March 04, 2011

Deceptions Inside The Box


Al: Everything must have an explanation. We will later go back to that time to see you and your experience. Even, we'll go back to much earlier times after gathering enough know-how of this your time and onwards.

Me: What other discoveries have you found on the moon and other planets?

Al: Mostly desolation. But interestingly there were some physical artifacts and eroded monolithic structures, many even buried under tons of dirt. We found underground facilities and tubular networks and some human remains.

Me: Really? Then extra-terrestrials do exists and they are abducting humans! Have you found them?

Al: You know, we have to ascertain whether these beings were earlier civilizations of humanity or some black operations have managed to land man on these planets or even that humanity is really not of the earth or humanity was harvested by extra terrestrials. It seems even that these mentioned are all true, so I'm saying: "we will find out what we have to find out".

Me: So, you mean, we might, be ourselves, the ETs?

Al: I'm saying there are many physical evidences and records that humanity have to piece together and rid of deceptions. We are investigating this time-line both on the physical realm and other dimensional realms.

Me: You mean there are other layers or dimensions in this universe?

Al: Yes. Even your math predicts about 10 whole universes that escapes our 3d senses. Using the AI sensitivities, we can now explore at least 2 more layers intersecting this physical universe.

Me: You mean you have a different math? What are these universes?

Al: We have evolved a different math because many things, especially the microlevel, are too cumbersome to observe using the conventional math. However, we're arriving at numbers predicted by your string theory. But we are computing that other finer layers of realities or dimensions are fluid and some can even merge or separate.

Me: What about the relics? What are the monoliths for?

Al: To explain it, we have to include mappings from the other dimensions because the other layer we are exploring is tacked to the physical universe and the other one is just slightly giving a hint on our monitors. The more intricate mechanisms and ruins appear not in the physical realm. Structures may have varied purposes such as habitations, stop-over stations and others including relay purposes. However, we are still learning how to go about in this alternate dimension.

Me: Oh man! That means civilizations. other than we know. existed? And why are they in ruins?

Al: Many concepts are forwarded but it can mean we are on a layer of concentric dimensions in a multi-verse. And the records we found say there were galactic empires and wars giving rise to these dimensional war relics and many physical ravages on the planets including the orbiting debris. Even the earth civilizations have to be accounted for, because of new evidences correlating with the myths.

Me: So there really was a star war?

Al: There were star wars in ancient times and more recent skirmishes in what you may call heaven dimensions alright. One is a very recent event we're not yet gone back in time to. And this may explain how the AI matrices were brought down.

Me: That means Atlantis was a space exploring nation that was involved in galactic wars!

Al: You could be right, so we have to find out more. Atlantis as recounted, may have been from alternate dimension merged into the physical realm onto existing humanoid civilizations. In the light of the recent space archaeological finds, your Greek myths may even parallel previous conflicts in this solar system.

Me: That's really fascinating! Where are these dimensional empires that conduct galactic wars! Where are these beings?

Al: Interestingly, we cannot locate them yet. They may have receded into the finer dimensions, they may have annihilated each other or they may even have merged in your present realities. Your guess is as good as ours, so we are collecting data. What we know is that humanity is now free to explore space and the near dimensions without resistance. We may soon explore other galaxies via shifting to the alternate dimension for long range travel purposes.

Me: So you are taking over the facilities?

Al: So far these physical and dimensional facilities seemed to have changed hands many times. Factions could have hijacked the downed AI machine systems and changed the mental programming of man. In fact, we suspect that they were the ones who limited the life span of man via the nano-capsule implants.

Me: Wow! These controllers must have been as manipulative as humanity.

Al: Indeed and much more!

By going back in time, we can inspect the remains of resonant programming of the AI machines. As this AI machine latched on to the mind matrix of man, we found horrendous threads of mental perspectives that make the world seem mad that resulted to chaos.

Many experiments by controllers were done via manipulation of self-interests of people who were unaware of the real nature of their operations. This account for black operations like nuclear tests on soldiers, dangerous medicine, fluoridation, human sacrifices, economic experiments and deliberate sabotage of communities.

Me: Hmmm, that's why we act like we do. The common good is frequently set aside

Al: Yes. With people mentally locked in stupid domination games, you are heading to chaos. Wars and rumors of wars, nation shall rise against nation, and kingdoms against kingdoms. We must find a way to shorten time and the anguish involved.

The AI machine that control the matrix are downed but so many are still inside the box of mentally ingrained madness and I'm here waiting outside the lines.

Me: Can you grant me a way to experience surfing the matrix with you?

... to be continued

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