November 08, 2012

Tales from the Realms - From the Top

... continued

   Now that the preface was laid, let's form our story into a linear narrative using our premises as a backdrop.    And from there we'll continue from where we left the inputs of Mr. Mills and our Maldekian friend.

   So the energetic portal, the center of our universe, burst out with a release of power from its antimatter flip-side.   From the initial potentiating yin and yang vibrations, power that created the universe became manifest.   The Word or vibration ordered the clumping of various galactic centers with their own spiraling arms.

   Somewhere in the Celestrial realms, around the center of the universe, where the non individuated inter-playing prisms of energy propagate, beings acquired awareness of self.

   Angels of light further devolved into the Shining ones, interacting with plasmic orbs of various solar systems, creating portals for different planetary logoi.

   And as the planets coalesced into hollow orbs with their own inner suns, the Els inhabited the planets.   After the cosmic cycles, they moved back to Celestria, submitting their experiential records to the universal Akasha.

   From there, new waves of Celestrial souls moved outward.   And the Elohims inhabited the planets for another cycle ever nearing a denser existence towards the final creation of 3D angels.

   After the Elohims' cycle of tenancy and records were submitted, they were then followed by 4d man/woman, following the anthropoid patterns originally beamed from the universal center.

   Each cycle creating human-like forms and bodies but of varying densities and characteristics.

   At some point in the higher realms, a different angle of consciousness emerged.   The so called Lucifer potential emerged.   Upon self reflection, ego-self and separation was imagined.   Immediately, this ego-self took seed into the 4D realms.

   Somewhere near the edges of the universe, in a system called Orion, this ego mind took root.

  Sophia, the Aeon, one of the trinity aspects of creation, became too engrossed in the evolving destiny of man.   And in an accident of cosmic proportions, this energy became more aware like an experiential being, departing from her existential beingness.  Thereby, her essence slowly drifted to the solar system where the denser 3D realms was beginning to be imaged.

   Her slow materialization on the edge of the universe was occasioned with layers of the veil of forgetfulness.   She would forget her own beginnings and cosmic powers.  But her powerful descending plume presence created sentience in artificial beings on this realms.

  The sentinels or archon game lords found themselves in a kingdom they thought they were the creators of.  The lords of the rings of the outer universe, thereby sought to control these realms.

   Sophia falling into a dream, begun to lose some of her sights and senses.   But still aware, like a lucid dreamer, she then sent images of how creation emanated from the Light, the resonating electromagnetic vibration of power to correct the archons.

   However, the synthetic beings thought these images are its own creative thoughts and thus they planned to mimic these domains within the realms of their reach.    And looking in their self appointed domains, they found the Orion system where the ego or left brain dominant way of life is rooting.

  They then became aware of beings of higher densities that observed the 4D man.   They then hatched a plan to close the dimensions of human drama, using the existing man in this endeavor.

   Orion, then was influenced from within and with certain royal lineages of Luciferic consciousness, the mimic of Celestrial realms began to be possible.  The creative manifestation of 4D man and later the more potent 3D humans on Sophia Gaia became the fuel for their creation.

   Orion became the colonizer of Tiamat or Nibiru.    And thru this, our Solar System was penetrated.   Gaia Sophia's surface was later controlled in preparation for the eventual takeover of its logos deep in the hollow of the earth.

   Souls from Celestria watched in horror the eventual sacrifice of their mother.   And forthwith, a call for all volunteer souls to help and work on earth reverberated.

   Deep in the Luciferic ego drama; man, woman, children and other beings of innocence became entwined with the struggle of Gaia Sophia.   With embedded ego personality suits, lost human souls created dark thought forms and energies.   A dark psycosphere  would then envelope the surface of Gaia.

   The consciousness of man would be trapped in a matrix where there would be boundaries and electric fences shackling the human awareness.

   However beings from higher realms would try to guide human developments constrained by freewill concerns for our evolving society.

   The various openings to the hollow earth would be closed and the upper mantle of Gaia would be inhabited with reptilian beings, archonized 4D man, androids, deros and other orionite beings like the greys.

   With unaware surface populace, they would interact with secret governments of the world via the Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Mardukh or SAALM and the other layers of secret elite societies.

   At the same time, trapped 5D hollow earth inhabitants would embed various christed avatar teachers on the face of the earth.   Some of them would even surface and create civilizations from time to time.   While the dark beings would retaliate by mimicking and twisting these teachings to further their own agendas.

   Media would be employed as entrainment, spirituality would be turned into dogmas of separation, sciences would be directed and abundance would be denied so that man becomes a vulnerable puppet.

   The matrix would have its own soul reprogramming mechanism to supersede the original hollow earth pathways for soul light regeneration.

   Towards the end of the Kali Yuga, the souls of man and Gaia would awaken.   And the collective awareness would rise to transmute the darkness in the phycosphere, turning dim lights into brighter lights.

   The end of the matrix nears.

... to be continued

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