September 03, 2012

EC: Solar Harvester Wheel Idea

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When one is in the  dream-scape, I think it is usually that he thinks quite differently.

I think I should have investigated Mr. Mills homemade technologies more and bring it in this reality.  However, it was a meeting where I was unprepared and my motivations and thought process may work quite differently at those parallel realms.

So I was thinking maybe I should elaborate some more about Mr. Mills temperature differential wheel.  I hope that any reader may come up with a more technical point of view and implementation.  Perhaps it's just the process by which co-creation can work its magic.

Here is a syringe.  I can say one can fasten a couple of these on a wheel axle.  If you put nitinol spring in the base and center axle, we may be able to manipulate the content volume of the syringe based on temperature differential exposure of the syringe spokes and the way nitinol was programmed to react.

Alternatively, refrigerant may also be used to push up the syringe and lift some attached weight causing an imbalance in the wheel and thereby spin it.

However, just like pistons in a car engine, it must be sealed good and able to overcome any friction.  For DIY purposes, I think one may experiment with refrigerant on an unexpanded balloon placed within the syringe which then serves as the piston.

Furthermore, both nitinol and refrigerant can be utilized or experimented upon.  Solar reflector can be used to expose the upper portion to heating.  To effect a reverse reaction under the blade, the wheel can be dipped in water and/or ordinary counter springs may be used.

>> Here is shown the concept  (without the springs, weight and refrigerant).

The wheel will successfully swing as the pistons carrying weights alternately expand and contract.

However, if work is to be extracted from the wheel, a guiding mechanism much like that implemented on a bessler wheel can be used to frame the wheel swing.

Here is a depiction of a Bessler wheel.  There is an inner guiding ring which is offset by certain degree from the center of the axle.

(I think, the Bessler wheel itself may not work because  it lacks the mechanism to push the weight except via gravity.)

Here is a depiction of a possible floating Solar Harvester Wheel.

The float device can be  hollow platforms filled with sealed PET bottles or containers.

The upper portion of the wheel is exposed to sunlight intensified by the reflector blades on both sides.

Underside, evaporation occurs and the wheel may be partially dipped to cool down and allow the reverse springs or the offset guiding ring to move the spokes inward.

If this structure is big enough, it can serve as a floating facility for pearl culture, aquaculture, aqua-phonics or leisure.  Condensed evaporation can drip to stretchable container bags to provide desalinated drinking water.  Energy derived from the wheel can be  used for hydrolysis.  Collected hydrogen and oxygen can serve as the byproduct / storage of energy.  Transport  of products can be via sea-crafts with hydrogen fueled engines.

I hope to try these ideas but I will be glad if the readers are able to benefit in them in any way they can.  People should start co-creating a pleasant planet and most likely, it will be implemented outside of the corporate push for profit. 


   * the inner guiding ring may not be a ring at all, half of a ring may suffice and the shape may be oblong:  all to do with the calibration of nitinol or refrigerant reaction, length of piston etc.

   * smaller units could be ideal appurtenance to houses, RV homes and such things which are usually outside to receive sunlight

   *  compressed air can also be used as energy storage, coupled with an all purpose Tesla Turbine for motorized functions and electric generation like the following (or something more refined version of it): 

... to be continued

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