February 21, 2011



Al: ...What you presented as seastead ideations helped a lot and became a major influence for us for designing a coherent base plan for a nation.

Me: I feel honored now that you mentioned it. Did it helped my state in life?

Al: Initially, no. Certain people claimed credit for them. However such things should not be a discouragement. It is the work of a few people who when accumulated and meshed together helps humanity to achieve.

What you wrote was only accessed by quite a few people and it was easy to take advantage of them for personal ambitions.

You must realize that taking advantage of anything that can be taken advantage of is the current norm in your time. The setup of society at this time is based on fear. If one has enough power or riches, he has to get more or he may wake up one morning finding a more wily person taking his hoard.

See it in your politicians. They will hijack any message or ideals they can surreptitiously get their hands into.

It is even evident in common people like you, even as you show your desire for self-gain from your ideals. And certainly, many of what you consider your ideas are really outgrowths of what you encountered from others, though already forgotten.

Me: Well, you're right. Our society acts based on a lot of fear programmed in our psyche. In fact many of our ideations are kept secret mostly because we hope we can take advantage of them. Many useful discoveries are hidden from the masses to prevent upsetting the current models of business.

So when you say initially no credit for me, that means finally I was rewarded?

Al: You are a good contributor to our co-creative invention system. That's how you will be able to initially afford our breakthroughs in health services and prolong your life span.

Me: So why not everyone be able to live 500 years?

Al: Our life prolonging technologies are limited by the quality of the sub-cellular components. That's why discharging these aging nanocapsule along the spine is more effective for some. We are advancing this science to include a self-discharging mechanism via imprinting in the DNA, but until then we estimate life to be extended up to only 500 years.

Me: You mentioned that there are other Artificial Intelligence machines. Who are using them?

Al: I cannot give you a complete picture of these. But we are right now trying to rediscover and validate the many stories and theories. At your time many records are kept hidden from the public. And we found many more both on land and under the sea. The human history has been through many rewritings and manipulations. It is now among our projects to investigate and document the actual events and the participants. In our future, we may witness movie of segments of our history the way this meeting is being recorded.

This is one reason why we're going back to your time. This is a time when the operation of these AI machines failed under it's former operating system and controllers. We want to document exactly who the participants were and how the system was brought down.

Me: Aren't you getting yourself into conflict with these controllers? They may see you and go after you.

Al: They are done with and are now non-existent. And we can't be visible to them since we are coming from a point when their time machines are already shut off.

Me: You know, you being here and me conversing with you is eerily like the book "Conversation with God" except that you appear to me as a hologram.

Al: Precisely! We intend to go back to these instances. We suspect many of them were brought about by the AI machines. Many of the angels or god-experiences that humanity recorded are similar and rightfully seem suspect as to have been induced via these AI machines.

Me: So, you can appear to me in the form of an angel or a prophet or a burning bush?

Al: I can. And pretty soon we may have the ability to order molecules of related space into materialization in the form of touchable holograms. As I said, it depends on the intent of the person interfacing with controls of the machine.

Me: Wow, humanity has a chance to peel the controversies and conspiracies in history!

What are the other capabilities of the AI machine?

Al: We are not using this AI to it's full capabilities and we are still learning. However, by the way it can exploit a backdoor to the human mind, we know that this machine can interconnect human minds into a matrix and use this matrix to determine the direction of society.

Me: That's so much like a high-end web bot machine!

Al: It is and much more. It can steer the future accordingly via inputting certain urges in certain key people.

Me: Aren't humans already undertaking mind control projects to change or engineer history?

Al: Precisely. And many of the hidden experiments may have been impulsed by off-world controllers to add capacity to these matrices.

Me: I think, my head is spinning again. I may have difficulty digesting these information for quite a while.

So humanity was controlled by extra-terrestrial beings?

Al: To answer your question indirectly, there are reasons many think like you and we will finally find out what we have to find out with certainty.

Me: I have to pinch myself, I may be dreaming about the many conspiracy theories, I was encountering lately.

Al: Be certain that syndicates operate in your society and these were conspiring all these times as you might suspect. Even the conspiracy theorists were conspiring with each other to make money out of it all.

Humanity by and large is part of the conspiracy, albeit much of the population didn't know it.

Me: I don't know what to think.

I have some personal experiences I can't grasp. And this is now one of them!

I remember back then when I was, may be just 5 years old. I was playing with another child around our on-going house construction and I found out later that people there were not seeing the child.

Al: Everything must have an explanation. We will later go back to that time to see you and your experience. Even, we'll go back to much earlier times after gathering enough know-how of this your time and onwards.

Me: What other discoveries have you found on the moon and other planets?

... to be continued

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