April 15, 2011


Merriam-Webster lumps "Freedom" into 2 categories as follows:
1: the quality or state of being free
2: a political right

Realistically, freedom for a nation hinges on its economic independence and well-being. However, even after so many struggles by many nations for independence, it seems little headway was made. So much blood have been invested and the heroes of each country may be disappointed if they ever see the returns.

Here is a perspective from one insightful fellow. Substitute a country you're in for "America" and see if it fits in.

mbridges commenting on a Max Keiser video said:
"The DOLLAR is the ultimate DERIVATIVE. Like all derivatives, it is designed to enable its creators/issuers the ability to steal the underlying collateral that its value is derived from."

- subtopic for "Systems - Making Them Honest"

Excerpt from "More Details":

Me: So did you create your own money and laws?

Al: We did...

...We used your NETS idea for our currency. Consumptions zero-out commensurate NETS balances, thus the grid's standing net surplus represents resources available in the grid.


As you may have noticed, some corporate bodies managed to get hold of the ability to print money for the world (directly or indirectly). Having their cartel product as basis for global transactions is equivalent to having other currencies as really just denominations of the FED dollar.

Here is an animation of the related history:

As nations become aware of the scam, decoupling and financial haggling are taking place today. The financial Armageddon is a dangerous endeavor, although it may not be as obvious. Lives and freedom of so many people are being discussed at some venue by world leaders today.

Related threats and counter threats may have been behind so much of what is happening around us - all for the center square of the financial chessboard.

The banksters could conceivably own mercenaries of their own, inside or outside the government forces. And their stranglehold may need to be bashed in order for the people to be free.

For the "geek in his garage", you can help bring freedom to people. Whereas, money is largely a representation of agreement of people regarding trade-able values. Creating DOMES for our communities will empower people and may bring economic freedom.

DOMES - Digital Open Money and E-commerce System will be a portal site accessible for everyone.

To give an example. Let's say a small village agreed to use the facility. The people participating will register their village or group. They will create members and the number of membership will generate the same number of userids and temporary passwords.

The group can then raffle off the userids and passwords so that the respective participants can then log-in to input their e-mail address to receive the link to input their details, desired password and real username. (For their own security, they can conduct a meeting for internal validation).

-The members of an E-Commerce island or group can be able to browse the activated memberships and the island has a board for suggesting services and goods with a standing vote of approval counts.

-A member then can suggest, for example - 'mending fences' as acceptable service.

-The standing votes reflecting agreement (certain percentage) will then approve and determine the average valuation equivalent of hourly cost.

-The E-Commerce island, can by a standing vote create the initial and periodic allotment of digital open money to each participant.

-The portal will keep tabs of the goods and services and the related tabulation accruing to the members - transaction have to be validated by both parties.

With this system, the digital island is connected to physical realities. And people can undertake cooperative effort for their community without relying on money that has to be borrowed from the banks. Farmers with small lots can cooperate on a rotating labor service to benefit each participating member and perhaps agree on joint machine capitalization from the proceeds of their labors.

The portal can be supported by ads. E-Commerce islands which are of refute and track record may eventually have a linkage with one another. With this, a community proficient in one area can benefit from trading their produce with another which may specialized in another.

Perhaps it can be done. Perhaps, we are the generation to give the next generation - FreeDOMES!


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