April 13, 2011


In the previous article named "Tangled", I mentioned about a wish for a portable gadget with which we can feed plastics and create something out of it.

Here, a Japanese found a way to convert plastics into oil:

But perhaps, his gadget may not be so affordable yet. Or that the electricity needed to operate it is not cheap. Maybe a solar version could be developed to make it more practical.

Ideas like these must be supported by the communities as one way out of our garbage conundrum. Communities will benefit from it and must support further development of the said approach.

Here under the third - ETC Chapter, a sub-section of Modular Auxiliarity

In the meantime, a simpler redesigning of the packages for alternate purposes may be a good way to benefit both the environment and the manufacturers.

By using many shapes and compatible sizes of packages that are usually destined to dumps, confluent purposes may be served so that:

- people will be empowered to create something out of a large chunk of the price they paid for

- companies can create compatible designs and shapes that will encourage customers to collect and patronize their products

Here is a proposal for such design, making use of packages together with discarded tires for making artificial islands, barges or platforms.

Here's a crude drawing of the design.

The said project consists of an array of used tires filled with lighter than water components. The containers which can fit snugly inside the tires are filled with light and rigid materials.

I think, a blend of foam cement can be used to fill the containers. Or for simplicity, how about a slurry of styro pellets which hardens to the shape of the containers.

Here's a picture of a cut up tire section. You can see that the shape is conducive to a design for container. Let's say a car care product is packaged in such a way that fit the said inner tire shape.

Something like this, can be filled with styro slurry mix. The containers lining the inside of the tires will then be fitted with an O-ring at the center. The O-ring will keep the composite durable.

In fact, for home-made carriage purposes, we may fill the containers with a light cement mix and snug in a metal bearing assembly. That will be a boon for rural farmers, too!

Again, pardon my drawing skills (I may need to brush up on that),

-but here are three containers fitted in the cut up tire. Several containers will occupy the insides and the center assembly should hold the flip up caps snugly.

The purposely designed container shapes should make putting it all together a breeze for the common folks.

With proliferation of packages using the Modular Auxiliarity concept, I think "Clutter Buster" Centers may eventually be located in deserted areas.

Other DIY centers and establishments will locate nearby. A person going there will have quite a time building many creative applications - Putting it together like Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

Depending on the buoyancy content used for assembly, a floating device can be made. Different configurations of tires can be strung together.

Extendability is limited only to the number of tires and compatible containers. - With three to five floating tires, enough for emergency situation.

Stack the tires into a giant half cylinder container. And then have cubical or boxlike containers (preferably interlocked) filled with the same buoyant mixture cemented together. You will get a giant floating platform that can be topped with soil. A pair of these connected by outrigger bamboos can easily be a platform for a sea-based cottage.

Have some of these platforms and connect them into a circular floating island that can be landscaped and then towed into a pacific resort for a man-made diving island stop-over.

Put the shapes together like a giant ship. Shapeship it and voila! You can have a small plane landing strip or a mini-Atlantis resort.

Bit by bit, the containers that would have been dumped can be a work of art.

Wouldn't you like to be the company that puts up the first mini Atlantis?

You can name it ABC Corporation Atlantic Resort or whatever you like. All it takes is to apply the "Modular Auxiliarity" concept in your corporations product packages.
And of course the empowered common folks to do it!

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