February 01, 2011

Collateral Applications: Seastead Ideation

The Seastead Tech and Systems Ideations (STSI) I earlier posted here are not limited to seastead ventures.

Here's a little recap of that page:

To illustrate the inland applications of STSI, I am drawing here a scenario of a desert area that is fairly free for terraforming.

1) Sea Level Derived Energy - Floating platforms and docking stations are also deployable on fairly deep bays. The pneumatic forces garnered can be used for the very same benefits as outlined in the Vista page on STSI.

In addition, it can be utilized to pump seawater towards holding tanks. Via gravity, the seawater can be used to irrigate desert areas for inland mahogany forestation. And this in turn will host bugs, crabs and other plants/animals. The water level within these desert areas will rise. Most probably, deep wells may collect semi-fresh water as it has been filtered by the plant roots, sand and clay.

2) Circulated Water System Tech - In a city, the energy and facilities required to move water, people and materials is of redundant nature. The water company use energy to distribute potable water via pipes. The road systems are mostly built on top of the pipes and the transport vehicles use their own energy to navigare the roads. All of these can be synergized in a CWS tubes that serve as a physical internet backbone for the conquest of the desert areas.

It can also be done for other inland areas but the presence of property blockages may be too hard to skirt. In any case, the people can be provided free sea water via nodules for connections.

They can thereby:
* create inland seawater aquaculture projects
* create decorative landscape streams that will help cool and promote the waterlevel underground via the seeping water
* use portable clay or ceramic fllters to have free freshwater
* use seawater to flush and even to plant certain salt resistant rice or crops that scientist will have more incentives to breed

In addition, all the mentioned CWS subsystems can also be used inland as follows
a) Electricity generating physical internet
b) Kelvin Water Drop Hydrolysis
c) JPods over the Physical Internet

The seawater can flow in a circular route of the inland area as long as the source water reservoir is higher than the end of the pipe (which can go back to the sea). There will be loss of volume because of the nodules for home use. However, the general flow will not stop as long as such nodules have one-way valves that will prevent air pockets from going back these nodules.

People may also increase the velocity of the circulation and earn some if they use the humancar design of JPods running on rail tracks above the big pipes. The inertia of the pods can activate magnetism underneath and influence the bubble packets flowing inside the physical internet piping system. There will be no traffic and railtrack systems will separate the 2-way flow for the safety purposes. The JPods may also have non-human powered propulsion but the onboard calculator will charge them for it. In fact, the JPods are naturally propelled by the flowing packets underneath.

Weight-sensing Ladder Input Collector can be deployed to provide employment opportunities for those who want to earn and keep themselves in shape. Such pneumatic mechanisms can be deployed on various locations especially that the inland terrain may go up and down. By having sub-reservoirs, tributary flow routes can be created which may not necessarily drain back to the sea.

The object of the whole system is to create an eco-energy system that have no reliance (or minimum reliance on fossil fuel and thereby provide net energy gain. Of course, the usual systems like solar panels, heat collectors, wind energy, biomass etc. are advisably integrated to achieve surplus.

3) NETS: Network of Energy, Time and Space = Currency. A society need not be out in the ocean to create the NETS which bridges the virtual ETS with the brick and mortar realities. But within a formerly uninhabited desert area, it can be done easier. Otherwise, the existing populated areas are geared differently. A success showcase may first be needed to overcome the blockages of the status quo.

4) Co-creative Patent System - Collective co-creation whether inland, at sea or in space endeavors must be implemented always in order to be successful as a species. But existing laws may need ammendments because we are accustomed to competitions, secrecy and dominations.

However, this and the concept of the NETS can be implemented virtually. Much like creating the application "Second Life", an entire virtual community can be designed. In fact, I suggest to those linux adherents to create an "Open Source Platform" application running inside the current internet mesh. A system that self sustaining localities can tap to create an internal cooperative trading market for services and goods. This I would urge because of the current phase of monetary conundrum that immobilize the otherwise productive communities.

5) Others: Dome Water Distillations and Collection, Hydromel, Hydrolysis Packs, Grid Terminals are also applicable inland.

If these ideas are to be implemented in the existing setup, great social will is required because the status quo is hard to ignore. The current world order is really the Old World Order renamed to New World Order for tighter and more centralized control. Most of the this NWO paradigm is predicated on fear - fear of insufficiency of resources, fear of change of stewardship of these resources and may be some esoteric fears derived from interpreted scriptures. In which case, humanity may be emasculating itself, just hoping for the coming/second coming of planetary savior.

Here is a view of how things unravel at the time this blog entry is being made:

Alas, the universe is vast! Humanity may compete with itself in this little nook to extinction without thinking outside the box. Let's get out of the box of conundrum so our remnants will not be scavengers of the artifacts of this current civilization and wonder what it was like before the chaos.

Btw, here's an earlier post about alternative energy.


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