April 25, 2011

God Monkey Robot

Al: Our estimate is that it happened about the early part of 2001. It is a curiosity, but we have to find if it was connected with the poles of the sun flipping.


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Al: You must remember that the dimensional space and time continuum is flexible. They can be small as the microorganisms or big as giants depending on how their own matrix was programmed.

As they were stripped of their matrix memories, they lost their energetic forms and their minds. Naturally they have tendencies to be attached to humans or organisms that they have resonance compatibilities with.

Me: When did these happened? And who programmed their matrix?

Me: Oh really? Did the sun really changed polarity?

Al: Yes, it did. And we have to examine the dimensional events at that time to find correlation, if any.

Me: Who programmed their matrix?

Al: The 13 game lords were the ones who did it.

Me: Therefore, these game lords are the ones playing god on humanity! How did it happen?

Al: No. The game lords were said to be the ones who created the dimensional races using emanations from various planets.

They then played the different dimensional races into various conflicts. The kings of these races had alliances, conducted wars and build empires.

Me: So who posed as god on earth?

Al: The group is something like your current G7. An amalgamation of kings of powerful races. Without them knowing, they were lead to stumble into mind engineering technology by the game lords.

They eventually behaved like a gang, no different from what happens to human leaders today. They created false memories and myths for their own races and consolidated the cosmic empire.

Those who resisted were demoted in consciousness and banished down to earth.

Me: So the earth is a prison planet?

Al: Yes it was.

Being a remote sector of this universe, the solar system was a convenient location as the experimental base of their black operations.

Many races eventually found this out and participated. Wars were conducted and eventually, those for physical confinement were placed on earth and a quarantine was put in place.

Earth became the banishment isle of rebels, thinkers, artists and such as who dared question them.

Me: How was the god role implemented?

Al: Their technological sorceries created an artificial persona of light that religious men were lead to believe as god.

As human minds collectively enforce this vortex of religious beliefs, they harvested more and more energies. They used that to shape the artificial persona for a grander virtual god deception.

Me: My God! Humanity was misled into hallucinations about a false god!

Al: Humanity created god in its own image.

Also, you can say the human DNA was tampered with hallucino-genes. Humanity was impulsed to be receptive subjects of that virtual technologies.

Technological hypnotism was used to manipulate the human matrix - the deception was on every layer. The insanity in the matrix is a virus usually infecting from the top, the leaders - for their control purposes.

Me: There really is something wrong with man.

Al: Common man must participate to bring the needed change within and without of humanity.

Otherwise, the prison system structure was programmed to reboot and recycle into the same prison it has become.

Me: So where are the game lords then?

Al: They too, have gone missing.

They might have been flushed down the earth also, when the dams of dimensional matrix broke down. The chess game of dimensional and human races consumed their consciousness.

Me: Wow! Then these gods and goddesses who toyed with existence and built cosmic empires are here!

From being gods, they are now here as micro-organisms?

Al: They are likely here. That's why we are validating this and trying to clear any possible booby traps they may have placed for themselves to be able to rebuild their matrix.

Me: Are they harming us?

Al: If at all, the lost of their memories and technology render them bereft of their machinations. On the other hand, the parasitic nature of these organisms is a concern today.

Me: What about Lucifer or Satan and the hosts of angels, have you encountered them?

... to be continued

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