February 05, 2011

Details from the Future


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Al: Understand that many countries are renamed, merged or divided during and after the chaos. The world undergoes some form of madness and the currency Armageddon as well as the weather events are compounding in your time. That's about the general info I can give you.

Me: Okay then. In that case, will the seastead nation "Federal Nation of Amilius" be really made?

Al: You can continue your trend of writing and refer to it as Amilius. It doesn't matter if it is called differently nor be a federal part of your country. In any case you must continue to write about them because it is part of our history, what we are, we're just next in line, we are actually you.

Me: Hmm, okay. Will there be a war, a WW3?

Al: You heard it again and again: "There will be wars and rumors of war". But part of the reason I'm here is to try to lessen the anguish. We all have a part in the pain and we all have to make peace with ourselves declaring "mea culpa" and rebound from there into unification. We are adhering to a perfect circle concept of co-creation. Any other way and we would have not survived our own competitions.

Me: It surely is a tumultous world right now. This encounter has potential to change the events. Does it mean you are changing your past? Wouldn't you be creating a time shift which may diverge from your timeline?

Al: We are accelerating time. We noticed the signature of tampering throughout time and history by high technologies. Finding the AI machines confirmed that. We are therefore cautious in activating the other AI machines. We are cleaning up the ill effects of their interferences. We have to help ourselves transcend our divisions and self-destruction. As time shortens, we will get in touch with our earlier selves and try to merge as one. We are attempting this to help ourselves: one humanity as one with the existence.

Me: Wow, that will be quite a task! I'm not sure I can understand such concepts. Anyway, did the Amilius Nation helped along our human objectives?

Al: It did and we are among those who pioneered the peaceful exploration of space. We vowed to honor our resposibility to existence by being responsible tenants of the physical universe as you have written. We have to continue exploring so that humanity can be hosted in various planetary bodies.

Me: So, my grandson came from Amilius and explored the heavens. That's quite a feat. How did it go with Amilius?

Al: It was a lot of work. But the islands helped us a lot. Many of the materials, herbs, plants and animals as well as labor and people came from your region. Many islands started disappearing and were engulfed by the sea. That's why our efforts received quite a push. Earthquakes, rising levels of the sea and calamituous weather galvanized certain countries from the areas into aiding our objectives. In fact, we were hosted by various countries and we are still in the process of interconnecting.

Me: How did you cope with the many storms?

Al: The storms and natural events were as destructive on land as in the waters. Our floating arks have abilities to submerge for some days in cases of emergencies. So we escaped some catastrophic land changes and we were able to help people from your countries.

Me: How exactly did you managed that?

Al: We had membranes on the bottom lining of our arks. They absorb dissolved CO2 from the ocean. We combined the stored CO2 with Hydrogen to create fuel that helped us generate electricity for hydrolysis.

Me: You had a big Battery Gill Pack as I have written in my blog, but only bigger!

Al: Right! We applied this also to our submersible pods. Later on we developed additional technologies. We were able to make portable versions fit for space exploration.

Me: How did you manufacture those membranes?

Al: It started with the development of our 3d printing technologies. We combined certain materials to print fractal membranes and solar panels to films. Then we began to scale the technology to the nanolevel. We studied samples of nature like the shells of mollusks, mussels, the coconut shells and pistachio. We copied them and our nano printers infused certain materials. We use metals for strength, plant latex for flexibility and it had other applications like tissue engineering.

Me: Wow, you have develop such an advanced knowledge of the sciences! The Amilians must have undergone extensive education. How did you do that? How was your education?

... to be continued

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