April 09, 2011

Vortices Collide


Excerpts from previous:
Al: Such thread of thought reinforces the programmed script of Armageddon. It's a deception, a virus injected within the matrix and reinforced by man directly and indirectly. Divide and rule was the norm.

Me: Surely, mankind behaves like a plague on this planet.

Is there really a New World Order? What are we doing to 2012? Will there be a rapture as widely talked by preachers? Are people going to be chipped?

Al: A lot of these questions veer on the esoteric. Please be wary that these esoteric myths are fraught with dangers. I can discuss what we have learned from our comparative analysis of the records found but you have to keep yourself grounded to the realities.

Me: I have to, there's too much out there. And so many conflicting opinions divide people.

So, I can agree with you on that. But humanity is so used to thinking about some kind of power to eventually fix the world.

Al: I understand. Religions and esoteric dogmas are replete with such promises. And these have brought humanity on a collision course among those believing naively.

Many were expecting some kind of Armageddon to settle which one of them has divine favor. - Not knowing about the facilities latching on their psyche nor the virus thought threads injected in the matrix which are employed to create such scripts and fulfill these myths.

Therefore, many won't go out of the comfort of their esoteric shell program to help one another, to heal the world and unify mankind.

Humanity ought to get it's act together for a true change, not a false New World Order nor just wait for any false messiah or even a false extra-terrestrial intervention.

It is important that people don't get stuck to what was defined for them as "God" by others, if at all. Many esoteric myths have been created by malevolent beings both in the kingdom of man and the counterpart in dimensional universe.

The handbook of the game-lords reveal that they have created a science of totalitarian control by manipulation of the matrices. The techniques have counterparts in both dimensions and the respective matrices.

Me: Are you saying, the alternate dimension have a similar matrix like how they controlled the humans?

Al: Yes, they had a dimensional matrix. That's how they expand the empires. And as I told you, the AI machines interfering with humans, changed hands several times. Whoever controlled the AI machines get to play the "God gig" - harvesting worship and such energies.

That's the reason for the desolation in this kingdom of man. Wicked prophets kill while speaking the magic world "God". Promising one more, too often among people, who wouldn't know about the cycles of reboot civilization has been through.

Me: Humanity is steered like ships to collide with each others. Can we stop this, now that the the AI control of the matrix is down?

Al: It would not be entirely easy to veer from collision if the ships broke their rudder or the captains abandon the control. Wouldn't it?

It would take more people to wake-up and get the ship on steady safer course.

Me: Do you mean the malevolent NWO plans pushes through?

Al: The esoteric groups pushing their NWO agenda would encounter many things that they have not foreseen. Vortices are on collision course. I would not elaborate more, but I will just say that the coming events would be big hurdle for humanity, so waking up is essential.

Me: Can you explain to me how the matrix is controlled?

AL: Observing from the vantage point of alternate dimension, you would notice vortices around key personages. These vortices or sphere of influence could be utilized to create social predisposition and coordinate event engineering.

Every person who rose to enough power and by which these vortex came to revolve upon were candidate for an AI experience. The AI facilities could create virtual realities to trap powerful men into being co-opted for a long term social engineering with or without their knowledge. And most of them would think they are favored by the divine.

As communities gets involved, the energy of the vortices grows and can be harnessed by many dimensional machines. These are then used to power more facilities to delude and inject viral threads in the matrix.

Me: Hmmm. If that's their technique, wouldn't it have been the AI machination that Jesus encountered when he was tempted to bow down for power?

Al: I wish I can answer for sure, but we have yet to investigate the realities of his accounts or any person from whom a "Jesus-character" might have been based upon.

In any case, the tempter that was recorded may easily have been a DAIMON or Dimensional AI Manufactured Organic NVRAM.

Me: Hu? What is that?

Al: NVRAM is a Non-Volatile Random Access Memory. It is a dimensional implant on man that can gather memories and retain the stored data even if the man dies. The AI can animate these NVRAMs by using the harvested human energies and it then can act as symbiot to pretend as a personal angel, devil, guides etc.

Me: Wow. I can't understand you enough but your work to investigate time will be very interesting indeed!

How are humans able to provide energies usable for the dimension?

Al: Humans are transmuting physical substances and in the process creating finer energies which were harvested dimensionally.

In the physical bodies are certain facilities that could have been implanted. They function to generate all sorts of hormones and chemicals, some of which your science know, like DMT, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphin, serotonin etc. These in turn trigger emotional energy release that were harvested.

Furthermore, these potions could provide a portal for deluding a human person into acting accordingly. The programmed release via culturization or endocrination is one way.

Me: And religion was one of that?

Al: Yes, esoteric knowledge was used on many occasions to conflagrate people and races according to scripts.

Me: So where is God, if there be? And will there be a rapture as taught by some? Will it happen in 2012?

... to be continued

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