December 20, 2012

Tales from the Realms - New Eon

... continued

   While many are sleeping, December 21 will come like a soft breeze, like a gentle knock on the window sill by the bed of a sleeping cat.

   Most will be in a dreamland, immersed in alternate planes of duality; where fairies have to defend against the surreptitious attacks of ghouls.

   Hopefully we can all wake up with senses sharpened by beams of cosmic light.  Who can divine, with surety, the evolving story of our collective? May the Cosmos draw a rewritten script, a 2012 crossing over to a new eon consistent with the intention of the Cosmic Aeon.

   Will the photon dusts lend a shower of renewed promise to the solar system?  Will the cosmic cycle be re-winded to the initial gears of the revolving lights and spheres?

   May the collective decision of humanity be heard in freedom. May we enjoy life that we are supposed to be expressions of.

   May the meek and humbled souls of bygone era be voiced and heard to let them soar the etheric waves of jubilee. May the spirit of Sophia be reborn like a phoenix gulping the fresh breeze of the valleys and spreading its wings to take flight once again in the light of the sun.

   And may the shadow beings be moved to their own fold of spaces where they by themselves, learn the language of empathy they have denied their souls.

   May all those who choose Truth and Love be free to abound in blessings of Joy, Peace and Harmony. May all who will offer the ego of separation to the Source receive the merciful embrace of true understanding and mass Christ-knowing.

   Humanity is awesome in its own right. Let's return to innocence so that all of us be One in All, for eternity.

... to be continued

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