November 15, 2011

Anonymous Reveals: Meme It Was

As I have earlier stated in this Pacquiao expose series, there be more things to preoccupy the minds of the greater majority of us rather than be entertained by gladiators fighting.

Essentially these gladiators and most of us think they achieve nobility by heroism in harming each other in the arena of battle. (And that's how the reptilian mind conditioning must have managed to blew Maldek and laid waste Mars.)

Nevertheless, for the sake of site visitors interested in the more esoteric views about the recent Pacquiao bout and probably because of the countless years of fight and war drama in our genes, I'm taking this opportunity to expose some alternative views.

But first let me unmask Mr. Anonymous:

Here he is unmasked:

1. Going up in weight:

As you may have noticed, going up in weight in boxing is really not impossible nowadays, even without steroids. Yes, I believe Marquez retained his speed and timing properly (at least this time around). That can be done even without steroids, as many haters would hastily conclude, but using a thorough and more effective method than that used in the unscientific old days.

Marquez and Pacquiao both went up in weight properly (although JMM may have done it too drastically the first time around fighting Floyd). Marquez showed he is acclimatized now in Welter Weight. I would say they are both good for WW and any will give trouble to a prime WW Duran.

2. Hidden Memes:

Marquez created a meme in the mind of Pacquiao in their first fight when he refused to give up after a brutal 1st round encounter. He managed to recover nicely to the surprise of Manny and even fire back fiercely.

Earlier to that, Pacman's then Filipino mentor ingrained in his mind that JMM is a difficult fight for him and for a reason.

3. Fighting style:

I heard that JMM practiced some ballet. Although it could be funny but that is the kind of quirk he brings to the table that has its wisdom.

Marquez needed the right cadence and ability to pirouette on either foot while fighting in his personal sphere. A one-two in and out tactic fighter going towards this sphere of defense will more than likely be squared for a recoil of fire. This is especially true if the attacker is a southpaw moving forward on JMM's right side. Even a bullish all forward fighter like Duran would have been a victim of barrages at an orthodox stance.

This defensive style requires more movement from the attacker as the latter is moving across more length outside the sphere of encounter.

As usual, the attacker may rightfully be awarded more points for attacking because he takes more risks to create an encounter (especially vs a circular defense - ala the Tai-Chi or Aikido whirlwind. Try to ask Steven Seagal on that one for better explanation/demonstration).

4. Orthodox attacker vs the sphere of defense of an orthodox fighter:

If your stance is orthodox against JMM employing his pivot movements, you have a better angle. You have a jab that is more poised to hit him and you can move forward and hook with your left faster before JMM can pivot on his heals of either foot. Add to that, your left shoulder is there to block the recoiling backhand of JMM. For this reason Cotto, DLH or Floyd type fighters with left hand power on orthodox position can attack more surreptitiously.

At the same time, you can duck away easily towards the other side of the expected counter punch. After giving a right hand of your own you can even duck quickly enough towards JMM strong right hand because your foot is naturally instep to do so.

5. How to attack against the orthodox Aikido sphere of fire

The better answer, I guess, is not to do it. Bade him instead to be the attacker, possibly using provocative lateral movements. That was how Chris John made it too appear he won on points although he lacked powershots. Had Chris John circled all the way to JMM's backside (ala Sweet Pea) and force JMM to pivot the other way, he could have even connected forcefully, if not entertained the hometown crowd more.

You can attack ala baby bull Diaz but you must have the iron chin of Margarito with a Duran all out forward tenacity (not in and out). And even Duran, I guess, would have lost a lot of rounds (when scoring is w/o favor to the attacker) except for a possible KO by sheer brutal force.

Attacking from southpaw stance may need some movements which must be pre-designed. In and out in some particular way may be effective. When going to JMM's right, the motion must be in (jab forward) and out laterally, shifting weight on the left backfoot for evasion before releasing the southpaw backhand or a power right against a reaching in JMM counter.

Going the other side may be preferable in a kind of upside down 'L" movement but releasing a right backhand or short left hook with shoulder shield. JMM's stance is poised to create a head cut to Pacquiao because his backfoot recoil from the underside puts his head in a blunt angle. That one reason why the attacker may be wary using a one-two combination (better delay the 2nd punch, timed just after the expected defensive recoil).

Either way, using in and out is to be more tiring for the attacker because the ground covered is larger.

6. Their coaches

I don't think Nacho have seen the above points but for sure he had ingrained excellent habits on Marquez. Marquez happens to have that natural knack in pivoting and the quick step in when he sees certain movement of Manny and he polished these pivot, quick step in and recoil as much as to take some dance lesson.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Roach was from a tenacious fighting style background ala Duran. And the mitts practice he drilled Manny was very far from how Marquez defended from a sphere. Pacquiao's connection though tends to be not noticeable unless one play it in slow motion.

Did the Pacman had a favorable decision? Yes, he did and perhaps a champion is entitled to that as a challenger is required to go out of his sphere of defense. But I heard Floyd then, a young cash cow prospect, had a similar favor being a challenger and fighting defensively against Castillo, a champion.

Kudos to Marquez who have been anonymous to casual audience longer than both Pacquiao and Floyd. He came out of his mask. Pacquiao may have believed his own meme while having a doubt meme against JMM within.

Marquez showed he is not old. He may have stumbled upon a revised version of the philosophers' stone - a philosopher's liquid, for amplification of the psyche as alleged by the alchemists:

And the hyperbaric chamber of oxygen he employed so often, I would have to say he is right on to the button, not to mention the prana.

I guess, the hyperbaric chamber can be combined with water immersion healing I earlier wrote for a nice future halodeck relaxation/meditation/healing system. If I may also add, this halodeck is a good oxygen outlet for the still unreleased energy from water generators (the patents of w/c are hidden for public use) that we may have in the future.

JMM's accomplishment may pierce through the meme of the fight sport - being more run for business. The challenger has to prove his worth more, perhaps prove he can be a replacement cash cow. After all in the view of funders, memes are there to be monetized in the system. Marquez is not anonymous anymore for many.

Memes are revealed and some achievements for the gladiators are due but it may now be preferable for new venues of human nobility rather than being glad gladiators of the arena prearranged by the 1%.

The deeper principles of the said fight is better applied for practical non-combat endeavors like for physical healing and conditioning.

The blunt force of the pyramid can be negated by the sphere.

This is an article in a subtopic entitled- "Memes: The Manny Pacquiao Expose Series". The said article can be found in the Chapter III of my "Reboot" series which you can find here. or start here.


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