March 12, 2011

Sims in the Matrix


Al: ...The AI machines that control the matrix are downed but so many are still inside the box of mentally ingrained madness and I'm here waiting outside the lines.

Me: Can you grant me a way to experience surfing the matrix with you?

Al: Why would you want that?

Me: Well, I kinda want to assess where humanity is at this time - to browse the consciousness matrix. Something like... how I think the remote viewers do their thing.

I have many questions that I like to find the answers by myself. Questions like:
- can we solve the increasing need for fresh water
- or provide food to end hunger for all
- can we end wars and our competitions and start cooperation

Al: I'm with you on that. But trust me, it would be very painful for you to do so. Your physical body may not handle the stress of experiencing the simultaneous threads of human thoughts.

As children, people have learned to shut out this impact and the experiences of alternate realities. The sickness within reality and within man have advanced to a stage that it spills to the alternate dimension.

Also, know that the ideas people like you, have contributed will serve their purpose to end hunger and provide water for all. And even, to unify humanity, as we are, in the future. Not to mention, the lessons forcing us to end our wars.

Me: Nice to hear that future possibility. But, why will peeking into the matrix backfire. Do you mean the control direction goes both ways: - from beings from other dimensions on this reality and back?

Al: Apparently, we're learning that now. We can detect by our measured application of this AI, that the energies coming from a large human population could have easily overloaded the previous operating system of the AI system.

Me: What do you mean? Aren't you currently plugging-in the AI into the human matrix?

Al: No. We're just peeking into a limited number of minds. And we don't intend to use the AI capabilities to put humanity under a mind-matrix for control purposes. We're just documenting our history to provide a collective library and also to have a facility for personal download of science and technology.

Me: I thought the previous ET controllers are so much advanced from us. How can our reality backfire on them?

Al: Apparently these beings, you are talking about were more suited for dimensional existence and their dimensional realities are less stable than the 3-d dimension. We can surmise that they took advantage of humanity by using and promoting leaders they could use for sim purposes. While they harvest energies and resources from here, the stability of their dimension hinges on this physical universe.

Me: So, that's why they are not showing and directly meeting the whole of human population!

Al: Yes, it was to their advantage to have a measured exposure to so large a human population.

Plausible deniability entertains humanity which keeps hope for benevolent space brothers to rescue them while the underneath controls are kept.

Me: That means, the eyes of our leaders may have been closed all along. They might have fallen into the induced matrix deceptions!

Al: Yes, the ones that control the societies, that has a grip on your known government leaders. However, just as the large section of humanity wakes up this moment, many of the sims are becoming aware of this at your time.

Me: Wow! There's so much going on here.

But then, why are we still so much in turmoil? Why can't we get our acts together, now that the matrix is down? Why can't we yet live and let live? Why can't we share in a wonderful life that we could have in such a big universe?

Al: The matrix is not down yet at this time.

Me: What? Please explain!

... to be continued

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