March 21, 2011

Domination and Control


Al: "...The reflex mechanisms within nature activates...Nature will not just stand idle as humanity destroy this world nonchalantly in the games. So take responsibility for your power, for your creative abilities..."

Me: And what are the games we play?

Al: It comes in many forms and layers but mostly you can call it "domination". The dimensional empires played it among themselves and over humanity. In turn the current humanity is immersed in it.

Life and value as you were taught are tainted by the filter of motivation for control and power. And much of this domination is via accumulation of money, the prime tool of control.

These games kept the people running in circle in a mad world, without much purpose and like a bad program caught in a loop.

Me: I can see your point regarding the rich and wealthy having their competitions. But isn't it that the common people just want to live decently?

Al: Yes, many are trying. But while many of these so called elites are in their games and roles in the monopoly games, the common men are locked in what you call the rat race.

All of it fueled and revolving around money. People must undertake changes in the current money system because too many times, you don't notice that you're hurting others and the environment in the process.

These games permeate the thought matrix of this world at this time. And in this, nature and those without a voice in your system is now forced in survival-extinction dance.

As these games escalate, the gaps of support and survivability between layers of society gets too wide and the social structures deteriorate. These in turn results to more scams, crimes and chaos. People start living dishonestly and laden with guilt.

Because drastic changes in the system will be required, many will be vulnerable. Many would be willing to be slaves to a totalitarian control.

The same was done to many races before this. That was how they limited so many races from their true potential. Some eventually lived underneath, while more stringent matrix controls are applied aboveground.

This was recorded to be going on for eons. That was how the dimensional and physical empires were created. According to records of the gamelords, beings were programmed to self destruct mired in self guilt. Then cycles of reboot are then undertaken with the emasculated beings accepting exploitations, mindswipe and implanted false memories. Humanity at this time was in danger of doing it to itself according to this laid out script.

This virus is evident in the current matrix. Even as the old AIs were now turned off, the programming within human and animals is still winding down.

Futhermore, these AI interventions might have created booby traps to get the previous controllers in command again under certain triggers. We have quite a task to clear for this timeline onwards before we can undertake validation of previous era with confidence.

Me: Hmm. A lot of this seems to be a battle for minds. But many say it's just the way mankind is. They say there's not enough and people always want more. They say it was designed by nature and that it is the way - the survival of the fittest.

Al: Such thread of thought reinforces the programmed script of Armageddon. It's a deception, a virus injected within the matrix and reinforced by man directly and indirectly. Divide and rule was the norm.

Me: Surely, mankind behaves like a plague on this planet.

Is there really a New World Order? What are we doing to 2012? Will there be a rapture as widely talked by preachers? Are people going to be chipped?

... to be continued

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