May 06, 2011

What it takes to win


Excerpts from previous:
Al: ...many things are coming that will deviate from this script.

Me: feels quite depressing that humankind have been so lost. A person needs something to believe to keep him going.

Can you tell me if and how Amilius project will turn out in relation to all the outcome of this agenda?


Al: I know you have many questions so I'm reminding you that I have to follow some protocols. I may not give the details of the events that will happen shortly.

Besides, I am about to be leaving you for now. We have already talked quite a lot all this time.

Me: Please, don't leave. Give me a glimpse of how it turns out.

Al: Okay then. I can download to you much more information. But there has to be some precaution because such things have to be sealed at this time.

Me: Tell me then.

Al: You have to give me permission to wipe certain details from your memories so you can't divulge these things. You'll get a glimpse but after you wake-up, you'll only remember up to a portion.

Me: If that be the case, what will be the point of these information?

Al: These memories will unfold as it happens and you will experience these déjà vus.

You will not have time to share these details beforehand, but it will steady your response to these things.

However, I must add that our earlier conversations so far, may not come to you as easily. You'll have some effort to jog those memories.

Me: Hmm. That seems to leave me with little choice.

Al: Choose what you will.

Me: Well, okay then. Go Ahead.

Al: Here goes ...

.. . . .

. . . . .

. . . ..

. . ...

(Information came inside to me like a blur - like a torrent of scenes met with a barrage of emotions welling from inside my being.

Alas, now I can't fill the memory gaps. I was able only to remember certain remnant feelings so I assembled the following video palylist to evoke them.)

. . ...

. . . ..

. . . ..

Al: Are you okay?

Me: I am shaken.

It felt like my strength left my body. It's a long journey, please help shorten the sufferings of the world.

Al: That's why we're here. That's why I have to leave you for now to attend to this task.

Me: No, don't leave just yet. Aren't you giving me something to believe in?

Al: That's what I'm trying to say all along. - Man should find within himself the source of his strength in the onslaught of the events that would happen.

Elevate your acceptances beyond the propagated myths.

The spirit of humanity is tested and this is the time for it to transcend the fetters of slavery, to recover what it has lost for so long a time. We have to be above our petty games in order to get out of the loop we were trapped in.

We join you as the voice of the earth which was stilled for eons.

We have within what it takes to win against our very own selves, our very own programming.

.. to be continued

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