March 29, 2011

Clutter Buster


Consider that humanity is a tenant of the earth. Each of one of us has a limited time to experience the accommodation by the mother earth. And we're not the only ones accommodated here. The earth gracefully accommodated various life forms and has provided sources of nourishment in conjunction with the sun's rays and the season's helped along by the moon.

All was well and happy until a matrix of competition somehow got instituted. Unruly games were played and murders were committed on the face of the earth. Noisy and troublesome, man became the leading trasher of the place.

In our bravado, we even dared to disfigure her face. We blew up mountains, we decimated the forests and fouled the waters. We trash the earth and we even get to tap her veins to consume her blood - the oil.

We promulgated laws and fiction of laws where nature and the earth were not given concern. All because we are creating rules that benefit what we considered the best among us. Our legal pondering have given us title to parts of the earth as if it is like a pie to be cut up. We created fictions that in turn gave way to orgasmic manipulations of the same legalities which give rise to another layer of laws on top of another.

And so, caught in the game, we created so many imbalances that finally the earth must react. And when she gets a hiccup, humanity gets to realize it has nowhere to go.

But even then, we're creating new casino games of who gets to have more privileges to trash her more for the sake of money. Are we really sincere to get off our oil addiction or are we just gaming with carbon tax, Cap and Trade and whatever money driven regulations we can think of?

According to Annie Leonard Cap & Trade is "...ripe for production of free permits to big polluters, fake offsets and distraction from what’s really required to tackle the climate crisis..."

More than likely, if big money interests create laws and regulation, they will exhaust all measures to word it in legalese that will result to loopholes they can play around. Maybe just like the value added taxes - where these interlocking companies can exploit the tax credits (from purchases from their own offshore allies) in order to get payment from the government. Students and individuals get to pay VAT on all their educational investment / purchases but without a way to claim a tax credit.

I think we have to simplify the laws and give institutions less lee way in order to effect a real "Clutter Buster" direction. We have to clean the planet of our clutter and prevent the onslaught of more trash generated within the systems.

We have to make sure our stuff are either recycled or de-cycled properly. Remember, we're just tenants of the earth and we must make peace with her.

... to be continued

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