November 13, 2012

Tales from the Realms - Man But Not Like Man

 ... continued

Remember, O man, that all which exists
is only another form of that which exists not.
Everything that has being is passing into yet other
being and thou thyself are not an exception.

Tablet III: The Key of Wisdom, Emerald Tablets of Thoth

    Somewhere in the Akashic records, the tales of what happened on earth at the time of the Els or during the time of the Elohim, may be found.  However, we as humans, though of the same anthropoid template, may have no inner genetic link to their records.  Thus we may have difficulty peering into their saga.

    But it seems the shining ones are still there in the hollow earth, guarding the inner sun portal per allusion by Thoth.  The hollow earth's Eden laboratories for life creations by the Els and Elohim may still be there.

    And maybe the Voynich Manuscript was but a copy of an Atlantean copy of records that were obtained from earlier records of the Elohim.  The said records may reveal how the 4D Aryans/Titans were originally created.

   Our time frame for humanoid history seems to need a big adjustment.  And the Genesis book of old testament from which most base the understanding of earth history, could really be just a combined summary of various traditional epics.

   Even at the time of Hermes in Egypt, they knew that there were other rounds or cycles of humanoid existence.

Long ago in the days of the first man,
warfare began between darkness and light.
Men then as now,
were filled with both darkness and light;
and while in some darkness held sway,
in other light filled the soul.

Tablet VI: The Key of Magic, Emerald Tablets of Thoth

   And we need to be humble and acknowledge that our sciences are not the pinnacle of earth knowledge.  In fact, we may just as well consider that we are just remembering our previous knowledge.

   In fact we have to be intellectually honest to what is pointed by certain evidences.  These Out of Place Artifacts could show that Earth may have had several extinction level events (at least on the surface).

And these events created various changes like changes in magnetic fields, gravity or land shifts that were conducive to gigantism and such other curiosities.

   According to Tablet VII: The Seven Lords, of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, at the end of our own cycle of experiential beingness we can go back to our oversoul and then to the Source:

Yet are we ONE with the SOUL of our cycle.
Yet are WE, too, seeking a goal.
Far beyond man's conception,
Infinity extends into a greater than ALL.
There, in a time that is yet not a time,
we shall ALL become ONE
with a greater than ALL.
Time and space are moving in circles.
Know ye their law, and ye too, shall be free.
Aye, free shall ye be to move through the cycles--
pass the guardians that dwell at the door.

   Furthermore, at the end of this cycle, our 3D perceptions can meld with the 4D realities or even the 5D.  If this happens, a road will open for humans to move to higher realms that will be invisible to the present 3D senses.

For when TWO have become ONE
and ONE has become the ALL,
know ye the barrier has lifted,
and ye are made free of the road.
Grow thou from form to the formless.
Free may thou be of the road.

   Regarding the Orion peoples, we could assume these beings have similarities with the ancient people on earth.  In fact the native Aryans or Titans within the earth's hollows can be brothers or just similar with the ancestors of Orion civilizations.

   Our hollow earth Aryans are not to be confused with those who the Nazis have allegedly became allied with.   The latter were inhabitants deep within the upper mantle of the earth and some of these where warlike people and reptiloids from Maldek.

   We can assume that if Nazis reached the hollow earth, then CIA and other American agencies (which imported the Nazi remnants under Operation Paperclip), would have been there already.

   Instead these human projects are just stationed on the periphery of the poles.

   Mr. Mills points out that the inhabitants in hollow earth are different from those within the caverns of the earth's mantle who have some interactions with black government agencies.

   The hollow earth natives,Aryans welcomed peoples of high spiritual qualities from the surface like the Lemurians, Atlanteans and many humans. 

   Their harmonious communities have over time evolved into 5D consciousness and warlike factions would not be allowed.   Thus the Nazi (and its allies) attempts to conquer hollow earth could not have succeeded, (though still ongoing for various good reasons as pretense for real reasons).

   But going back to Orion, these people lived within their hollow planets just like the Nibiru inhabitants.  Perhaps, they were descendants of Aryans themselves.  They could be left overs of those who got back to the higher realms.  Their forebears could also be the Shining Ones, Els and Elohim, in the same way, we can think, is the case with earth.

   We can only imagine how their history evolved in that they became a bunch of galactic pirates.  At least some of those who eventually meddled in our solar system, have claimed overstated godship credits while experimenting, killing, eating and raping humans.

   However, many of them must have been of better qualities than to be called pirates.  In the same way, a whale must not generalize humans as bad for butchering them. Many humans appreciate them and would be most glad to help.

   Accordingly, many of the present humans are even the very same outcasts and secessionists fleeing from the social controls and decay of the Orion systems (or the Orion colonized planets).

   These 4D Orion peoples have common ancestors with the pleiadians, arcturians, vegans and such 4D humans.  They must have started off with high degree of spiritual knowing.  Not to mention that, some Elohim from 6D must have guided them for a while.  So the archonization of beings from Orion could have taken a long time.

   As earlier posted in our story, they had high technologies for controlling the limits of their own mortal life span.  But in the long run, such practices must have drained their soul force (although their mental capability was benefited).

   The so called Velons or originating archons would have to subdue the Orion planets' logoi and take command of the inner suns.  From there, they would then take-over the soul regeneration chambers operated by the shining ones.

   We will give further description of what these soul regeneration programs are like, in our series Ouroboros.  But in the case of the Orion empire and their colonization process, we can imagine that souls were prevented from returning to the Source.  Instead, they might have changed this process into a form of soul memory wipeout and reprogramming.

   4D technologies could create a false afterlife brainwashing program and if this is achieved, they would be able to insert the souls back to hybrid bodies that are more controllable thru hive technologies.  Insect or reptilian genes could be promoted into human forms by hybridization.  And these forms would be devoid of empathy.

   Accordingly, the Orions colonized the Canus people from Sirius system and turned the beings captured into cannibal soldiers for their empire.  Some of these soldiers from Dak may have been employed in our solar system and termed as Dag.  The terminology was flipped into Gad later, so our human ancestors came to know them as Gods.

   For sure, early human beings meant gods to be a class of beings in authority, like colonizers with greater military and technical prowess.  They would have noticed that these 4D humanoids were not perfect.  In fact, they might have to gamble being followers of the more powerful colonizers against other warring gad/god colonizers.

   For technology, perhaps they would have to use the moon as a soul reprogramming station since they have not yet conquered the inner sun of the hollow earth.

   And according to Mr. Mills there is some ongoing battle on the moon and Saturn.

    Humans therefor could have two alternative afterlife soul magnets depending on the level of soul resonance.  One is the original regeneration by the Shining Ones deep within the hollow earth and the other is the Orionite system via moon soul catcher technology over the surface of the planet.

   The reptilianization (their prefered slave-warrior soul program of archonization) would therefor require entrainment using false beliefs and cultural motivations so that humans would not rise beyond a certain level above their control.  Thus the souls can be negatively harvested.

For I say unto you,
That except your righteousness shall exceed
the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees,
ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.  Matthew 5:20

   Holographically, a soul could experience a false 4D heaven or hell that is in accordance with their vibration level, especially if stripped of memories.

   A virtual light mimicking the Source can be created using a dark hall within the hollow of the moon and with lensed sunlight.  From there, the soul would be made to agree to certain parameters for reinsertion back as a human or for other purposes like insertion into astral shells to serve as demonic hounds or astral vampires.

   Some may be programmed into dark light beings born under dynastic politicians.  Puppets to get the support of populace for their government are needed so that people would have to be at ease about the powers that they give to these institutions.

   Thus heaven, which is in the 4D realms has also a sublayer for hell.  In the same vein, humans can experience heaven or hell in 3D by its own consciousness and creations.  As above so below.

   There is mess in both dimensions and a soul would need to pierce into the true Celestrial realms via the 5D type of consciousness beyond the layers of the matrix.

   With their selected minions, they could avoid karma and soul reformation for their elite bloodlines.  They would reprogram them into teflon hearted souls for reinsertion to the preferred reptilian bloodlines of perpetual world control.

   On the one hand, the hollow earth halls for soul regeneration tends to be a guided self-evaluation experience and a 5D regeneration (which we will discuss in our Thoth series: Ouroboros).

   Thoth admonishes us with these words:

Turn thy thoughts inward not outward.
Find thou the Light-Soul within.
Know that thou art the MASTER.
All else is brought from within.
Grow thou to realms of brightness.
Hold thou thy thought on the Light.
Know thou art one with the Cosmos,
a flame and a Child of the Light...

...Create the high vibration
that will make thee One with the Whole.
Blend all thyself with the Cosmos.
Grow into ONE with the Light.

   The river of Celestria flows within each human.   We have the capacity to nourish it ourselves without relying from outside mediation, or priests of the gads.

... to be continued

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