March 16, 2011

Systems - Making Them Honest


The universe is a system. We are under various systems and we are systems. We all live under systems throughout our lives.

With the natural systems like the water cycle, the tectonic plate movements, volcano etc., we have little or no choice but to respect and flow accordingly.

However, with regards to the human made systems, we, the common people, who are the subjects, have to have a bigger say. We have to find a way to institute reforms and even to reinvent these systems to serve our purpose under the isms of democracy.

Most of these man made systems are created via fictions, one of the most dominant of which, is the fiction of law. Lives and societies rise and fall under the fictions of law. Yes, human laws are fictions and many times we think they are immutable.

The elite game players however know that laws are fictions and the constructs created by fictions of laws are playable with. Even the structures created by the fictions of laws are frequently played with.

And when these elite game players play with these fictions, who do you think will reap the benefits? Yes, of course, the elites and their own interests. That's why when one party comes into power, they reorganize the structures and even the law, itself under certain protocols. They are doing this so that their group will have a better grip on the controls. And these are done to ensure, among other things, that their party will gain the upper hand in the control of wealth, logistics and self promotion and possibly, to prolong their term of tenure or to be elected to more powerful office in the next elections.

That is why when a mayor, for example, gets elected, he will usually do the following:
- get his picture displayed on each municipality office
- appoints his PR, campaign manager etc. in position that have access to municipal logistics
- get his face on the municipal forms and licenses
- undertake beautification projects with his initials prominently/permanently displayed
- undertake projects which they can get commissions to serve as their reserve coffers for the next election
- rename the streets and buildings to ones related to them (some presidents even order or permit reprinting of money accordingly with images of their parents who were formerly in office)

In short, this politician is programming the masses and the structures and facilities of the government so that it will be a breeze to run for another term or move up to higher position, say governorship, for the next time around. And if this politician is about to retire for such things as health problems, he will ease in his son, allie or relatives in order to take advantage of the pyramid he has already built so far.

And such is not limited to politicians and political supporters. On a more unseen angle, the business interests are doing the same, not only to the government but also to the market. In effect, they are supporting each other on a quid pro quo basis. And their personal/group pyramid crawl up and struggles to make alliances or put down other pyramids (that are deemed obstacles).

And what are the common people left with? Usually, nothing but a bunch of more laws and more fees to pay in order to maintain survival. So the government trumps such term as "national security" and such other terms like "law of supply and demand" when in truth, the policies forced upon us are not intended to secure we, the people, nor create a market free from rigging by those who have cornered the futures contract for the commodities.

In effect, the government of men and the laws of fictions that pile up is a pyramid that is maintained by having we, the people, as the base to bear all their weight. The government that declare itself to be of the people, for the people and by the people therefore becomes anything but that.

And for us to take care of our own welfare, we have to abandon the people, join the pyramids and become the very cog in a syndicated efforts to step upon the rights of the people if it needs be. Another way to secure ones welfare in these fictions of laws, is to take advantage of those that one thinks to have no awareness or capacity to fight back. And among that are nature and the animals. Therefore, so many, will over burden the lakes for aquaculture or over use the land resources for survival - illegal logging, dangerous mining practices etc.

These systems reeks of abuse - abuse of laws, institutions, abuse of man and nature. That is why, we, the people have to institute systems that will eat the current systems. And the keys to this overcoming systems must be dispersed in the hands of we, the people on even terms and with the voice nature to be given weight.

The keys in the hands of the people will give more power to the collective. And this collective will overpower the juridical persons such as corporations, institutions and foundations.

The juridical personalities are unnatural persons created by fictions of laws. These in turn afford certain individuals, privileges without responsibilities. These juridical personalities threaten to monopolize power such as perpetual rights over air waves, water supply, rights over forests and even resources underneath the planet in the hidden hands behind their owners. And when the regulating laws try their hands on them, many are found to be offshore institutions beyond the sovereignty of the land they operate in.

Under this mini-series, I will propose solutions to reform, reinvent and recreate the systems. In short to make them honest - honestly serving the purpose of man and nature alike.

The universe is busy understanding itself. We are of the universe and we are the universe, in microcosm. We, the people, have to demand honesty on both levels of existence so that we can understand the truth of ourselves and the truth of the universe.

... to be continued

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