September 09, 2012

Tales from the Realms - The Counter Earth

... continued

    Back to the story surrounding Mr. Mills and his experiences in his parallel earth timeline:

    He was running for his life and with the help of some people, faked his own death.

    He was able to print lottery tickets of winning numbers, the details of which an accomplish inside the system, gave him.  The said numbers were unclaimed for some time.  And he was able to cash in some major money, sharing with the man.

    He had his own lottery outlet, running, for a quite a long time at nights.  He has created a diverted online connection to duplicate signals towards his own computer.  Using that, he created a database from which he then tried to decipher the coded markings and print some test tickets at night.

   In summary, he encountered some syndicates within the system, the banks and government in his own nefarious operation.  And when it became too hot to handle he got double-crossed by some of the elites who befriended him.

    After some curious accidents and death, he found himself with little recourse but run.  He barely was able to get on that Atlantic island, nearly starved to death and was nursed back to health by the giant who came from the planet that is revolving constantly behind the sun. 

    Accordingly, the solar system started to move in the photon belt of the galaxy a couple of years ago and as a result the earth humans increased in vibration.  Because of this, the giant was able to interact more easily with human beings.

  This 4D giant from the counter earth modified the non-physical insect obtained from the hollow earth for his use as a drone.

     Accordingly, the said counter earth known to us as Antichthon is a hollow planet which is populated with 4D beings of various race origins.   The giant which Mr. Mills would not name would periodically visit earth to check on his own twin soul who was entrapped in the earth matrix of continuous birth and rebirth. 

     However, at that time when he met Mr. Mills, he was deciding to get within the matrix of earth cycle because humanity was beginning to rise to 4D and the breakdown of the trap of Karma is ending.

    The giant wishing to be human was in the process of disconnecting his own cloned 4D physicality.  He decided to hop into humanity's ride.

  He hoped he could be here in the morning as a child of his own twin soul.

...  to be continued

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