December 17, 2012

Tales from the Realms - At Your Feet

... continued

   The Maldekan forces were decimated thousands of years ago by the Nibirans and Orion reinforcements.  Their departed soul essences were swept into Earth, carried by the passing Nibiru's plume from the imploded planet.  Many of the space born forces were taken as prisoners to Mars where the other forces of Jehovah were also over run.  Battles took a long time to subside as Jehovah had already established some fortified bases there.

   He was actually an Orion representative who built many marker monuments there.   He was to build a preparatory force for colonization of earth.  Gaia Sophia had always been an Orion colonization target as early as billions of years ago, ever-since Orionites found her goddess attributes.

   Enki was mostly staying on Earth at that time.   Enki was cooperating with some Sirians loyal to the deposed king of Nibiru.   He was working with the Sirian geneticists to create 3D humanoid life, trying out of the many evolving mammalian species of the Lemurian colonies.

  The yellow and black 4D races of Lemuria were part of the society who were sent by king Lahma, the former Nibiran king, to experiment living on the surface of the beautiful earth paradise.

   As recounted in earlier posts, Enki's son Marduk was the officer in charge in Maldek and Zeus had command of the surface civilization.

   Over time, however, Orionite influence gradually took hold of their planetary systems and Jehovah became an opposition force within the Maldekan government, advocating a violent confrontation with the Anunnaki.

   The original Nibiru natives were edged out of the management of their own planet.  They were not aware that the Orion-Draco visitors (which became the Anunnaki race) have soul capture technologies.  The commoner Annunaki themselves, were unaware of such technologies.

   And this technology was used to reprogram souls of beings that were attracted to the resonance of their machine.  That way, they were able to infiltrate the native royalty families, create programmed actors, foment scripted conflicts/wars and change the laws.

   Later, that same technology had also made the Orion-Draco inroads to the Maldekan society, via successive archonization efforts of the regularly visiting Nibiru planetoid.

   One can suspect that Zeus and his people were expelled from Jupiter to Maldek using their influence from the Saturn bases.  These Annunaki could have purposely blew up some moons of Saturn, influencing it to move too close to it. They thus gained foothold and created bases there with their restoration effort.

   On that fateful day of Maldek implosion, our Maldekan friend was called to reinforce the alternate pathway towards their planet.  Their forces were split into two ambush forces because in addition to the expected Nibiru arrival, Venus belatedly was noticed arriving fast from a different angle.

   The gravitational effects of Venus flung one of their moons and created fractures within mantle of the hollow planet Maldek.  It might have damaged their nuclear and hadron collider facilities, creating disruptions in their planetary energy systems.

  Thus when Nibiru arrived, the Maldekans on the surface would try to power them up again.  And even before the volley of nuclear fires were released from Nibiru ships, the planet imploded.

   Our Maldekan friend was a witness as the vimana he was using was blown by the shock-wave of the implosion.  For thousands of years, our Maldekan friend would survive on what we called the planet Antichthon.

   He was disillusioned by war and violence.  Trying to forget, he avoided Earth and Mars, the planets from which successive wars and skirmishes would carry over.

   It was only later, that he would find out that his Maldekan twin flame became reincarnated as an amazon under the aegis of one of the daughters of Zeus.

   One day, when he visited Mars via astral travel he would find out that most of the inhabitants were evacuated to Earth.  Thus he would spend countless times, astral traveling to the civilizations of Earth; Lemurian remnants and Atlantis, looking for the signature of his twin flame.

   He would at last find her in the island on the Bimini area.  She was an Atlantean priestess under the guidance of Thoth.  Apparently, Maldekan and Nibiran souls had a re-staging of conflicts both on Mars and Earth.  And her twin flame became an astral warrior on the side of Thoth.

   He boarded his Vimana and after some days of pursuing her, finally met his twin flame.  He would amuse her with the story of their youth and would try to rekindle her memories of their Maldekan advantures.

   But the night that they made love would be their final meeting.  When the light of the sunrise would open his dreamy eyes, he would find out that she was gone.  Searching was in vain, until he decided to astral travel to finally find out that she was mummified in the Hall of Records within the Atlantean temples.

   Her beautiful countenance would haunt him and the sad tinge on her face would pinch his heart from then on.  He could not understand why she would be so fervent in her faith as to willingly undergo the successive hypnosis and hallucinogenic injections unto her death and mummification.

   And so from then on, eons, it seems, he would spend, on astral visits to her grave.  From his cavern hide-out on Antichthon, his astral body would be at her feet.  He would try to wake up her zombie like astral essence but to no avail.

   He would himself, mostly live in the astral realms, a silent observer of the elemental wars and the conflicts and maladies of the evolving human race.  He felt, he became, himself, an astral zombie, a companion of her lost love, both of them devoid of life for thousands of years.

   And so after so many eons, Maldekans, Martians and Nibirans gained karmic inroads to the planetary evolution, to a planet that was formerly a domain of the Elohim.  And the Enlilites would proclaim themselves as the Elohim, holding Sirians as captured forces, hijacking the Sirian project that was coordinated and inspired by the real Elohim.

... to be continued

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