April 20, 2011

Math of the Quantum

The universe is an intelligent design. There are lots and lots of science and math behind this design. And there are many instruments that played together to create the symphony of nature as we know it. Using a computer as an intelligently designed hardware, we can observe that the physics of the universe is moved by the logic of math. Our everyday math is the base ten digit system. The computer hardware, however, is wired to use the on/off electrical circuits of electronic gates. As such it uses ultimately a binary digit system. And this is overlaid by other math systems owing to the amount of bits that are accommodated by the count of electronic wirings coupled side by side into a bus. Understanding the universe is like understanding a computer. There is a hierarchy of program languages involved. It is just like VB, COBOL, Fortran, C+ down to lower levels like the assembly and machine languages. The universe is not explainable in simple terms using decimal and many other current number systems. Take for example the Pi, a mathematical constant integral to a recurrent design in nature. We normally may use 3.1415 as the value of Pi for our circle formula but the digits can go on perhaps to a trillion digits. The quantum sciences observing the minuscule will be needing a more accurate math system. Here under the third - ETC Chapter This blog entry is a commentary on my blog post titled: Deceptions Inside The Box Excerpts from the said entry: Al: Yes. Even your math predicts about 10 whole universes that escapes our 3d senses. Using the AI sensitivities, we can now explore at least 2 more layers intersecting this physical universe. Me: You mean you have a different math?.. Al: We have evolved a different math because many things, especially the microlevel, are too cumbersome to observe using the conventional math... --------------------------------------- What I think fits the bill is one that can be derived from observation of music and sounds. Sound/music is inherent in vibrations and frequencies - the things that boils down to the basics of atoms. And I think a new math can be derived from octaves of recurring notes from Do to the higher Do. And in between are sharps/flats - with combined many notes forming a group soul called a chord. I'm not adept in the language of musical notation and representations, but I can relax without a care and simply enjoy music. Without being too technical about it, the sounds of the flowing waters or the burning embers can affect you and your predisposition to peace or melancholy. It is, as if there is an invisible string or (a super string?) that binds matter on a molecular level. Atomic formations can form in one place and its partner atoms in another place. Is that why you have what is called resonance? You can tune one guitar string into a resonant compatibility with another - you pluck one and the other will also vibrate! It has been shown that babies in their mothers' womb enjoy music. And they are born with the same resonant sounds from all around the world. - That is at least until after, they are programmed with their native tongue which is a form of higher programming language just like in the computers. (Btw, animals seem to have a singular tongue for each class whether born in Africa or Europe - Were humans deliberately tampered with into division?) Many of the thoughts that impel man to move are in the form of words. Words have an inherent resonance program within them. In fact, too many times, people have to get that resonance to do something about the world. Words, sound, music - they are essentially the same things that are presented in tempo, rhythm, cadence, progression and such qualities that artists, poets, creators and lovers knew by heart. The universe is an intelligent design and I would naturally theorize that simply, music is its machine language - the Math of the Quantum. Links: * Music Thought To Enhance Intelligence, Mental Health And Immune System * Music Has Its Own Geometry, Researchers Find * Music and speech based on human biology * The Sacred Geometry Of Music * Universal Property of Music Discovered ciao and here is a toy for you to create some notes and appreciate music: or play the online piano by Canadian Musician magazine:

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