our galaxy from another galaxy.  These might have come from the Andromeda galaxy.

   However, because of cosmic accident, some of these props has turned too serious that we become too homesick.

   We ourselves can create fences and barriers complete with shadows and hounds.  Most of these lie in the realm of the 4th dimension, that which is related to the mind.  In this dimension, time is flexible and consequently space, being horizontally lined in time continuum is also fluid.

   Examples of the products borne out of this dimension are the different languages, race separation, laws/government/institutions, money, religion, fears and all sorts of cultural beliefs and frozen mental paradigms.

   Many of these walls, fences and barriers have had their place, and do need to come down in order for us to transcend duality.  They can be the root of our separation from the Source and each other.

   Fictions of law can give us a reason to trash earth or harm another human being unnecessarily.  4th dimensional constructs can manifest into 3D hell among the human angels. Or at the least they could serve as blockages.

   For example, when a person becomes too anxious about achieving something, he often create a psychological barrier.  Trying too hard can create problems for the said person.

   This can be reinforced by the nature of manifestation in the 3d dimension.  There is a time lag involved wherein what is actually the now moment has not yet manifested.  In effect, we are experiencing the manifestation of our past and looking at them, we may conclude that our godlike powers to manifest do not exist.

   In our examination of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth we will encounter many terms that refer to these barriers prevalent to mortal existence.

   According to Thoth, the object of human drama is to gain more light by transmuting encountered darkness into light.

"Put forth thy effort in gaining LIGHT
on the pathway of Life.
Seek to be One with the SUN/state.
Seek to be solely the LIGHT.
Hold thou thy thought on the Oneness
of Light with the body of man.
Know that all is Order from Chaos
born into light."

   As the cosmic cycle is ending, Earth is poised for a planetary mitosis.  All these games of dualities and the rules can now be in a state of flux.  The hollow earth libraries can get connected to our internet.

   Prepare for some power outages, as we are shifting the networks into quantum technologies of the 5D hollow earth.  It's time to ride the wave of Gaia Sophia's renewal.

   In the meantime we can try to visit the wonders of hollow earth and the cosmos just like Thoth.

... to be continued

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