February 02, 2011

The Nation of Amilius - Remembering The Future

Although this work is based on research, I would like to state that the events, incidents and all characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental or characterizations needed for the messages.


After the earlier postings on this "Reboot Series", I tried to study and evaluate the ideas I posted. I had many questions for self criticism. Into the deep of the night, I fell into a sound sleep and I had a visitor in my dream. I will call his name Al. I can't remember all the details as of this writing but I will try to jog those memories and present our conversation.

I. The Visit

Me: Who are you?

Al: I'm a holographic AI.

Me: AI - artificial intelligence?

Al: Yes.

Me: Who created you and where are you from and how were you able to be manifested?

Al: Hold it friend! You are asking so many questions in one breath. I am sent here by your grandson.

Me: I have a grandson?

Al: Not yet but you will have in the future.

Me: So you are from the future?

Al: Yes, and I'm being sent back to thank you.

Me: Thank me? For what?

Al: We're thanking you for bringing your ideas and writing about them. You see, what you did was among the seeds that achieve a critical mass to eventually create a meaningful change in human nature.

Me: What ideas? The seastead ideations? Oh common, really. You are not pulling my leg or are you?

Al: No.

Me: If you are sent by my grandson from the future world, why did he not came here instead?

Al: They are beginning to relearn time travel via AI interface systems and they are yet not able to send physical objects, much less their own selves.

Me: Okay, okay. I will temporarily suspend my doubts. But how can you as an AI able to personalize in my time?

Al: After so many years, people discovered the AI machines on the moon and figured them out. Using one such machine, I can appear to you by taking advantage of your dream-state consciousness.

Me: What! So man finally has a moon base? And these AI machines, who created them?

Al: Yes, man had them and was finally able to explore quite freely without interference. I am still evaluating the history of me and I am not yet interfaced with the other AIs, which are now disabled. You see, I fell into disuse for a long time. They encountered me and were able to put an operating system within me. I'm still learning and the people I am interfaced with are making precautions before interfacing me with the other AIs to investigate and validate the various records found.

Me: I think, my head is spinning.

Al: Well, we know you like to think out of the box?

Me: Yeah, but I didn't know I could think that far out.

Al: Well, believe it, you do.

Me: But how were you able to be personally manifest in my time.

Al: As a hologram, I can take on whatever form my human interface intend. They have attained mathematical theories of time and space and they used their math to test their theoretical models using my capabilities.

Me: Alright. it's way over my head. So whose form are you?

Al: I am projected in similar form with your grandson.

Me: Really? But why are you not asian? And why the violet hue of your skin?

Al: Humans gained quite extensive knowledge and they are able to do some body modifications for repairs and genetic healing.

Me: So man can now live forever in your time?

Al: No, not yet. But a couple of hundred years are added to the human life span and they compute up to 500 years depending on certain conditions.

Me: Will I be able to witness such miracle of science?

Al: You will live up to 150 years.

Me: I don't know what to think. But I guess that's very good for me. So how did man achieve that?

Al: I am not allowed to give you too much information because it may skew the future. However on that question, among others, they discovered nanocapsules in your physical body that when discharged slows cellular deterioration.

Me: I can't believe it. That's incredible!

Al: Believe it.

Me: By the way, there are so many events happening at this time. Can I ask you what will happen to the countries and the world?

Al: The protocol of my visit confines me to certain limits like the ideas which you wrote in your blogs. But as to the events in your time, you are up to some volatile situations. If altered by the information I can give you, it will result to a large time-line variation that could spin out of control.

Me: Common, how about giving me a very general information?

Al: I am not elaborating, but the current chaos happening currently to you is not yet the high of it. There will be lots and lots of information that will come out and leak into public awareness. Justice venues will try and convict many people. Many changes will happen to the world.

Me: Okay, then what happens to my country?

Al: Understand that many countries are renamed, merged or divided during the chaos. The world undergoes some form of madness and the currency Armageddon as well as the weather events are compounding in your time. That's about the general info I can give you.

Me: Okay then. In that case, will the seastead nation "Federal Nation of Amilius" be really made?

... to be continued

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