May 02, 2011

Perfume of Murderers


Excerpts from previous:
Me: Are they harming us?

Al: If at all, the lost of their memories and technology render them bereft of their machinations. On the other hand, the parasitic nature of these organisms is a concern today.

Me: What about Lucifer or Satan and the hosts of angels, have you encountered them?


Al: Your curiosity will make you a good investigator of the dimensional universes.

Anyway, we are poised to unlock these things but we have some preliminary theories still for validation. So take our explanation as tentative:

Due to the nature of the dimensional universe, many beings could have mimicked the persona that people would have associated with such names easily.

However, some records from dimensional rebels of how the empire was run, show that there were three beings that composed the triumvirate of Satan, Devil and Lucifer.

Me: I thought those are names referring to the same being? There are stories of nephilims, weren't they who were lead by the devil?

Al: The nephilims were said to be the inside hybridization project within their human tampering workers.

When it was found out, it was deemed a threat due to the computed time shift or wide range of divergence in the course of history.

This would have affected their control of humanity, so it was terminated via floods. Thus the project was rebooted.

On the three beings mentioned:
- accordingly, they were three different beings who were playing the planet's negative polarity from the dimension while those maintaining the virtual god machine were on the positive side of the polarity.

And both sides of the polarity were intentionally placed for control of human beings.

Me: Hmm... So, the negative triumvirate also work for the positive side, which was not really that positive either? Please explain further.

Al: The devil was secretly allied with the preservation of god illusion, but Lucifer and Satan have their own agenda.

The devil was with them when they lured the dimensional Atlanteans to merge with the humanoid. The Atlanteans got the hang of it but when their physical bodies died, they lost their own dimensional mind matrices and became subject to mind control.

They were placed within a virtual reality containment for programming and many were later inserted back into the human form to create divisions and wars to arrest the human technological advances threatening to swing them out of their grips.

They were doing the same to other humanoids. Lucifer came from a crystalline planet and was deprogrammed, given false memories and provided with midway physical form derived from their crystal planet.

Me: What's the meaning of midway form?

Al: Their technologies can create virtual realities for memory programming. These were used for deceptive paranormal events and even inject time travel and such illusions to shamans and government projects personnel.

The midway forms were transgenic dimensional bodies derived from humanoid creation under virtual reality direction. These forms can slip between dimensional and physical forms.

The crystalline human race was turned into the ARCHONs or Artificial Crystalline Human-Organic NVM (Non Volatile Memories).

Depending on the modification to a template memory file to serve as their mind control, they were programmed into positive and negative personages.

Me: So, in a sense, they became robots?

Al: Yes. The memory persona that the AI sustained within them makes them think they were those characters.

Some played the characters of arch-angels and some played the negative counterparts. And that's why the AI angels (so-called) needed central permission before delving in human affairs.

The negative AI angels were allowed more leeway without them knowing it.

Me: I thought the negative characters were played by DAIMONs?

Al: No. Not all DAIMONs played negative characters, positive personas were also used so that they can create the polarity conflics according to script.

Many people who died with trauma were even self-trapped into a negative DAIMON mindset and the negative triumvirate were the acknowledged leaders who influenced them.

Me: They have a script?

Al: They are the tampered human records and myths. These are scripts/scriptures to program humanity (although humanity managed so many deviations).

These scripts were open ended - they can be interpreted in many ways so that they will have much leeway and many times they would travel in time to change these scripts and events to fix or upgrade.

The disclosure of the evolving meanings of their script was used to convince man to certain scenarios.

Measured technologies were introduced to selected people just so that they can direct the events. They were careful not to lose control by man using these tech to deviate from their programs.

Me: Wow, this story can be turned into a good movie.

Al: Yes, it's like a movie within a movie within another movie. The layers of control were extensive so that the Atlanteans and other humanoids would not escape the control of the empire.

Me: How about Satan? Who was he then?

Al: Accordingly, the devil who was an insider to these machinations created a digital copy of his memories and modified that for a total predisposition to negative side of polarity.

Lucifer who had command of the negative ARCHONs, was somehow trying to prove the god-delusion to human by using the darkness route with which he was constrained in the religious records.

Satan on the one hand, by opposing god, unwittingly served the virtual god machinery - turning people into religion to escape the negative polarity.

Me: Whew! That means the ones behind the dimensional virtual god were really evil murderers in the way they controlled humans and both sides of the polarity!

Al: Yes. They all harvested the spectrum of negative and positive energies from human beings for their purposes. The base emotional energies and the finer energies were harvested accordingly.

The dimensional lords of the empire and the game lords playing them were all enmeshed in polarity. The lives sacrificed were pawns in virtual games.

Me: That means, so much of the innocent faith of the people were taken advantaged of to make them gods in power over the universe.

This is a very depressing account of human history. Maybe you are mistaken.

Al: The point is that the control of the human matrix was a grand and elaborate undertaking. Humanity must look into itself, examine it's own true history and take command of its own mental program.

The sooner it does, the sooner it escapes the invisible mental prisons.

In our time, the accuracy of these dimensional records will be validated so just get the substance of what may benefit the planet and humanity in all these stories.

I understand, that many of these things are blows to what you have accepted today. But your common sense is able to grasp what can bring a new reality.

Use that and you have a chance to shorten the madness within the systems. In the meantime, just keep being grounded.

Me: Perhaps, I should have not asked these questions. Perhaps, I should have just asked about Amilius and not these esoteric concepts.

How will man reboot from all these deceptions?

Al: Reboot is an avenue for rearranging, a renewal. Now that they were gone, use this opportunity to create a real reboot out of the systems they placed.

Me: Did they really plan to reboot humanity? Did they plan to chip humans?

Al: As human unification takes place, these manipulators had to steer the matrix so that they have control of the central squares of the chessboard. Otherwise humanity might have enough control of their destiny and break from the empire.

They knew that after dividing the languages and races, human will again try to veer into singularity and unification. So they were programming many chaos.

After trimming humanity to manageable levels via Armageddon, their agenda was to alter genetics to wire humans into an amino acid mind computer with wireless plug-in for a totalitarian centralized physical control, their own sponsored singularity - OLIN in the matrix

Me: What is OLIN

Al: OLIN is ONE LANGUAGE INTELLIGENT NETWORK. It is an eventual course of singularity that could help man.

So they have to control it to remain in control of humans into humanoid robots using their AI machine language.

They planned to be physical on earth and have total control of physical universe using humanoid transgenic robots.

Me: Are we still in the script today?

Al: The chips for human embedding are ready but this is enforceable by a totalitarian control using food and such survival support.

The script is not guided anymore, except that some of the human royalties and elected minions they have always guided for the script are in autopilot.

But for sure there are many divisions on their ranks because many are finally knowing that they have been fooled together with the rest and that they will be turned into human robots as an end game.

Therefore, many things are coming that will deviate from this script.

Me: What you are saying kinda explain it all, but it feels quite depressing that humankind have been so lost.

A person needs something to believe to keep him going.

Can you tell me if and how Amilius project will turn out in relation to all the outcome of this agenda?

... to be continued

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