March 14, 2011

Quantum Computers and the Matrix

This blog entry is a commentary on my blog post titled: Sims in the Matrix

An example of network with dispersed local servers:

If the points can connect to any other point, there will be a mesh-like network - a matrix. It could be more intricate than this:

Is a human mind a multi-dimensional quantum computer that can transfer data with another wirelessly?

Here is a take on quantum computer:

Here is a take on quantum computer by "How Stuff Works".

Where does a human mind reside in an individual?

Is it housed in the brain or dispersed in the human body?

Accordingly, "Bioencryption can store almost a million gigabytes of data inside bacteria". It said a "...method of data storage that converts information into DNA sequences allows you to store the contents of an entire computer hard-drive on a gram's worth of E. coli bacteria...and perhaps considerably more than that." Here is the rest of that article.

According to scientists, data-storing bacteria could last thousands of years.

"Biochemistry students from the School of Life Sciences at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) show bacteria growing in a petri dish in Hong Kong. The group is making strides towards storing such vast amounts of information in an unexpected home: the E.coli bacterium better known as a potential source of serious food poisoning." More of it here.

They say, even water can be used as a data storage. This one says: "For a Bigger Hard-drive, Just Add Water".

Considering that the body is a structure holding both DNA and water, it will not be too far-out to consider that the physical human body is itself a bio-computer. Surely, many electro-chemical events are constantly happening in a human body that may have similar functions in a computer system or program.

Consider the molecules behind the eyes, atomic formations twisting and turning as a reactions to the colors seen can be the signals that are interpreted as visuals. Also, the micro mineral formations and the salts circulating could be a means for in-formation propagation.

There are also reports of "inherited memories in organ transplant recipients". Accordingly, "cellular memory is a theory that states the brain is not the only organ that stores memories or personality traits, that memory as a process can form in other systems in the body and can be stored in organs such as the heart." I found this idea attributed to Maurice Renard as stated here.

Some athletes even claim they don't think too much during their sport events but are operating in auto mode - perhaps using muscle memories. I can understand this, especially because a split second lost to analysis during a ping-pong match, for example, will translate to a loss. And to consider that a particular ping-pong drive is dependent on the opponents return, then the unconscious mind in operation must be dispersed all over the body and not just concentrated in the brains, the eyes, nor the legs and even not in the hands.

For minds to communicate like computers, wireless modem facility must be in place.

We come across a terminology for mind communication called telepathy. Here is one point of view regarding telepathy.

"Telephone telepathy is when you think about someone just before they phone you, or you hear the phone ring and instinctively know' who is calling. Experiments into whether this is caused by telepathy have been conducted at Goldsmiths College, University of London." This video will show you how to perform these tests at home.

Here is another phenomenon called Remote Viewing

Or perhaps human thoughts can effect changes in the atmosphere, particularly the water content of the air. And these water formations/in-formation are means to propagate a disposition to a similar thinking pattern by another person. This can account for the so called "electrified air" in certain events whether sports, musical or even the political atmosphere preceding political upheavals.

Here are various water formations that can store data as experimented by Dr. Emoto. Bear in mind that both the body and the earth itself is about 70% consisting of water.

(Also in certain esoteric forums, they say souls are difficult to retrieve when the physical death happens in the oceans. Remember the bible and other ancient records containing anecdotes of erasing the souls of man using deluge of water.)

In addition, the physical body has many trigger mechanisms just like you would normally include in a program. And these trigger events releases hormones and signals that can transfer wirelessly. For example, a woman going through a stage in her cycle may be more conducive to intimacy and thus release pheromones and hormones that can be picked by a male and vice versa.

However, so many things related to these things are in the unknown category that we may say they are esoteric knowledge and not publicly confirmed science yet.

And if these thought transferences do occur, we may also say it will depend on the social program embedded in the psyche of the people. Otherwise, no connection or induced pattern of thinking is made to one who thinks outside the box of social norm. A child cannot pick up your thoughts about your isms until the child is indoctrinated first about such things.

Here are perspectives and current thinking about the matrix, I can find as of this writing:

* Matrix Movie

* quantum mind

* matrix and holograms

* The Matrix and Quantum Consciousness

Maybe we may never understand fully such things until we find a way to see in the alternate dimensions through which many physical workings may have a counterpart visuals and signals.

... ciao

Angry Robot

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

The Angry Robot wasn't always mad
He started out so happy but things went bad
Cause when he hooked up to the internet
what he saw there filled him with pained regret

He wanted to go on a killing spree
to rip the souls from meatbags and set them free
His Asimovian circuit wouldn't let
him kill just anyone he met.

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

But angry as he was the robot knew
there was no violent thing that he could do
He learned about the Singularity
when chips & blood become one entity

The human system software is a mess
but the robot knew that with success
a robot/human hybrid he would be
and he could kill with equanimity

Angry Robot; plotting the overthrow of all mankind
Angry Robot; thoughts of Armageddon on his mind
Don't look him in the eye, he's an Angry Robot

from The Robot E​.​P., track released 01 March 2011
Music by John Anealio

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