February 07, 2011

Power of Intent


Al: It started with the development of our 3d printing technologies. We combined certain materials to print such things like fractal membranes of solar panels to flexible films. Then we began to scale the technology to the nanolevel. We studied samples of nature like the shells of mollusks, mussels, the coconut and pistachio. We copied them and our nano-printers infused certain materials. We use metals for strength, plant latex for flexibility and many others depending of the particular end product of the materials engineering endeavor. It further lead to other applications like tissue engineering and non-destructive mining via nano-modified aquatic plants.

Me: Wow, you have develop such an advanced knowledge of the sciences! The Amilians must have undergone extensive education. How did you do that? How was your education?

Al: What I'm relating to you are simple sciences only. But before going on, I have to ask you. What do you have to share regarding your seastead ideas? I don't have to describe technological details and seastead whereabouts or it'll be like a cart before the horse. You have to let known the ones you keep in your notes for this topic and firm up your intents.

What would you suggest on education, social system, religion or culture?

(I pondered a while about the notes. - The ideas I intended to include in the blog, I've been hesitating to write till that night.)

Me: Well, I have to blog about the need for rebirth of human psyche. I think, by what's currently going, people are in autopilot. Like, we have allocated less time to judge ourselves and our directions. It's like we just have to keep flowing otherwise we lose the opportunity to have money.

There will not be renewal of society if this keeps on. We're just triggered by events outside ourselves, like we feel hungry when we see the fast-food ads or we are worthless if we can't get what the competition society tells us we must have.

Al: So, it's the reason you brought up seasteading?

Me: Well, yes! I just can't see changing our direction if the stream keeps pushing us like shrimps. I have to create a nook in my mind to turn down the world for a while and not be caught in a living.

Al: So? What would you like the world to be?

Me: I like all people living in peace, sharing the world as one for today.

Al: How do you suppose it can be done?

Me: I think, for one, I would like to ungear the society from competition into cooperation. That may mean changing conditions that creates our mental programming.

Al: And what are those conditions?

Me: For one, religion have been catastrophic to humanity and even to my country's history. I like maybe, that religion be simpler like living and letting live someday, as in the philosophy of Khalil Gibran.

Al: What did Gibran say?

Me: Here is what I noted from his books: "Is not religion all deeds and all reflections... Who can separate his faith from his actions, or his belief from his occupations? Who can spread his hours before him, saying, "This for God and this for myself; This for my soul, and this other for my body? All your hours are wings that beat through space from self to self. He who wears his morality but as his best garment were better naked."

Also I noted somewhere in the bible that the real religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. And perhaps, even to do unto others what you have them done unto you.

Al: Very well, so how can this be programmed in the human psyche using your seastead setting?

Me: I think the nation created have to let go of previous social programming. The people will be like going into a one way trip to Mars. They have to go voluntarily but with the support from the rest of humanity.

In the seastead nation, there will be no elites, no priests, no president, no lawyers. The social system is a circle and not a pyramid.

Within the grid, people will have to go within themselves for their prayers and not convince another into his belief. Maybe, even better, people have to leave their beliefs and just be responsible to his fellowman, to be willing to take turns to wash the dishes or cook as well as to join the joy of partaking the produce of the day. There will be no capitalist nor communist, but it will be a big family of people living in harmony with nature. The listing of basic rights of both human and nature can be the constitution. All lower regulations will be implementing rules which are collectively shaped using the grid system - the NETS. The Amili currency within the NETS will function as a distribution tool that when utilized for purchase will be zeroed out. The currency which is based on an index of common goods and services will be stable and will represent a valuation of net surplus available for distribution which other countries can rely on.

I think, other countries will respect such ideals and the created nation will not pose a threat to the host territory. It will be a center-point for training and send-off to space for creating communities on other planets.

Al: You have beautiful ideals. That is a good base for social system engineering. Now we can go back to the details of how it turns out.

.... to be continued

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