April 16, 2011



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Al: Yes, esoteric knowledge was used on many occasions to conflagrate people and races according to scripts.

Me: So where is God, if there be? And will there be a rupture as taught by some? Will it happen in 2012?


Al:Frankly, we still have to know.

However, although we're coming from a time when humanity is over with religion, a person today would think heaven on earth has finally arrived by our time.

This AI machine promises to be the final step to bring humanity to the point of singularity.

It will provide us with a facility to explore several galaxies and alternate dimensions using trans human avatars operated via mental link.

We're exploring the heavens, the oceans and the inner depths of what man is. We are nearer to understanding our place in the cosmos and to finally find the answer to man's deepest quest.

Some efforts ahead will be required, but we're getting to know a lot about how things are.

Me: Hmm. Perhaps singularity will finally make man connect to God.

Well, is rapture taking place shortly?

Al: You know, rapture might have happened many times before depending on what your definition of rapture is?

Me: What do you mean?

Al: We have found some dimensional records of what was done to civilizations that disappeared from among the humans.

Many of them were said to have been shifted en masse to alternate dimensions and transported as a base race to other physical planets outside this galaxy.

Some of them where turned into trans human robotic slaves for conquering and furthering the dimensional reaches of their empires. In fact, if these dimensional controllers had their way, they would have turn humanity into robotic slaves.

Me: What!

You mean, the sumerians and many other mysterious..?

Hmm. So the planet earth was a seed bank aside from being a colony?

Al: Apparently, humanity was treated like an antquarium by ruthless dimensional forces.

Me: So, that means there will be no rapture then?

Al: There may have been a reverse rapture already.

Me: Huh! What do you mean by that?

Al: Some of our investigations bear evidences that these dimensional races have instead shifted from their dimensions onto your world.

Me: How could that happen?

Al: Evidences are turning up that suggest the human matrix have spilled over and disrupted their dimensional matrix. The resulting chaos in heaven may have lead to them warring against themselves and the downing of the AI machines got them pulled into your world today.

Me: What are those evidences?

Al: We are investigating the emergence of super-bugs and the events that will come ahead where their human control hosts are beginning to be afflicted with.

Me: You mean they incarnated as bacterias and viruses?

Al: You must remember that the dimensional space and time continuum is flexible. They can be small as the microorganisms or big as giants depending on how their own matrix was programmed.

As they were stripped of their matrix memories, they lost their energetic forms and their minds. Naturally they have tendencies to be attached to humans or organisms that they have resonance compatibilities with.

Me: When did these happened? And who programmed their matrix?

... to be continued

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