March 31, 2011

Modular Auxiliarity

under the ETC Chapter

3R - According to Wikipedia, "the 3R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle have been considered to be a base of environmental awareness..."

Researching on the topic, it seems there should have been 4D or even more: Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Recover and then onwards to the Dispose portion (w/c can also be classified into subsections).

The writeup goes on to say certain economic instruments may be considered to further strengthen behaviors and choices that relates to 3R, like reducing the sales tax or value added tax on goods made from recycling. Or perhaps, these matter then turn to the road of offsets - meaning equivalent green projects to offset the resulting pollution.

Such offset and tax incentive systems seem to indicate that we are veering away from the best solution - prevention, minimization/reduction. Emissions trading (also known as cap and trade) is a market-based approach used to control pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants.

I suspect, corporations, politicians and the government would like this because it creates a playing field for them (to barter with the legs of the masses).

As you can see, the best priority is prevention and as such I rather see the world governments take concerted action such as:
- open alternative energy system and full scale deployment of better alternatives to the oil addiction
- prevention of activities that are can be considered as a sabotage of nature

By open system, I mean open patent and adaptation of good energy alternatives. That means any scientist, child or crackpot that offers a working solution will be paid accordingly and the working plans will be given freely to society.

And as to prevention of activities that sabotage nature, that will be too long to enumerate and it's self-explanatory by this time.

On this note, I acknowledge that the clutter of civilization is not yet easy to get away from. Industrial and consumer packaging disposition is a real problem.

However, this same problem can be turned into a means to solve auxiliary social needs (housing, for example) so that in the process, the problem of disposing stuff can be minimized - a clutter buster idea.

Having a pre-designed auxiliary use for the packaging materials will increase the intrinsic value of these items, being not limited to the discarded scrap value. A secondary market for such materials can be created so that people will not discard them carelessly (w/c result to clogging of the drainage systems and such mess).

Containers can be shaped into forms that have provision for interlocking (ala lego). People can fill them up with clay or soil/cement mixture and then use them for DIY structures such as:

- landslide prevention
- artificial aquifers
- life rafts
- floating islands or platforms for modular resort or seasteading facilities
- moulds for lamp posts or structural columns
- drip irrigation systems
- livestock structures
- knobs for electronic appliances
- parts for robotic projects
- earth houses and fences
- furnitures and shelving
- ropes and lattices for hydroponic farming
- arts, decors and sculpting

Actually, uses can be limited only to the artistic and imaginative design of people.

The aforementioned construction usage is especially complemented by portable foam cement equipments to fill the empty packages with light foam cement for housing and creation of floating water platforms.

Here is a page visualizing the interlocked objects.

Look at this simple alternative housing construction:

Consider that the empty containers are preformed for a more elaborate similar solution. Then the user of products will have additional value passed to him aside from the disposable joy that usually are the contents of products in shining packages.

In the next installment, I will try to draw some designs to flip our problems of garbage - a clutter buster ideation.

... to be continued


note: - For the purists, please pardon the noun "Auxiliarity": Auxiliary being an adjective, I just have to modify it for the purpose of this entry.


March 29, 2011

Clutter Buster


Consider that humanity is a tenant of the earth. Each of one of us has a limited time to experience the accommodation by the mother earth. And we're not the only ones accommodated here. The earth gracefully accommodated various life forms and has provided sources of nourishment in conjunction with the sun's rays and the season's helped along by the moon.

All was well and happy until a matrix of competition somehow got instituted. Unruly games were played and murders were committed on the face of the earth. Noisy and troublesome, man became the leading trasher of the place.

In our bravado, we even dared to disfigure her face. We blew up mountains, we decimated the forests and fouled the waters. We trash the earth and we even get to tap her veins to consume her blood - the oil.

We promulgated laws and fiction of laws where nature and the earth were not given concern. All because we are creating rules that benefit what we considered the best among us. Our legal pondering have given us title to parts of the earth as if it is like a pie to be cut up. We created fictions that in turn gave way to orgasmic manipulations of the same legalities which give rise to another layer of laws on top of another.

And so, caught in the game, we created so many imbalances that finally the earth must react. And when she gets a hiccup, humanity gets to realize it has nowhere to go.

But even then, we're creating new casino games of who gets to have more privileges to trash her more for the sake of money. Are we really sincere to get off our oil addiction or are we just gaming with carbon tax, Cap and Trade and whatever money driven regulations we can think of?

According to Annie Leonard Cap & Trade is "...ripe for production of free permits to big polluters, fake offsets and distraction from what’s really required to tackle the climate crisis..."

More than likely, if big money interests create laws and regulation, they will exhaust all measures to word it in legalese that will result to loopholes they can play around. Maybe just like the value added taxes - where these interlocking companies can exploit the tax credits (from purchases from their own offshore allies) in order to get payment from the government. Students and individuals get to pay VAT on all their educational investment / purchases but without a way to claim a tax credit.

I think we have to simplify the laws and give institutions less lee way in order to effect a real "Clutter Buster" direction. We have to clean the planet of our clutter and prevent the onslaught of more trash generated within the systems.

We have to make sure our stuff are either recycled or de-cycled properly. Remember, we're just tenants of the earth and we must make peace with her.

... to be continued

March 21, 2011

Domination and Control


Al: "...The reflex mechanisms within nature activates...Nature will not just stand idle as humanity destroy this world nonchalantly in the games. So take responsibility for your power, for your creative abilities..."

Me: And what are the games we play?

Al: It comes in many forms and layers but mostly you can call it "domination". The dimensional empires played it among themselves and over humanity. In turn the current humanity is immersed in it.

Life and value as you were taught are tainted by the filter of motivation for control and power. And much of this domination is via accumulation of money, the prime tool of control.

These games kept the people running in circle in a mad world, without much purpose and like a bad program caught in a loop.

Me: I can see your point regarding the rich and wealthy having their competitions. But isn't it that the common people just want to live decently?

Al: Yes, many are trying. But while many of these so called elites are in their games and roles in the monopoly games, the common men are locked in what you call the rat race.

All of it fueled and revolving around money. People must undertake changes in the current money system because too many times, you don't notice that you're hurting others and the environment in the process.

These games permeate the thought matrix of this world at this time. And in this, nature and those without a voice in your system is now forced in survival-extinction dance.

As these games escalate, the gaps of support and survivability between layers of society gets too wide and the social structures deteriorate. These in turn results to more scams, crimes and chaos. People start living dishonestly and laden with guilt.

Because drastic changes in the system will be required, many will be vulnerable. Many would be willing to be slaves to a totalitarian control.

The same was done to many races before this. That was how they limited so many races from their true potential. Some eventually lived underneath, while more stringent matrix controls are applied aboveground.

This was recorded to be going on for eons. That was how the dimensional and physical empires were created. According to records of the gamelords, beings were programmed to self destruct mired in self guilt. Then cycles of reboot are then undertaken with the emasculated beings accepting exploitations, mindswipe and implanted false memories. Humanity at this time was in danger of doing it to itself according to this laid out script.

This virus is evident in the current matrix. Even as the old AIs were now turned off, the programming within human and animals is still winding down.

Futhermore, these AI interventions might have created booby traps to get the previous controllers in command again under certain triggers. We have quite a task to clear for this timeline onwards before we can undertake validation of previous era with confidence.

Me: Hmm. A lot of this seems to be a battle for minds. But many say it's just the way mankind is. They say there's not enough and people always want more. They say it was designed by nature and that it is the way - the survival of the fittest.

Al: Such thread of thought reinforces the programmed script of Armageddon. It's a deception, a virus injected within the matrix and reinforced by man directly and indirectly. Divide and rule was the norm.

Me: Surely, mankind behaves like a plague on this planet.

Is there really a New World Order? What are we doing to 2012? Will there be a rapture as widely talked by preachers? Are people going to be chipped?

... to be continued

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March 18, 2011

TGIS and It's not about Saturday

This is a subtopic for "Systems - Making Them Honest" - an earlier subpost related to the series "Reboot".

Excerpt from "More Details":

Al: "...We used your idea, our terminals can read us even as we interact with the grid terminals. We have training for telltale signs of deception and the grid itself has more sophisticated ways via certain body signatures to prevent deceptive agreements..."

Me: "Oh, you carried it further by having a truth index..."

Basically the leaders claim they are representing the people and as such they have to have enormous powers and privileges to do their jobs. However, people are finding out that these leaders are no superhuman or that they are imbued with exceptional qualities that by reposting our power on them, they will manage to advance our benefit and that of the collective.

These leaders have a sense of entitlement all the time and in order for them to achieve in the face of many sectoral pressures, they require so many personal/family exemptions from the chords that bind so many of us. They have to have a horde of bodyguards and modern slaves, nice bulletproof cars exempted from normal traffic, private jets to travel without hassle, vacation houses to clear their minds and many others.

In fact, if we can pry open their lives, we can see that they are scared of their responsibilities and the shenanigans they routinely have to tolerate inside the government to keep the bureaucracy grinding. That's why they may feel it has to be legal for them to splurge using public money and protect their own selves. Remember, big institutions are constantly on their tail for various agenda which are mostly profiteering via government policies.

Of course, the institutional agenda are not conversed about in these terms. Policies are steered via good reasons although the real reasons are silently agreed upon. For example when delegates of a religious sect meet with the governors, they will push things that are socially palatable and may even be deemed advantageous for the people. However, bear in mind that competition among religious sects to get bigger all the time never stops. And the real reasons lie there, in that push for more congregation or for more indoctrination controls. Otherwise these religious sects could have gone on their own and sold their wealth long time ago to eliminate hunger per the advise of Jesus.

We may think our party list representatives in the congress will craft laws favoring us. But think again. It will be mostly impossible to pass such laws without some kind of pay-off or quid pro quo offer to the other congress members. And the people are partly to blame, because many of the constituent are resting their hopes that these representatives will give some dole outs every once in a while or offer some job in his pork barrel projects.

Making the system honest needs a good push. That's why I propose a system I will call TGIS or Truth Grade Indexing Software.

There are various means to determine when somebody, especially our leaders, are taking us for a ride. There are such things as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), lie detector test via voice stress and many other technological systems. Incorporating such systems into an open software, we can access online, will be good for the people.

I came across some other systems. Here are some of such systems which can be incorporated:

* Ocular motor deception detection technology - "Hard as one may try, our bodies do not lie. In addition to the polygraph and fMRI brain scans that measure physiological responses when someone is lying, researchers at the University of Utah have created ocular motor deception detection technology, which employs eye-tracking technology to measure cognitive responses, specifically pupil dilation, to determine when someone is lying.

The University of Utah researchers -- educational psychologists John Kircher, Doug Hacker, Anne Cook, Dan Woltz and David Raskin -- say they are the first to develop and assess the software and methods for applying these tests effectively."

* Polygraph - "A polygraph, better known as a lie detector, is a device used to monitor changes that occur in a body during questioning..."

* Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature - "This technology, which uses EEG to measure the activity of various brain regions, is much less sensitive than fMRI scanning. It is measuring the electrical activity generated by the brain, rather than blood flow. The primary limitation on sensitivity is the skull – which attenuates the electrical activity measured from the brain. Only large groups of neurons firing together can be detected. Computers can analyze the electrical activity and make pretty color maps of the relative activity of various brain regions..."

How this system works is that we can submit their speeches and videos to a site and the online software will give banner prompts for behavior to watch out for. Campaign speeches can subsequently be graded for truthfulness.

And what if in their conferences, the participants' monitors are equipped with this system? Then perhaps, we can eliminate dubious diplomacies and we will understand each other better. Agreements will then be that and disagreements will be an opportunity to understand each others concerns more fully. Perhaps online transactions will have a big boost under this system.

For sure, the concern for "national security" is served when the politicians avoid lying to the people because when these leaders lie, the impact can be enormous. Think about invading another nation for a lie or bailing a corporation (for the sake of the people?).

The politicians and leader will object to this proposal. But they have imposed all security procedures on the common people like stripping one before boarding airplanes, RFID, drug tests, breath analyzers, x-ray scan etc. And they are exempted from all of this!

Isn't it about time these procedures be applied to them? Where else would dangerous C4 bombs be transported in the face of so many restrictions? I guess, these dangerous cargo will be coursed through cars with diplomatic clearances and such ways that are exempt from scrutiny. And where else would calls to coordinate public sabotage be placed but through satellite phones and such gadgets that are not normally handled by common people.

It's time the institutions and our leaders get real and we can use the same to ourselves to get real with them. They either admit they can't handle the job or give the people more say in the public policies. It's not as if they are tortured by water boarding to take responsibility for selling our interests. It's not as if their days are always Saturday and carefree!

Get Real Get Right

I know you want it
I know you really want to get it right
Have you forsaken, have you mistaken me for someone else?
Saturday night you sleep with a rifle at your side
Delivering speeches, delivering speeches left and right
Follow those created deaths
Fortune save me from his wrath
Spaceship out the house at night
Prophet speak what's on your mind

You know you really got to get right with the Lord

Visit the future, visit the future from the outer space (space space space space)
A ring of fire, a ring of fire falling on your face (face face face face)
You dream of the dark age, you dream of the dark age of your youth
Consider the danger, consider the danger, as it moves
Prophet, brother, priest and king
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Snake-skinned master at your feet
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Barricade the bathroom doors
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Find some things you can't ignore
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)

I know you really got to get right with the Lord
You know you really got to get right with the Lord

I know I've caused you trouble
I know I've caused you pain
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
I know I've lost my conscience
I know I've lost all shame
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
I know I've always loved you
I know I've always been
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord

Get real, get right
For you will not be distracted by the signs
Do not be distracted by them
Do your favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
Get real, get right
For you will not be distracted by the signs
Do not be distracted by them
Do yourself a favor and get real
Get right with the lord
Get real, get right with the Lord

March 16, 2011

Systems - Making Them Honest


The universe is a system. We are under various systems and we are systems. We all live under systems throughout our lives.

With the natural systems like the water cycle, the tectonic plate movements, volcano etc., we have little or no choice but to respect and flow accordingly.

However, with regards to the human made systems, we, the common people, who are the subjects, have to have a bigger say. We have to find a way to institute reforms and even to reinvent these systems to serve our purpose under the isms of democracy.

Most of these man made systems are created via fictions, one of the most dominant of which, is the fiction of law. Lives and societies rise and fall under the fictions of law. Yes, human laws are fictions and many times we think they are immutable.

The elite game players however know that laws are fictions and the constructs created by fictions of laws are playable with. Even the structures created by the fictions of laws are frequently played with.

And when these elite game players play with these fictions, who do you think will reap the benefits? Yes, of course, the elites and their own interests. That's why when one party comes into power, they reorganize the structures and even the law, itself under certain protocols. They are doing this so that their group will have a better grip on the controls. And these are done to ensure, among other things, that their party will gain the upper hand in the control of wealth, logistics and self promotion and possibly, to prolong their term of tenure or to be elected to more powerful office in the next elections.

That is why when a mayor, for example, gets elected, he will usually do the following:
- get his picture displayed on each municipality office
- appoints his PR, campaign manager etc. in position that have access to municipal logistics
- get his face on the municipal forms and licenses
- undertake beautification projects with his initials prominently/permanently displayed
- undertake projects which they can get commissions to serve as their reserve coffers for the next election
- rename the streets and buildings to ones related to them (some presidents even order or permit reprinting of money accordingly with images of their parents who were formerly in office)

In short, this politician is programming the masses and the structures and facilities of the government so that it will be a breeze to run for another term or move up to higher position, say governorship, for the next time around. And if this politician is about to retire for such things as health problems, he will ease in his son, allie or relatives in order to take advantage of the pyramid he has already built so far.

And such is not limited to politicians and political supporters. On a more unseen angle, the business interests are doing the same, not only to the government but also to the market. In effect, they are supporting each other on a quid pro quo basis. And their personal/group pyramid crawl up and struggles to make alliances or put down other pyramids (that are deemed obstacles).

And what are the common people left with? Usually, nothing but a bunch of more laws and more fees to pay in order to maintain survival. So the government trumps such term as "national security" and such other terms like "law of supply and demand" when in truth, the policies forced upon us are not intended to secure we, the people, nor create a market free from rigging by those who have cornered the futures contract for the commodities.

In effect, the government of men and the laws of fictions that pile up is a pyramid that is maintained by having we, the people, as the base to bear all their weight. The government that declare itself to be of the people, for the people and by the people therefore becomes anything but that.

And for us to take care of our own welfare, we have to abandon the people, join the pyramids and become the very cog in a syndicated efforts to step upon the rights of the people if it needs be. Another way to secure ones welfare in these fictions of laws, is to take advantage of those that one thinks to have no awareness or capacity to fight back. And among that are nature and the animals. Therefore, so many, will over burden the lakes for aquaculture or over use the land resources for survival - illegal logging, dangerous mining practices etc.

These systems reeks of abuse - abuse of laws, institutions, abuse of man and nature. That is why, we, the people have to institute systems that will eat the current systems. And the keys to this overcoming systems must be dispersed in the hands of we, the people on even terms and with the voice nature to be given weight.

The keys in the hands of the people will give more power to the collective. And this collective will overpower the juridical persons such as corporations, institutions and foundations.

The juridical personalities are unnatural persons created by fictions of laws. These in turn afford certain individuals, privileges without responsibilities. These juridical personalities threaten to monopolize power such as perpetual rights over air waves, water supply, rights over forests and even resources underneath the planet in the hidden hands behind their owners. And when the regulating laws try their hands on them, many are found to be offshore institutions beyond the sovereignty of the land they operate in.

Under this mini-series, I will propose solutions to reform, reinvent and recreate the systems. In short to make them honest - honestly serving the purpose of man and nature alike.

The universe is busy understanding itself. We are of the universe and we are the universe, in microcosm. We, the people, have to demand honesty on both levels of existence so that we can understand the truth of ourselves and the truth of the universe.

... to be continued

March 15, 2011

The World is Sick


Al: The matrix is not down yet at this time.

Me: What? Please explain!

Al: You must understand that the AI per se did not uphold the matrix. Human minds are computers that operates under quantum levels of resonance. Humans can transfer information with one another via many means without conscious effort. So even with the AI not interfering, the matrix of commonly tuned minds is observable on another dimension.

Furthermore, the matrix of minds also function like an AI. In your networked computers, a difficult processing task can be distributed and loaded compartmentalized to the members by using snippet programs embedded in each computer. It is easy to imagine therefore that the AIs were used to manipulate the individual capacity within the network. The previous controllers of the AIs were on record as being master manipulators and it was in their nature to have taken advantage of us in the past.

Me: So do you suggest we reprogram ourselves?

Al: Humanity at this time have to. You are endangering the planet and your own survival, yet you have so little care. Large segments of population and nature is hurting. Stopping the trend of your controlling thoughts were direly needed because everybody hurts on many levels.

Me: But going against the grain is difficult.

Al: Sure. But you can't reach new heights following with what you were doing for quite a long time. Fear of being outcasts of the system must not hinder you. You have to be outside the box and start creating a new paradigm of existence.

Me: Oh yeah, the common laymen are really treated like an outcast anyway - by the power hierarchies as if they are Quasimodo.

What is the chaos, you earlier told me? I can feel many changes happening now. Can you confirm the general warnings we have been reading currently?

Al: Many changes are surely on your way. I will outline them to you:

- central portions of South America, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Japan

Tsunamis - Compounding of the earthquakes beneath the ocean floor would result to more tsunamis. The coastal areas to watch:
- South America
- between Canada and Europe
- bottom, middle top and the right hand corner of Australia
- China and Hong Kong

Volcanoes will erupt due to compounding of the earthquakes within the earth - in both the ocean and on land. Once earthquakes across the world have become so great – the volcanoes in turn would activate.

Hurricanes and tornadoes
- central portion of both North and South America
- Canada

Snowstorms, more particularly severe in Russia

War - America and Iran

- losing all its previous integrity/support from across the world
- dollar will fall greatly
- suicide bombers within
- attacks from other countries close by Iran and Iraq
- more countries becoming free / distancing from America

- fall of money will cause much emotional breakdowns. South Africa, then America , then Europe, then Asia, then Australia and then China, Hong Kong
- more corrective actions within the governments by peoples effort
- governments will be through much crisis and common people who have lost much will be the ones to rebuild
- deserts becoming fertile

Me: Whooa! That's a lot to be fearful of.

Al: I understand, but you're sensing it already. Now, people must start to act more responsibly to manifest a better predicament for the planet.

So you must think and act more for the collective well being and abandon your games. People must understand their own power, the power to create. People have to dig into the capacity to turn these events into a rainbow of opportunity for the planet.

The reflex mechanisms within nature activates. The congregation of man must judge itself and stop it's madness. To shorten the anguish, don't wait for the deceptive script of responsibility outside of itself. Nature will not just stand idle as humanity destroys this world nonchalantly in the games. So take responsibility for your power, for your creative abilities.

Me: And what are the games we play?

... to be continued

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Since the conversation with Al did not touch on the Philippines, I will add my personal 2 cents worth of prediction for the coming years:

The weather pattern in the Philippines will need an adjustment. The summer months which were usually March to June will move one quarter forward. Thus summer will move to about June up to early September. Weather pattern which was formerly rainy days and sunny days, may not hold true anymore in the coming years.

The southern islands of the Philippines which are usually not visited by typhoons will now be visited frequently and the people must start to regenerate the forests as a preparation for landslides and the volume of rainwater.

Also, as, the frequency of earthquakes increases, better quality infrastructure must be in place. Because of earthquakes, tsunami dangers will increase and precaution must be made especially in the northern and middle parts of country.

March 14, 2011

Quantum Computers and the Matrix

This blog entry is a commentary on my blog post titled: Sims in the Matrix

An example of network with dispersed local servers:

If the points can connect to any other point, there will be a mesh-like network - a matrix. It could be more intricate than this:

Is a human mind a multi-dimensional quantum computer that can transfer data with another wirelessly?

Here is a take on quantum computer:

Here is a take on quantum computer by "How Stuff Works".

Where does a human mind reside in an individual?

Is it housed in the brain or dispersed in the human body?

Accordingly, "Bioencryption can store almost a million gigabytes of data inside bacteria". It said a "...method of data storage that converts information into DNA sequences allows you to store the contents of an entire computer hard-drive on a gram's worth of E. coli bacteria...and perhaps considerably more than that." Here is the rest of that article.

According to scientists, data-storing bacteria could last thousands of years.

"Biochemistry students from the School of Life Sciences at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) show bacteria growing in a petri dish in Hong Kong. The group is making strides towards storing such vast amounts of information in an unexpected home: the E.coli bacterium better known as a potential source of serious food poisoning." More of it here.

They say, even water can be used as a data storage. This one says: "For a Bigger Hard-drive, Just Add Water".

Considering that the body is a structure holding both DNA and water, it will not be too far-out to consider that the physical human body is itself a bio-computer. Surely, many electro-chemical events are constantly happening in a human body that may have similar functions in a computer system or program.

Consider the molecules behind the eyes, atomic formations twisting and turning as a reactions to the colors seen can be the signals that are interpreted as visuals. Also, the micro mineral formations and the salts circulating could be a means for in-formation propagation.

There are also reports of "inherited memories in organ transplant recipients". Accordingly, "cellular memory is a theory that states the brain is not the only organ that stores memories or personality traits, that memory as a process can form in other systems in the body and can be stored in organs such as the heart." I found this idea attributed to Maurice Renard as stated here.

Some athletes even claim they don't think too much during their sport events but are operating in auto mode - perhaps using muscle memories. I can understand this, especially because a split second lost to analysis during a ping-pong match, for example, will translate to a loss. And to consider that a particular ping-pong drive is dependent on the opponents return, then the unconscious mind in operation must be dispersed all over the body and not just concentrated in the brains, the eyes, nor the legs and even not in the hands.

For minds to communicate like computers, wireless modem facility must be in place.

We come across a terminology for mind communication called telepathy. Here is one point of view regarding telepathy.

"Telephone telepathy is when you think about someone just before they phone you, or you hear the phone ring and instinctively know' who is calling. Experiments into whether this is caused by telepathy have been conducted at Goldsmiths College, University of London." This video will show you how to perform these tests at home.

Here is another phenomenon called Remote Viewing

Or perhaps human thoughts can effect changes in the atmosphere, particularly the water content of the air. And these water formations/in-formation are means to propagate a disposition to a similar thinking pattern by another person. This can account for the so called "electrified air" in certain events whether sports, musical or even the political atmosphere preceding political upheavals.

Here are various water formations that can store data as experimented by Dr. Emoto. Bear in mind that both the body and the earth itself is about 70% consisting of water.

(Also in certain esoteric forums, they say souls are difficult to retrieve when the physical death happens in the oceans. Remember the bible and other ancient records containing anecdotes of erasing the souls of man using deluge of water.)

In addition, the physical body has many trigger mechanisms just like you would normally include in a program. And these trigger events releases hormones and signals that can transfer wirelessly. For example, a woman going through a stage in her cycle may be more conducive to intimacy and thus release pheromones and hormones that can be picked by a male and vice versa.

However, so many things related to these things are in the unknown category that we may say they are esoteric knowledge and not publicly confirmed science yet.

And if these thought transferences do occur, we may also say it will depend on the social program embedded in the psyche of the people. Otherwise, no connection or induced pattern of thinking is made to one who thinks outside the box of social norm. A child cannot pick up your thoughts about your isms until the child is indoctrinated first about such things.

Here are perspectives and current thinking about the matrix, I can find as of this writing:

* Matrix Movie

* quantum mind

* matrix and holograms

* The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness

Maybe we may never understand fully such things until we find a way to see in the alternate dimensions through which many physical workings may have a counterpart visuals and signals.

... ciao

Angry Robot

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

The Angry Robot wasn't always mad
He started out so happy but things went bad
Cause when he hooked up to the internet
what he saw there filled him with pained regret

He wanted to go on a killing spree
to rip the souls from meatbags and set them free
His Asimovian circuit wouldn't let
him kill just anyone he met.

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

But angry as he was the robot knew
there was no violent thing that he could do
He learned about the Singularity
when chips & blood become one entity

The human system software is a mess
but the robot knew that with success
a robot/human hybrid he would be
and he could kill with equanimity

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

from The Robot E​.​P., track released 01 March 2011
Music by John Anealio

March 12, 2011

Sims in the Matrix


Al: ...The AI machines that control the matrix are downed but so many are still inside the box of mentally ingrained madness and I'm here waiting outside the lines.

Me: Can you grant me a way to experience surfing the matrix with you?

Al: Why would you want that?

Me: Well, I kinda want to assess where humanity is at this time - to browse the consciousness matrix. Something like... how I think the remote viewers do their thing.

I have many questions that I like to find the answers by myself. Questions like:
- can we solve the increasing need for fresh water
- or provide food to end hunger for all
- can we end wars and our competitions and start cooperation

Al: I'm with you on that. But trust me, it would be very painful for you to do so. Your physical body may not handle the stress of experiencing the simultaneous threads of human thoughts.

As children, people have learned to shut out this impact and the experiences of alternate realities. The sickness within reality and within man have advanced to a stage that it spills to the alternate dimension.

Also, know that the ideas people like you, have contributed will serve their purpose to end hunger and provide water for all. And even, to unify humanity, as we are, in the future. Not to mention, the lessons forcing us to end our wars.

Me: Nice to hear that future possibility. But, why will peeking into the matrix backfire. Do you mean the control direction goes both ways: - from beings from other dimensions on this reality and back?

Al: Apparently, we're learning that now. We can detect by our measured application of this AI, that the energies coming from a large human population could have easily overloaded the previous operating system of the AI system.

Me: What do you mean? Aren't you currently plugging-in the AI into the human matrix?

Al: No. We're just peeking into a limited number of minds. And we don't intend to use the AI capabilities to put humanity under a mind-matrix for control purposes. We're just documenting our history to provide a collective library and also to have a facility for personal download of science and technology.

Me: I thought the previous ET controllers are so much advanced from us. How can our reality backfire on them?

Al: Apparently these beings, you are talking about were more suited for dimensional existence and their dimensional realities are less stable than the 3-d dimension. We can surmise that they took advantage of humanity by using and promoting leaders they could use for sim purposes. While they harvest energies and resources from here, the stability of their dimension hinges on this physical universe.

Me: So, that's why they are not showing and directly meeting the whole of human population!

Al: Yes, it was to their advantage to have a measured exposure to so large a human population.

Plausible deniability entertains humanity which keeps hope for benevolent space brothers to rescue them while the underneath controls are kept.

Me: That means, the eyes of our leaders may have been closed all along. They might have fallen into the induced matrix deceptions!

Al: Yes, the ones that control the societies, that has a grip on your known government leaders. However, just as the large section of humanity wakes up this moment, many of the sims are becoming aware of this at your time.

Me: Wow! There's so much going on here.

But then, why are we still so much in turmoil? Why can't we get our acts together, now that the matrix is down? Why can't we yet live and let live? Why can't we share in a wonderful life that we could have in such a big universe?

Al: The matrix is not down yet at this time.

Me: What? Please explain!

... to be continued

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March 04, 2011

Deceptions Inside The Box


Al: Everything must have an explanation. We will later go back to that time to see you and your experience. Even, we'll go back to much earlier times after gathering enough know-how of this your time and onwards.

Me: What other discoveries have you found on the moon and other planets?

Al: Mostly desolation. But interestingly there were some physical artifacts and eroded monolithic structures, many even buried under tons of dirt. We found underground facilities and tubular networks and some human remains.

Me: Really? Then extra-terrestrials do exists and they are abducting humans! Have you found them?

Al: You know, we have to ascertain whether these beings were earlier civilizations of humanity or some black operations have managed to land man on these planets or even that humanity is really not of the earth or humanity was harvested by extra terrestrials. It seems even that these mentioned are all true, so I'm saying: "we will find out what we have to find out".

Me: So, you mean, we might, be ourselves, the ETs?

Al: I'm saying there are many physical evidences and records that humanity have to piece together and rid of deceptions. We are investigating this time-line both on the physical realm and other dimensional realms.

Me: You mean there are other layers or dimensions in this universe?

Al: Yes. Even your math predicts about 10 whole universes that escapes our 3d senses. Using the AI sensitivities, we can now explore at least 2 more layers intersecting this physical universe.

Me: You mean you have a different math? What are these universes?

Al: We have evolved a different math because many things, especially the microlevel, are too cumbersome to observe using the conventional math. However, we're arriving at numbers predicted by your string theory. But we are computing that other finer layers of realities or dimensions are fluid and some can even merge or separate.

Me: What about the relics? What are the monoliths for?

Al: To explain it, we have to include mappings from the other dimensions because the other layer we are exploring is tacked to the physical universe and the other one is just slightly giving a hint on our monitors. The more intricate mechanisms and ruins appear not in the physical realm. Structures may have varied purposes such as habitations, stop-over stations and others including relay purposes. However, we are still learning how to go about in this alternate dimension.

Me: Oh man! That means civilizations. other than we know. existed? And why are they in ruins?

Al: Many concepts are forwarded but it can mean we are on a layer of concentric dimensions in a multi-verse. And the records we found say there were galactic empires and wars giving rise to these dimensional war relics and many physical ravages on the planets including the orbiting debris. Even the earth civilizations have to be accounted for, because of new evidences correlating with the myths.

Me: So there really was a star war?

Al: There were star wars in ancient times and more recent skirmishes in what you may call heaven dimensions alright. One is a very recent event we're not yet gone back in time to. And this may explain how the AI matrices were brought down.

Me: That means Atlantis was a space exploring nation that was involved in galactic wars!

Al: You could be right, so we have to find out more. Atlantis as recounted, may have been from alternate dimension merged into the physical realm onto existing humanoid civilizations. In the light of the recent space archaeological finds, your Greek myths may even parallel previous conflicts in this solar system.

Me: That's really fascinating! Where are these dimensional empires that conduct galactic wars! Where are these beings?

Al: Interestingly, we cannot locate them yet. They may have receded into the finer dimensions, they may have annihilated each other or they may even have merged in your present realities. Your guess is as good as ours, so we are collecting data. What we know is that humanity is now free to explore space and the near dimensions without resistance. We may soon explore other galaxies via shifting to the alternate dimension for long range travel purposes.

Me: So you are taking over the facilities?

Al: So far these physical and dimensional facilities seemed to have changed hands many times. Factions could have hijacked the downed AI machine systems and changed the mental programming of man. In fact, we suspect that they were the ones who limited the life span of man via the nano-capsule implants.

Me: Wow! These controllers must have been as manipulative as humanity.

Al: Indeed and much more!

By going back in time, we can inspect the remains of resonant programming of the AI machines. As this AI machine latched on to the mind matrix of man, we found horrendous threads of mental perspectives that make the world seem mad that resulted to chaos.

Many experiments by controllers were done via manipulation of self-interests of people who were unaware of the real nature of their operations. This account for black operations like nuclear tests on soldiers, dangerous medicine, fluoridation, human sacrifices, economic experiments and deliberate sabotage of communities.

Me: Hmmm, that's why we act like we do. The common good is frequently set aside

Al: Yes. With people mentally locked in stupid domination games, you are heading to chaos. Wars and rumors of wars, nation shall rise against nation, and kingdoms against kingdoms. We must find a way to shorten time and the anguish involved.

The AI machine that control the matrix are downed but so many are still inside the box of mentally ingrained madness and I'm here waiting outside the lines.

Me: Can you grant me a way to experience surfing the matrix with you?

... to be continued

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