February 12, 2011

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Me: ...I think, other countries will respect such ideals and the created nation will not pose a threat to the host territory. It will be a center-point for training and send-off to space for creating communities on other planets.

Al: You have beautiful ideals! That is a good base for social system engineering. Now we can go back to the details of how it turns out.

Al: Regarding education, actually, the inception of the nation itself was the main educational endeavor. The initial volunteer citizens decided to have their own media in the grid in order to co-create a new national mindset. Although they have a start-up library of knowledge, they became free from outside media mind shaping shows thereby avoiding the vices and consumerism at that time.

The community-based educational curriculum provided plenty of interaction with nature and opportunity to bring out children's creativity. The children were encouraged to ask every question. The mentor cooperatives tried to answer them using common sense and coming from grid database. Questions are filed in the grid database for comments and review. At home, on-line reading, writing, math and science are conducted at the children's phase interspersed with tours of the nation and light duties in aquaculture, hydro-phonics and other projects.

By the age of 10 they are responsible enough and basically proficient in basic reading, writing, math and science. They are allowed to accompany undersea explorations and they have working tours of various production and engineering projects of the community from which they can experience application of theoretical knowledge. They are given light responsibilities to let them think of new ways and improvements. Usually by the age of 12, the sciences and maths turn to intensified applied levels. A child has learned all the basic productive, survival, martial arts/gymnastic skills not to mention he is creative enough and adept about the grid knowledge. Taking duties for food production and other endeavors earns him enough and rarely will resort to aberrant behavior.

At any time they can create their thesis for submission to the grid and be co-creator participants. Invention typically starts via an artistic design or conception and the technicalities are then fitted in by working groups or cooperatives. Because of cooperation and elimination of fear via competition, labor yielded its reflective function and has become an avenue of expression and a recreation.

Me: So, how do they create models for testing using the Co-creative Patent System? How do they acquire the facilities to carry out their ideations?

Al: There are common (DIY) centers where tools and materials are made available for the cooperatives to test their designs.

Me: Was our politics a hindrance to you?

Al: Not much. We have pretty much threshed it out beforehand. Our nation had no religion that might have created fundamentalist urge for war. We had a 100 year lease agreement with host nation, after which the both nations would have option to be mutually merged or we could detach our floating arks. By then we would have developed our capacity to install rigs on international waters for our arks and other modular floating platforms.

Me: So did you create your own money and laws?

Al: We did. Life and nature rights are the deemed the highest concerns. We keep the implementing system simple so each citizen is able to defend himself in the jury system.

We used your idea, our terminals can read us even as we interact with the grid terminals. We have training for telltale signs of deception and the grid itself has more sophisticated ways via certain body signatures to prevent deceptive agreements.

We used your NETS idea for our currency. Consumptions zero-out commensurate NETS balances, thus the grid's standing net surplus represents resources available in the grid.

Me: Oh, you carried it further by having a truth index. Was the CWS used?

Al: Indeed and it worked well. CWS is an integral part of our NETS grid which became like the blood vessels that circulate to provide resources and a means of exchange for all the nation territory.

Me: So, you have free transport and delivery in your islands?

Al: We have. In fact, nationals earn NETS units while sightseeing and going around our islands by cranking the pod mechanism through the smart highways. No traffic, no pollution as you have in your cities currently.

The physical internet system provide basic needs via tubes with grooves lined with peristaltic fibers. Food and supplies circulate freely so people rarely need to travel for basic necessities.

Me: Did you harness energies from the changes in sea levels?

Al: We did. The compression and expansion forces were used for various uses as you have written. Using desalination via specialized membranes, we have the initial water fit for common use. The brine were collected in pools from where we derived salt, lithium, vanadium and other elements. Brine also provided us with culture medium for some algae, shrimps and plants for food and rare elements. We learned to maximize utilization of every resources we have.

Me: Tell me about other technologies you have.

Al: I can tell you some offshoot of your ideas.

Because of membrane engineering, we have gained various techniques for hydrolysis and getting energy/elements from seawater. We were able to have various strong materials via byssal fiber engineering and infusing nanoparticles to natural materials for water and rust proofing. Combining nanoparticles and hydrogel, we created certain materials for healing injured bone and tissue. We are pioneers in mass production of low cost solar energy applications using pyrite printing. We even have self propagating nano-infused plants for terra-forming Mars.

The centralized/decentralized grid system you wrote, led us to create a self-healing and neuron-like computer system. That means the processing power is not centered on a CPU the way you design your system. Certain materials along the grid combine their reactions into a coherent logic just like the neural cells diffused in the body's nervous system. The memory of the grid is also diffused along the system utilizing nano-materials in the whole grid system. The grid became very sturdy and redundantly self-healing.

What you presented as seastead ideations helped a lot and became a major influence for us for designing a coherent base plan for a seastead nation.

Me: I feel honored now that you mentioned it. Did it helped my state in life?

Al: Initially, no. Certain people claimed credit for them.

... to be continued

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