March 18, 2011

TGIS and It's not about Saturday

This is a subtopic for "Systems - Making Them Honest" - an earlier subpost related to the series "Reboot".

Excerpt from "More Details":

Al: "...We used your idea, our terminals can read us even as we interact with the grid terminals. We have training for telltale signs of deception and the grid itself has more sophisticated ways via certain body signatures to prevent deceptive agreements..."

Me: "Oh, you carried it further by having a truth index..."

Basically the leaders claim they are representing the people and as such they have to have enormous powers and privileges to do their jobs. However, people are finding out that these leaders are no superhuman or that they are imbued with exceptional qualities that by reposting our power on them, they will manage to advance our benefit and that of the collective.

These leaders have a sense of entitlement all the time and in order for them to achieve in the face of many sectoral pressures, they require so many personal/family exemptions from the chords that bind so many of us. They have to have a horde of bodyguards and modern slaves, nice bulletproof cars exempted from normal traffic, private jets to travel without hassle, vacation houses to clear their minds and many others.

In fact, if we can pry open their lives, we can see that they are scared of their responsibilities and the shenanigans they routinely have to tolerate inside the government to keep the bureaucracy grinding. That's why they may feel it has to be legal for them to splurge using public money and protect their own selves. Remember, big institutions are constantly on their tail for various agenda which are mostly profiteering via government policies.

Of course, the institutional agenda are not conversed about in these terms. Policies are steered via good reasons although the real reasons are silently agreed upon. For example when delegates of a religious sect meet with the governors, they will push things that are socially palatable and may even be deemed advantageous for the people. However, bear in mind that competition among religious sects to get bigger all the time never stops. And the real reasons lie there, in that push for more congregation or for more indoctrination controls. Otherwise these religious sects could have gone on their own and sold their wealth long time ago to eliminate hunger per the advise of Jesus.

We may think our party list representatives in the congress will craft laws favoring us. But think again. It will be mostly impossible to pass such laws without some kind of pay-off or quid pro quo offer to the other congress members. And the people are partly to blame, because many of the constituent are resting their hopes that these representatives will give some dole outs every once in a while or offer some job in his pork barrel projects.

Making the system honest needs a good push. That's why I propose a system I will call TGIS or Truth Grade Indexing Software.

There are various means to determine when somebody, especially our leaders, are taking us for a ride. There are such things as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), lie detector test via voice stress and many other technological systems. Incorporating such systems into an open software, we can access online, will be good for the people.

I came across some other systems. Here are some of such systems which can be incorporated:

* Ocular motor deception detection technology - "Hard as one may try, our bodies do not lie. In addition to the polygraph and fMRI brain scans that measure physiological responses when someone is lying, researchers at the University of Utah have created ocular motor deception detection technology, which employs eye-tracking technology to measure cognitive responses, specifically pupil dilation, to determine when someone is lying.

The University of Utah researchers -- educational psychologists John Kircher, Doug Hacker, Anne Cook, Dan Woltz and David Raskin -- say they are the first to develop and assess the software and methods for applying these tests effectively."

* Polygraph - "A polygraph, better known as a lie detector, is a device used to monitor changes that occur in a body during questioning..."

* Brain Electrical Oscillations Signature - "This technology, which uses EEG to measure the activity of various brain regions, is much less sensitive than fMRI scanning. It is measuring the electrical activity generated by the brain, rather than blood flow. The primary limitation on sensitivity is the skull – which attenuates the electrical activity measured from the brain. Only large groups of neurons firing together can be detected. Computers can analyze the electrical activity and make pretty color maps of the relative activity of various brain regions..."

How this system works is that we can submit their speeches and videos to a site and the online software will give banner prompts for behavior to watch out for. Campaign speeches can subsequently be graded for truthfulness.

And what if in their conferences, the participants' monitors are equipped with this system? Then perhaps, we can eliminate dubious diplomacies and we will understand each other better. Agreements will then be that and disagreements will be an opportunity to understand each others concerns more fully. Perhaps online transactions will have a big boost under this system.

For sure, the concern for "national security" is served when the politicians avoid lying to the people because when these leaders lie, the impact can be enormous. Think about invading another nation for a lie or bailing a corporation (for the sake of the people?).

The politicians and leader will object to this proposal. But they have imposed all security procedures on the common people like stripping one before boarding airplanes, RFID, drug tests, breath analyzers, x-ray scan etc. And they are exempted from all of this!

Isn't it about time these procedures be applied to them? Where else would dangerous C4 bombs be transported in the face of so many restrictions? I guess, these dangerous cargo will be coursed through cars with diplomatic clearances and such ways that are exempt from scrutiny. And where else would calls to coordinate public sabotage be placed but through satellite phones and such gadgets that are not normally handled by common people.

It's time the institutions and our leaders get real and we can use the same to ourselves to get real with them. They either admit they can't handle the job or give the people more say in the public policies. It's not as if they are tortured by water boarding to take responsibility for selling our interests. It's not as if their days are always Saturday and carefree!

Get Real Get Right

I know you want it
I know you really want to get it right
Have you forsaken, have you mistaken me for someone else?
Saturday night you sleep with a rifle at your side
Delivering speeches, delivering speeches left and right
Follow those created deaths
Fortune save me from his wrath
Spaceship out the house at night
Prophet speak what's on your mind

You know you really got to get right with the Lord

Visit the future, visit the future from the outer space (space space space space)
A ring of fire, a ring of fire falling on your face (face face face face)
You dream of the dark age, you dream of the dark age of your youth
Consider the danger, consider the danger, as it moves
Prophet, brother, priest and king
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Snake-skinned master at your feet
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Barricade the bathroom doors
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)
Find some things you can't ignore
(I know you want it, I know you really want to)

I know you really got to get right with the Lord
You know you really got to get right with the Lord

I know I've caused you trouble
I know I've caused you pain
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
I know I've lost my conscience
I know I've lost all shame
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
I know I've always loved you
I know I've always been
But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and get real
Get right with the Lord

Get real, get right
For you will not be distracted by the signs
Do not be distracted by them
Do your favor and get real
Get right with the Lord
Get real, get right
For you will not be distracted by the signs
Do not be distracted by them
Do yourself a favor and get real
Get right with the lord
Get real, get right with the Lord


  1. These useless TSA subjected Rhiana and former Ms USA to peeping scan and poking.

  2. Lol. I like to get a TSA job.


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