April 22, 2011

DOME - Why not?

I tried to post a version of FreeDOME in another website called "Why Not?". Here is that post and a reaction/counter-reaction that moved me for a new post - thanks to Jason:

- under Chapter III: "Clarifications" section


Digital Open Money and E-commerce System (DOME) will be a portal site accessible for every cooperatives.

To give an example. Let's say a small village agreed to use the facility. The people participating will register their village or group. They will input number of members and the number of membership will generate the same number of userids and temporary passwords.

The group then raffles off the userids and passwords so that the respective participants can then log-in to input their e-mail address to receive the link to input their details, desired password and real username. (For their own security, they can conduct a meeting for internal validation).

The members of an E-Commerce island or group can be able to browse the activated memberships and the island has a board for suggesting services and goods with a standing vote of approval counts.

A member then can suggest, for example - 'mending fences' or 'car pool (schedule)' as acceptable service.

The standing votes reflecting agreement (certain percentage) will then approve and determine the average valuation equivalent.

The E-Commerce island, can by a standing vote create the initial and periodic allotment of digital open money to each participant.

The portal will keep tabs of the goods and services and the related tabulation accruing to the members - transaction have to be validated by both parties.

With this system, the digital island is connected to physical realities. And people can undertake cooperative effort for their community without relying on money that has to be borrowed from the banks.

Farmers with small lots can cooperate on a rotating labor service to benefit each participating member and perhaps agree on joint machine capitalization from the proceeds of their labors.

E-Commerce islands which are of refute and track record may eventually have a linkage with one another.

oobi07, Apr 19 2011


How can you "cash out" from this system? The benefit of transacting with paper money is that it is universally accepted. If I want to buy something outside of this economic island, as most people do in modern society, I need convertible currency. This seems like a step back from not only globalization, but nationalization. I think your idealistic, and that's great, but your concept is to replace money, with trust in your service. Asking a lot no?

Just my thoughts,



"How can you "cash out" from this system? The benefit of transacting with paper money is that it is universally accepted..."

To make it more obvious, the points of this system include the ff:

  • communities can start economic activity with labor as capital

  • if the cooperative system is applied for common time/labor concerns, people will be more productive because the labor angle in the created market turns to have economies of scale

  • this system is not relegated to an internal market of labor exchange. Members can still be employed outside for conventional remuneration.

  • a member can decide for example to bring-in raw materials for crafts and the economies of scale will kick in to add value resulting to finished products and the same community products can be the basis of their currency for outside trade

  • to make the above more obvious to you - a member participating can buy the finished product w/in the community and retail it outside for conventional currency.

"This seems like a step back from not only globalization, but nationalization..."

It is a step in community unification which may lead to a globalization that is not controlled by elites. (It is a community problem solving and equalization process.)

The elites already are stacked with gold/precious metal or of asset resource horde and they can afford a reboot of money based on gold or other resources - thus everybody else will be their slaves in their version of world order.

"I think your idealistic (you're too idealistic)..."

I can agree to a real new world order that entails debt jubilee for all for a fresher start for humanity (and that may be a shot in the dark!).

Caveat for above video:

- the real sponsor is the planet earth - (Land: Land, Capital & Labor). Otherwise some shrewd banker will get into the act and the pyramid power structure is once again recreated. Anyone else are really pseudo-sponsor who have a horde of wealth to control the community

- the real leader is the collective will of the members embodied in the grid - the Capital or collective Equity. Anyone else will be a pseudo-leader who can be co-opted by a pseudo-sponsor to bind the whole community into their pyramid trap

- charters must be fluid, reflecting the growth and needs of each member as tallied by the standing votes in the grid. What will not serve the collective welfare of the community can be replaced in real time by changing one's vote.

- moderator role if needed can be rotated to the members

A real NWO must not be dominated by the current posers of world control. The current order is harmful to the whole planet and a reboot to basically the same game w/c will lead to the same outcome is a (programming) loop.

Will I be blamed for ideation beyond the system - I think not, otherwise this site must not be called "Why Not?".

.ciao and enjoy

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