May 11, 2011

Many Rivers to Cross Ahead

. continued

Me: Singularity is such a long way, And moreso if it involves other universes.

It seems such a long road.

Al: So it may seem. But now that the pieces come together, it may not be that long.

Even at this time, we observe so many technologies to achieve this on the planetary scale.

Me: Really? I'm aware of only our computer networks. Are there more to help in this cause?


Excerpts from previous:
Al: ...the singularity of the multi-verse can become the "logos" or verse that encompasses it all - the "word" which was in the beginning!

...that is achievable when all live without the polarity game of abuse, without the pyramid structure of control....


Al: There's so much more but many of these systems are geared towards the direction of totalitarian control and the maintenance of power over others.

Everybody wants to rule the world.

We have had many discoveries via the persusal of records we found. Apparently many more are hidden from the rest of humanity at this time.

The potential is so vast. Just that people need to change and share all technologies for the common good.

Me: I guess, you're right. We must have been using non-polluting energy sources by now.

I just hope I'll witness those.

Al: You will.

Okay then, I'll be on my way now.

Me: Wait. Can I go to where you're going?

Al: No. Maybe, not for now. You have to be here and build your bridges brick by brick.

Me: I guess, you're right. Yet I know, it's a bumpy ride we're heading.

Al: It takes a lot to transcend oneself. Each and everyone of us have to cross the hills between each other.

But ultimately we are one and we must live that oneness.

Me: Will I get to meet you again?

Al: Yes, I'll see to that.


And so we bade our goodbyes.

I don't even remember how it was. I was having these gaps of how I met Al.

Yes, I just called him Al because of the memory gaps - who he was, how he looked like and a whole lot of other things shared during that meeting.

I woke up and found I overslept by a day. My strength departed me and I have no craving for food until the next day.

It was like I was left a suitcase of memories that I have to dig-out time after time,

As I went back to my blog, some memories started to filter back. I have to remember the future, I have to jog those memories of what I knew.

So I wrote a fictitional chapter in my blog as I'm not sure of whether I can tell the truth of them - the information shared with me that is so grave and way over what I could have imagined by myself.

I may have missed a lot but I also remembered and shared a lot. I caught a glimpse of a story in between the Harry Potter dimensions, a Matrix-like movie drama on the planet earth and the epic Star Wars behind the visible galaxies.

Truth must really be stranger than fiction. So I wrote a fiction to share the truth of what little I could remember.

This chapter ends here and I'll be continuing the blog from where I left off.

Thanks to the myriads of music that gave me some eloquence. These artists are sensitive to what must be happening invisibly before our eyes. I may not have remembered nor shared a perspective of the future without them.

Meanwhile here is an expert scientist regarding a theory related to the same subject:


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