November 25, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Hostages

... continued

   Every soul is immortal, but not all types of bodies into which souls inhabit are immortal.

   Many of the Orionites were able to create and recreate bodies to inhabit for long periods of time, which compared to human bodies, can be considered immortal.

   And even when they leave these bodies, they have facilities with which they evaded the Veil of Forgetfulness, reinserting their souls into remodeled bodies with memories intact.

   Such were the case with the Orion elites and their forces which included the Anunnaki who rose to power in Tiamat/Nibiru.

   Our story have so far revealed some dark angles on the character of Elohim descendant, Jehovah.

   Let us be reminded however, that this story relates to a time-line which may be different to that which many holds.

   The name Jehovah was derived form YHVH which has a beautiful meaning. YOD HE VAU HEH as the Hebrew spelling for the name Yahweh relates to the creative and life forces of the universe. These are the qualities of radiance, magnetism, vibration and matter.  Another term for such elements are fire, water, wind and earth respectively.

   In the same way YHSVH or Yahushua, the Hebrew spelling for Jesus: YOD HEH SHIN VOD HEH is meaningful.  With the addition of the 5th element: Shin - meaning Akasha (the breath of life or consciousness), it is a marvelous name.

   However names can be adopted by other persons who may not embody the meaning thereof.

   We have encountered how the Jehovah forces waged war with the Anunnaki from Nibiru during the battle of Maldek.  He was a fiery god, a jealous god, a god of conflict and violence, a war-like god personified by Mars or the Aries energies.

   He himself was an Orionite, in the same way that the Elohim descendant, Anu, was an Orionite.  And Elohim beings have had their own cosmic cycle of duality. 

   There were dark and light Elohim beings.  And many of them became drunk with their own technological immortality that they forgot to go home to the Source.

   In other words, most of the Elohim ascended after their cosmic cycle was finished.  But some were left behind, lingering in the darkness of ego.  Some of them fell, in the same way that it was said the Lucifer light being fell.

   However, many ascended Elohim also returned to guide us and their fallen remnants. Many came back to inspire humans and their other descendants like the Pleiadeans, Arctuarians etc. And some even took on bodies of our realms, losing their memories in the process, in order to work from within the human races.

   According to our Maldekan friend, Jehovah steered the wormwood comet that simultaneously pass by with Tiamat/Nibiru to create an inter-action of their tugging forces to influence the flooding mentioned in the Bible.  He was trying to destroy Enki, Enlil and those of the Nibiruan Anunnaki who were on the planet at that time when Atlantis sunk.

   However, the Anunnaki had inside information about this plan and they decided to let it happen for their own schemes.

   Having been captured by the other Orion forces, the Anunnaki, he must have underwent torture.  He could have been made addicted to human flesh because he later on, became a cannibalistic god on earth without the knowledge of most of his followers.

   In fact, it was another Jehovan crew who reversed his command to a leader for the sacrifice of his own child.

   At the time of Maldek, he was averse to Enki and Enlil and he decided to overturn them from within the system.  He tried to meet fire with fire. 

   Later on, he tried to create his own followers but he was thwarted and his forces were scattered while the human followers were hijacked by the other Orionites.

   We mentioned the Thiaoouba material, in the previous post.  And per chance, the readers of these blogs may have read the Thiaoouba Prophecy material, we have to point out some things.

   Certain caution and point of awareness presented when I read the said material.  And the beauty of the author's experience as recounted in the said tale may mesmerize us to overlook these things.

   The said material could relate to a shifted reality that is consistent with the story we learned from Mr. Mills.  In other words, they can be the fallen angelic forces associated with the Jehovah we referred to.

   The information that Mr. Mills could ferret out is limited to earth matters as his dimensional drone is not capable of exploring outside the domain of earth.  However, here are somethings we can find out on the said material.

1. The Thaori

   In chapter six and the following page, there were seven Thaori who apparently govern their planet.  The said beings were always levitating in lotus position, so that Michael did not see their feet. 

   What if these beings have reptilian or serpent bodies?

   The Chitauri tales told by Credo Mutwa can easily be shortened into "Tauri" or Thaori.  Here is a statement by Credo:

"..when the Chitauri arrived in Africa they told our people that they were gods and that they were going to give us human beings great gifts on one condition. We had to worship them and accept them as our creators. Some told our people that they were our elder brothers and that this Earth had produced them generations ago. And they said they had come back to the green womb of their mother and that they were going to make us into gods."

   In the first place, one would think, the true GOD creates gods when these beings individuated. Rework is a sign of initial design failure.

   Even the faces of the said Thaori were many times, not very clear to Michael and they would always be covered or they would disappear in thick fog.  What if these beings unknowingly extracted 'Loosh' from Michael.  Note that the angelic beings who were with Michael were uncharacteristically glum when they brought him to the Thaori. And note also Michael's lost strength. He fainted after meeting them.

Loosh - another term for lifeforce/emotional/spiritual energy. Term coined by Robert Monroe in his astral voyages where, upon interacting with nonphysical entities, he learned this energy was called "loosh" and that mankind was being farmed for this energy.

   Even before Michael was brought to the presence of the Thaori, he had premonitions about a reptile which has some motivations to devour him.

   "A huge flame burned blue; orange yellow and red flames burned around it. An enormous black snake slid straight through the flames, heading for me. Giants appeared from nowhere, running, and trying to catch the snake. It took seven of them together, to stop it before it reached me...

   The reptile became a comet and carried the statues off - to Easter Island... Next, they were greeting me, wearing strange hats..."

   On their meeting, the Thaori aura at some point became dirty and dull. And towards the end, their images blurred and Michael felt Thao pinching his shoulder so hard as to shift his attention with force.  That could have meant behind the fog, the Thaori shape-shifted in devouring Michael's astral energies.

2. Lationusi: black wing of a king

   What kind of angel Lationusi is? Why would he have black wings?

   A previous reincarnation of Lationusi was as the last King of the continent Mu on Earth.  Was he serving as a spy who was brought to high status in Mu?  Why didn't the Thiaooubans warn the Mu's kingdom about the impending doom?  Where their technology incapable of detecting such?

   And for that matter why have they not uplifted the early humanoid clone types that were lost in time warp on the Bermuda triangle portal? Why did they not help the planet Aremo X3 from nuclear annihilation

   They claimed they protected the chosen Jewry, are the other peoples not worth similar protections?  I think Dr. Norman Finkelstein has more sense than Thao.

   It is curious that Thao's aura became dull when he was telling a story about the so called chosen people.  Was he mixing some misdirections or falsehood in that story?

   Also, what if human flesh from the two mentioned places which were provided the Thaori for analysis become food?  Apparently, creation of human bodies were reserved for the Thaori, so would they have various vats or containers of human body materials for experimentation?

3. Gold dust in atmosphere, Jesus (clone?) body and curious animals

   Were the golden dusts in their atmosphere obtained from earth?

   Now that they preserved the body of Jesus, what kind of body their so called Jesus have at present? Or could it be that Michael was just given a holographic hallucination (for the intended message he would write)?

   Have they created a switcheroo during the time of the Christ? The following statement is curious, as it may imply that there is another Jesus:

"Jesus, who came from Thiaoouba, was taken by us into the desert..."

Also, the doko of floating bodies is weird. One description of a preserved body may look like this:

   And why were weird animals like horses with human faces (that could be similar to the genetic animal hybridization that Atlantis conducted), be present on their planet?

   There are some other points of curiosity in the said material.  However, we can have many useful clues from there.

   And as for Thao and the other angelic astronauts, the love there that's seeping on the pages of the fascinating story should not prevent us to take the story with our own grain of salt.  And this is applicable to any and all materials we encounter.  The most important thing is we take what can serve our own soul process, the light of which must grow from within (not by being followers).

   We can just as well opine that these angelic astronauts are beings with cloned bodies and reprogrammed memories.  They could even have been previously housed in bodies of the greys during the Semitic days.

   It seems that the young generations on Earth are the target audience of Thiaoouba Prophecy material.  And the story therein is not even a prophecy but it could be a subtle mind programming for a nuclear annihilation scenario.

   It would have been more appreciated if they have provided better hints at expanding human's ability to discern, to have a better soul progress and deeper spiritual senses as to create heaven on earth.

   We are living in a world of fools, the institutions are breaking us down when they all should let us be.  We have to find a deeper love to guide us.

... to be continued

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