March 15, 2011

The World is Sick


Al: The matrix is not down yet at this time.

Me: What? Please explain!

Al: You must understand that the AI per se did not uphold the matrix. Human minds are computers that operates under quantum levels of resonance. Humans can transfer information with one another via many means without conscious effort. So even with the AI not interfering, the matrix of commonly tuned minds is observable on another dimension.

Furthermore, the matrix of minds also function like an AI. In your networked computers, a difficult processing task can be distributed and loaded compartmentalized to the members by using snippet programs embedded in each computer. It is easy to imagine therefore that the AIs were used to manipulate the individual capacity within the network. The previous controllers of the AIs were on record as being master manipulators and it was in their nature to have taken advantage of us in the past.

Me: So do you suggest we reprogram ourselves?

Al: Humanity at this time have to. You are endangering the planet and your own survival, yet you have so little care. Large segments of population and nature is hurting. Stopping the trend of your controlling thoughts were direly needed because everybody hurts on many levels.

Me: But going against the grain is difficult.

Al: Sure. But you can't reach new heights following with what you were doing for quite a long time. Fear of being outcasts of the system must not hinder you. You have to be outside the box and start creating a new paradigm of existence.

Me: Oh yeah, the common laymen are really treated like an outcast anyway - by the power hierarchies as if they are Quasimodo.

What is the chaos, you earlier told me? I can feel many changes happening now. Can you confirm the general warnings we have been reading currently?

Al: Many changes are surely on your way. I will outline them to you:

- central portions of South America, Europe, China, Hong Kong and Japan

Tsunamis - Compounding of the earthquakes beneath the ocean floor would result to more tsunamis. The coastal areas to watch:
- South America
- between Canada and Europe
- bottom, middle top and the right hand corner of Australia
- China and Hong Kong

Volcanoes will erupt due to compounding of the earthquakes within the earth - in both the ocean and on land. Once earthquakes across the world have become so great – the volcanoes in turn would activate.

Hurricanes and tornadoes
- central portion of both North and South America
- Canada

Snowstorms, more particularly severe in Russia

War - America and Iran

- losing all its previous integrity/support from across the world
- dollar will fall greatly
- suicide bombers within
- attacks from other countries close by Iran and Iraq
- more countries becoming free / distancing from America

- fall of money will cause much emotional breakdowns. South Africa, then America , then Europe, then Asia, then Australia and then China, Hong Kong
- more corrective actions within the governments by peoples effort
- governments will be through much crisis and common people who have lost much will be the ones to rebuild
- deserts becoming fertile

Me: Whooa! That's a lot to be fearful of.

Al: I understand, but you're sensing it already. Now, people must start to act more responsibly to manifest a better predicament for the planet.

So you must think and act more for the collective well being and abandon your games. People must understand their own power, the power to create. People have to dig into the capacity to turn these events into a rainbow of opportunity for the planet.

The reflex mechanisms within nature activates. The congregation of man must judge itself and stop it's madness. To shorten the anguish, don't wait for the deceptive script of responsibility outside of itself. Nature will not just stand idle as humanity destroys this world nonchalantly in the games. So take responsibility for your power, for your creative abilities.

Me: And what are the games we play?

... to be continued

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Since the conversation with Al did not touch on the Philippines, I will add my personal 2 cents worth of prediction for the coming years:

The weather pattern in the Philippines will need an adjustment. The summer months which were usually March to June will move one quarter forward. Thus summer will move to about June up to early September. Weather pattern which was formerly rainy days and sunny days, may not hold true anymore in the coming years.

The southern islands of the Philippines which are usually not visited by typhoons will now be visited frequently and the people must start to regenerate the forests as a preparation for landslides and the volume of rainwater.

Also, as, the frequency of earthquakes increases, better quality infrastructure must be in place. Because of earthquakes, tsunami dangers will increase and precaution must be made especially in the northern and middle parts of country.


  1. 2-day EQ more thanintensity 4

    Date Location Intensity
    4/28/2011 off the east coast of Honshu, Japan 4.9
    4/28/2011 Chihuahua, Mexico 4.3
    4/28/2011 near the east coast of Honshu, Japan 4.9
    4/28/2011 near the north coast of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea 4.8
    4/28/2011 near the east coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia 4.4
    4/28/2011 Chihuahua, Mexico 4.1
    4/28/2011 Luzon, Philippines 4.8
    4/28/2011 Solomon Islands 5.9
    4/28/2011 near the east coast of Honshu, Japan 5.8
    4/28/2011 Kepulauan Tanimbar, Indonesia 4.8
    4/28/2011 northern East Pacific Rise 5.3
    4/28/2011 northern East Pacific Rise 5.3
    4/28/2011 Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska 4.3
    4/28/2011 off the east coast of Honshu, Japan 4.6
    4/28/2011 off the east coast of Honshu, Japan 4.6
    4/28/2011 northern East Pacific Rise 4.4
    4/28/2011 Kuril Islands 4.4
    4/28/2011 Philippine Islands region 4.5
    4/27/2011 Tonga 4.7
    4/27/2011 Bonin Islands, Japan region 4.9
    4/27/2011 Potosi, Bolivia 4.3
    4/27/2011 Nevada 4.3
    4/27/2011 off the east coast of Honshu, Japan 5.1
    4/27/2011 near the east coast of Honshu, Japan 5.1
    4/27/2011 Fiji region 5.1

  2. I will watch this:

    - EQ in Central - South America, Europe, China, HK, Japan

    Also freak tornadoes in America - curious


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